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Job description template - DOC



 Position Title                        Business Advisor
 Position Number (HR Use only)         DOL -00-02-112-0
 Work Group                            Workforce
 Work Unit                             Identity Management and Biometrics Team –
                                       Service Design
 Reporting to                          Programme Manager, Identity Management
                                       and Biometrics
 Location                              Wellington
 Salary Band (HR Use only)             15

1.1 Vision and Values
VISION                    New Zealand thriving through people and work

Integrity (Kauanuanu)      Fairness, courage, and doing what we say

Respect (Pono)             Valuing and supporting each other and the public

Excellence (Hiranga)       Pride and responsiveness

1.2 Role Purpose
The Business Advisor provides advice on biometrics and is a subject matter expert
position on the development and operation of biometric and image capture, storage,
matching capabilities. The role also provides analytical and strategic support for the
Programme manager, Biometrics and Identity management.

1.3 Accountabilities
Accountability areas          Actions/means by which the results are achieved

Quality services and             Provide quality and timely advice to the Minister and
systems                           Associate Minister of Immigration
                                 Provide analytical and strategic support for Programme
                                  Manager, Biometrics and Identity Management
                                 Provide quality services to internal clients through
                                  accurate and prompt advice about biometrics and
                                  identity management
                                 Provide quality services to external clients through
                                  accurate and prompt advice about biometrics and
                                  identity management
                                 Assist in testing and evaluating biometric hardware and
                                 Identity and biometric resolution expertise
                               Define appropriate techniques to use in One-to-Many
                                matching, Many-to-Many matching
                               Responsible for quality of biometrics and images
                                metadata meets DoL, International Civil Aviation
                                Organisation and other standards
                               Responsible for ensuring complete and accurate
                                information on client bio-data, application form data and
                                other data is collected, stored and used.


Performance and reporting      Contribute effectively to the preparation of regular
                                reports such as Output Statements, Estimates
                                Documents, Annual Report, Corporate Plan, monthly and
                                quarterly reports and special reporting assignments
                               Take part in developing and communicating the
                                strategic business plan for the Biometrics and Identity
                                management team
                               Monitor own work to ensure timely delivery


Identity management and        Represent the Biometrics and Identity management
Biometrics Team                 Programme Manager where applicable, in external and
engagement and quality          internal meetings on related issues
assurance                      Provide a biometrics and identity management
                                perspective for inclusion into operational policy
                               Supervise business-wide processes for the capture of
                                identity information, biometric templates, biometric data
                                and other images
                               Ensure systems are developed and maintained to link
                                biometrics and other images to INZ client records
                               Business advice on the integration of peripherals such as
                                smart passport readers, scanner and other equipment
                                with applications

1.4 Corporate Accountabilities
                            Employees practice safe work methods, make proper use of
Health and Safety           safety equipment and help management to eliminate
                            workplace hazards

Treaty of Waitangi          Employees have an understanding of the implications of the
                            Treaty of Waitangi for the position.

                            Employees have an understanding of and commitment to
Equal Employment            the principles of Equal Employment Opportunities.
Opportunities (EEO)

1.5 Decision Making Authorities
Human                    Select the delegation level
Resources Delegations

Financial Delegations    Select the delegation level

Operational              Define any legislated authorities specific to the role

Budget held              Annual revenue and/or expense dollars associated with the
                         position and/or value of assets managed

Number of staff          None
reporting directly

Number of staff          None
reporting indirectly

1.6 Role Relationships
                         Programme Manager, Identity Management and Biometrics
Internal relationships
                         Identity Management and Biometrics Team members
                         Service Design Managers, Project managers and Business
                         Border Security Group
                         Service Delivery
                         Refugee Division
                         Information Group
                         Legal Services
                         INZCP PMO
                         Off-shore staff (Immigration)
                         Departmental staff

External Relationships   Minister’s office
                         New Zealand Customs
                         New Zealand Police
                         Department of Internal Affairs
                         Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
                         Other government departments
                         Industry groups with interests in biometrics and identity

2.1 Prerequisites for Position
Must be able to gain and maintain             Select the Security Classification level
Security Classification level
                                              None Applicable

Must be a NZ Citizen or hold permanent        Yes
Residency status

Must hold or gain practising                  Define the practising certificate/warrant
certificate/warrant                           required

Other                                         N/A

2.2 Experience/Knowledge
The ideal         Experience of working with project management tools and
appointee          methodologies
will have
                  Ability to deliver Impact analysis, tools and methodologies
                  Knowledge of quality management practices as they apply to
                   performance measurement and client services
                  Ability to communicate ideas and feedback well
                  Demonstrated ability to represent border security in an external
                  Knowledge of objectives and philosophies of Workforce
                  Knowledge of Immigration legislation, policy and procedures
                  Understanding of Government decision-making and operating
                  Demonstrated knowledge of the mechanics of Government
                  Ability to write accurately and concisely
                  Good relationship management

Educational       Relevant tertiary qualification
               Define the alternate comparable experience required:
                  Extensive comparable experience in government
2.3 Capabilities for this position
The Department of Labour behavioural capabilities are listed below. The 19 capabilities
are separated into three clusters; people, self and task. Up to eight key capabilities for
success in this role have been defined and marked below with a      .

Capabilities                                           Definition

People Cluster – Capabilities related to individuals interpersonal behaviours.

      1     Collaboration         Works openly and harmoniously within teams and with
                                  others outside their area. Shares knowledge and ideas.
                                  Shows consideration and respect for others, valuing the
                                  different perspectives they bring to their work.

      2     Acting with           Builds trust with others by being fair and open in their
            Integrity             dealings, keeping agreements, being consistent in their
                                  actions and maintaining confidentiality.

      3     Leading               Steps up to challenges, demonstrates commitment to
                                  their work and is a role model to others. Provides
                                  guidance formally and informally.

      4     Building              Projects credibility and builds rapport to establish
            Relationships         effective working relationships with others. Manages
                                  differences of opinion with tact and diplomacy.

      5     Influencing           Gains agreement and commitment from others.
                                  Persuades and negotiates in a positive manner to
                                  achieve Departmental goals.

      6     Communication         Expresses opinions, concepts and information in an
                                  uncomplicated manner using a variety of communication
                                  styles to suit the audience.

      7     Client Focus          Delivers a targeted service to internal and external
                                  stakeholders. Works to a high standard and always
                                  looks for ways to do things better to deliver public

Self Cluster – Capabilities related to how an individual conducts themselves at

      8     Self                  Takes responsibility and is open to development.
            Management            Remains composed under pressure and recovers quickly
                                  from setbacks.

      9     Action Oriented       Takes responsibility for own work, recognises
                                  opportunities and acts with a minimum of direction.

      10    Drive and             Shows enthusiasm, determination and resilience. Works
            Commitment            to a high standard and achieves results.

      11    Adapts to             Recognises the opportunities that change presents.
            Change                Adapts and responds positively to change. At ease
                             working in an uncertain or ambiguous environment.

     12   Organisation       Aware of how the Department functions. Knows how to
          Awareness          use formal and informal networks to achieve goals.

     13   Developing         Eager to engage in learning experiences and build
          Expertise          expertise. Learns through self reflection and analysing
                             success and failures.

Task Cluster – Capabilities related to individual’s behaviours when completing

     14   Analysis and       Gathers and analyses information to determine
          Research           relationships, patterns, causes and effects. Identifies
                             options and reaches rational conclusions.

     15   Judgement and      Considers the information and options available. Makes
          Decision Making    timely decisions taking into account the wider context
                             and likely consequences.

     16   Strategic          Recognises the context of the work environment and the
          Thinking           factors that impact on the future direction of the
                             Department in their work.

     17   Innovation         Produces new ideas and offers insights. Initiates new
                             approaches to improve work practices. Builds on others

     18   Planning and       Works in an organised and methodical manner to deliver
          Organising         results.

     19   Following          Recognises and respects the need for and relevance of
          Directions and     policies, procedures and management.

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