CPSC 601 by maclaren1


									                            CPSC 601 Biometric Technologies
                              Assignment 1 Requirements


This assignment allows individuals to perform an extensive literature review and
in-depth methodology analysis with particular emphasis on the form in which the
results of the research are reported.

The assignment should be written in the form of a research article with clearly
specified title, abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology description,
and conclusion.

General Description

Samples of research topics might be:

      Voronoi diagram based methods in face recognition (in-depth)
      Comparative study of fingerprint matching methods based on topological
       data representation (comparison/in-depth)
      Multi-biometrics: the state of the art (review)
      Biometric software development – recent trends (review)
      Comparison      of     multi-resolutions   techniques    for   iris   synthesis
      Biometric information as passwords: security aspects (review)
Guidelines for assignment components

   The work should be formatted according to IEEE or LNCS typical article
   format and should include:
      Title of the paper
      Introduction
      Short summary of methods/approaches to be discussed/compared with
       adequate references
      Detailed description of the topic/problem and historical overview (as
      Detailed description of methodology being discussed/compared – what are
       the main approaches and their advantages? How they evolved over time?
       What makes them special/efficient/different/promising?
      Critical discussion of method drawbacks and limited comparison of
       performance analysis
      Applications of the methodology in other fields
      Conclusions
      References (3-5)

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