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Can I sell the same goods as the person at the                                                                      Trading
next stall?
No, there is a 5 pitch clashing rule. This means that a
trader must be five clear pitches away from another
trader selling the same commodity.                                                                                  

When will a permanent licence be issued?
When a pitch becomes vacant, it is advertised in the
Markets Office and from 2005 will also be advertised in
the Southwark News. Anyone can apply, but permanent
licences will only be granted to traders who are
registered temporary traders and have been trading for a
period of time. The allocation of all permanent licences
is based on the length of time you have been trading
and the registered commodity that you are selling.

You will need to renew your permanent licence annually.
We will only renew licences for traders who are not in
arrears or breaching our terms and conditions.             Haddii aad u baahan tahay dacaayadda wadadan
                                                           ganacsiga ah oo luuqadda Somaliga ah, fadlan la
                                                           hadal ama lasoo xiriir xafiiska gnacsiga ee
                                                           talefoonkiisa yahay 020 7525 2000

 For more information about street trading visit our
 website at,                          Si vous voulez ce dépliant sur le Commerce de Rue
 email                      en français, veuillez contacter le Bureau des
 or phone 020 7525 2000.                                   Marchés au 020 7525 2000.

 For details of designated trading areas visit             Si desea este folleto sobre el Comércio de Calle         traducido en español, debe contactar la Oficina de
 Trading or phone us for more information.                 Mercados al 020 7525 2000.

Street Trading

What is street trading?                                       What happens if I trade without a licence?                  • Two passport size photographs
Street Trading is any form of selling of goods or the         If you are caught trading on the street without a licence   • Proof of identity i.e. passport, driving licence with
provision of a service that takes place in the street, and    your goods, stalls and vehicles will be seized. You could     photograph
therefore requires a Street Trading licence.                  be prosecuted and if found guilty, fined up to £1,000       • Proof of address i.e. utility bill
                                                              and liable for court costs. In 2003, we seized goods        • Proof of third party public liability insurance
There are over 1000 market pitches in Southwark,              worth over £275,000 and prosecuted 47 illegal street        • £10 registration fee
which are in designated areas for trading.                    traders.

                                                                                                                          What is the difference between a temporary and
What is a designated area?                                    How do I get a licence?                                     licensed trader?
This is an area or street that has been designated            We do not issue permanent licences immediately. To be       A temporary trader is only authorised to trade by
specifically for street trading. The area is described as a   considered for a permanent licence, you will need to        holding a temporary day licence. Temporary traders
pitch and these can be in a street market or individual       register as a temporary trader first. This allows us to     have no trading rights to a particular pitch and are not
sites located around the Borough. For a list of these         monitor and assess your trading practice and lets you       guaranteed the right to any pitch on any given day.
sites, check the Internet, or speak to a Market Officer.      find out whether you’re suited to street trading and if
                                                              your stall will be a success.
                                                                                                                          Will I be able to choose what I sell and where I
Why do street traders need a licence?                         To become a temporary trader you’ll need to complete        trade?
Licensing street traders allows us to monitor what is         a temporary traders registration form. This can be          When you register as a temporary trader you will be
being sold on Southwark’s streets and where. Unlicensed       downloaded from the website or you can get a form           asked what items you wish to sell and your licence will
trading causes a variety of problems including pavement       from the Markets Office. Return the completed form in       be issued accordingly. If you wish to sell items other
obstruction, the selling of counterfeit goods and             person to:                                                  than those you have been licensed for, you’ll need to
complaints from residents. Illegal street traders are also                                                                reregister for the new commodity. If you change what
unfair competition for legitimate traders and are likely to   Markets Office:                                             you are selling, you will loose your seniority on the
be offering goods of a dubious quality.                       London Borough of Southwark                                 initial commodity.
                                                              Street Trading Section
                                                              SAST House                                                  Once a permanent licence has been issued, you will
I have a pedlar’s certificate, do I still need a street       Dawes Street                                                need to complete a request form if you wish to sell a
traders licence?                                              SE17 1EL                                                    different commodity. This will depend on the 5 pitch
A pedlar’s certificate allows you to sell goods from door                                                                 clashing rule.
to door and does not entitle you to undertake street          The Markets Office is open Monday to Friday 10.30am
trading activities.                                           to 3.00pm. You’ll also need to take:

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