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                                                                  CITYNEWS                                                                                                             NOVEMBER 2009 / ISSUE 23

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The 2010 Final                                            The Freedom                                          Ghost Squad                                                   Electricity
Draw will be a                                            Park success                                         cleans up                                                     wins ‘green’
hot happening                                             story                                                City roads                                                    fleet award

General property
valuation starts
The City’s property valuers have start-
ed work with the next general valua-
tion, which involves close to 100 000
more rateable properties than during
the last valuation in 2006.
   General valuations are carried out
every three to four years, in order to
reflect the shift in value between the
types of property in the city. The City
derives a portion of its funds from
property rates. However, general valu-
ations are not done to increase rev-
enue, but to ensure a fair distribution
of rates among ratepayers.

At market values
In accordance with the Municipal
Property Rates Act (Act 6 of 2004),
the general basis of valuation is the
                                              PICTURE: BRUCE SUTHERLAND
market value of a property, which is
defined as the amount the property             New name for the stadium: Council has approved the name ‘Cape Town Stadium’ for the new stadium at Green Point, pictured here during testing of the lighting systems in
would have realised if it was sold on         early November (the exterior mesh cladding was incomplete at the time). The Xhosa name will be ‘Inkundla Yezemidlalo YaseKapa’, and in Afrikaans it will be called ‘Kaapstad-
the date of valuation (1 July 2009) in        stadion’. Residents submitted more than 300 proposals for the name and the majority favoured ‘Cape Town Stadium’. See page 3 for an update on the stadium’s progress.
the open market, on a willing seller-
willing buyer basis.
   Christopher Gavor, head of the City
Valuation Office, says valuations will
be posted to the owners of Cape
Town’s 835 000 rateable properties as
                                            Cape Town top metro for service
from 14 February 2010.
                                            The City of Cape Town has been judged the top metropolitan municipality in the country,
   Anyone wishing to review the valu-       testimony to an ongoing focus on service delivery and a dedicated workforce.
ation of their property will be able to

visit the City’s website or the City’s                  he City has been rated as the       said City Manager, Achmat Ebrahim.           4 December and during the 2010 FIFA            tation, 90 percent for provision of water
review centres, which will be open                      top municipality in South              “At the same time, I would like to        World Cup next year. This award gives us       and 85 percent for housing.
between 21 February and 30 April                        Africa for service delivery by      thank our residents for being proud          confidence in our preparations.                    The City of Johannesburg was rated
2010. Information and updates will                      Empowerdex, an economic             Capetonians, caring for their city and for      “We are very proud of our rating on         second amongst metropolitan municipali-
also be on the City’s website.                          empowerment rating agency.          paying for their municipal services.         this service delivery index. Cape Town’s       ties. Overstrand was the top-scoring dis-
   The City has extended the objec-            The survey covered 231 local munici-            "Many residents take pride in             rating shows what is possible when a           trict municipality and Camdeboo in the
tion period from 30 to 60 days, and         palities, 46 district municipalities and six    their neighbourhoods, support ratepayers     local council demonstrates a strong com-       Eastern Cape was top local municipality,
Executive Mayor Dan Plato has urged         metropolitan municipalities. It rated serv-     associations and community initia-           mitment to doing its job efficiently and        closely followed by Saldanha Bay.
ratepayers to make use of the objec-        ice delivery in housing, water, electricity,    tives, while many are doing selfless com-     effectively, and to maintaining sound             Head of research at Empowerdex,
tion period if they have any concerns       waste removal and sanitation in terms of        munity work, helping those less fortunate    communication with its residents.              Steven Hawes, said the report provided a
over their valuations.                      current status and progress over time.          than themselves. They all do their bit for      “We know that there is still room for       critical assessment of actual levels of
   Any rates changes prescribed by             The City scored 89,5 percent overall         the local government they elected.           improvement, but with the encourage-           service delivery.
the outcome of the valuation will           compared against a national average of             “This helps the City of Cape Town to      ment from this rating and the dedication          “An understanding of the weaknesses
come into effect as of 1 July 2010.         59,7 percent.                                   deliver services and to create an enabling   of our staff, we will strive to serve resi-    in local government has many benefits. It
• For more information, see                    "I would like to thank all City of Cape      environment for the City to prosper and      dents to the best of our ability,” he said.    provides insight into whether recent > Services &         Town staff, not only for achieving this         care for its residents," he said.               The City scored 95 percent for the pro-     protests reflect genuine community con-
   Departments > Property Valuation.        recognition, but for their service and com-        “The eyes of the world will be on Cape    vision of electricity and for refuse           cerns or manipulation of information by
                                            mitment to the residents of Cape Town,"         Town during the FIFA Final Draw on           removal, 92 percent for provision of sani-     community and political leaders,” he said.

KORTLIKS                                                                                                                   KHAWUNDIBALISELE
Die Stad Kaapstad het vyf ander metro’s, 231 plaaslike        aan die gang. Eiendomseienaars kan hulle waardasies         IsiXeko saseKapa sichongwe njengomasipala            pala benqila, i-Camdeboo eseMpuma Koloni ibe
munisipaliteite en 46 distriksmunisipaliteite uitgestof       vanaf 14 Februarie 2010 in die pos te wagte wees, en        okwinqanaba eliphezulu ekunikezeleni iinkonzo        ngowona masipala wengingqi uphezulu.
om as beste munisipaliteit uit die stryd te tree.             diegene wat die waardasie van hulle eiendomme wil           phakathi koomasipala benqila abathandathu,              Uhlolo Jikelele: Uhlolo jikelele lweepropati
   In die Empowerdex-opname, wat dienslewering in             laat hersien of daarteen wil beswaar maak, sal tussen       oomasipala bengingqi abangama-231 noomasi-           ezihlawulelwayo zaseKapa ezingama-835 000
behuising, water, elektrisiteit, vullisverwydering en         21 Februarie en 30 April 2010 die Stad se webtuiste of      pala besithili abangama-46.                          luyaqhubeka.Uhlolo luya kuposelwa kubanini
sanitasie beoordeel, het die Stad 89,5% teenoor ‘n            die Stad se hersieningsentra kan besoek. Die Stad het          Uhlolo olwenziwe ngabakwa- Empowerdex             beepropati ukususela ngowe-14 Februwari
nasionale gemiddelde van 59,7% behaal. Johannes-              die beswaartydperk van 30 tot 60 dae verleng.               luchonge unikezelo ngeenkonzo                        2010, kwaye nabani na onqwenela ukuphengul-
burg is as tweede beste metro aangewys, Overstrand            Stadionnaam: Die raad het die naam ‘Kaapstad-sta-           zezindlu,amanzi, umbane, ukususwa                    ula uvavanyo lweepropati zabo okanye
as beste distriksmunisipaliteit, en Camdeboo in die           dion’ as amptelike naam vir die nuwe stadion in             kwenkunkuma nogutyulo. IsiXeko sifumene              ukuchasa baya kukwazi ukutyelela iweb-
Oos-Kaap as beste plaaslike munisipaliteit.                   Groenpunt goedgekeur. In Engels sal dit as ‘Cape Town       umyinge wama-89,5 ngokuchasene ne-avereji            husayithi yesiXeko okanye baphengulule
Algemene waardasie: ‘n Algemene waardasie van                 Stadium’ bekend staan, en in Xhosa as ‘Inkundla             kazwelonke yomyinge wama-59,7. IRhawuti              amaziko phakathi kowama-21 Februwari nowa-
Kaapstad se 835 000 belasbare eiendomme is tans               Yezemidlalo YaseKapa’.                                      lichongwe kwindawo yesibini phakathi komasi-         ma-30 Epreli 2010.
2         CITYNEWS                              November 2009

                                                Growth despite tough times                                                                                                                                                   No-show learners
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             waste resources
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             More than 1 500 learner drivers fail
                                                In spite of a financially challenging environment, the City has provided                                                                                                      to keep their test appointments each
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             month and this is contributing signifi-
                                                almost R400m in rates rebates, and is upgrading many of its facilities.                                                                                                      cantly to the appointment backlog at
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             the City’s Traffic Services.
                                                City gets firebreaks ready for season                                                                                                                                            The City has 17 driving licence
About funding                                   With fire season approaching, the City                                                                                                                                        testing centres and the recent statis-

for the IRT                                     will continue funding the construction
                                                and maintenance of firebreaks on pri-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             tics make for dismal reading.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                In June, 7 250 bookings were made
The City is dedicated to implementing           vately owned land within the Cape Penin-                                                                                                                                     for driving licence tests, but 1 584
a quality public transport system, but          sula Protected Natural Environment.                                                                                                                                          applicants failed to turn up. In July,
must also be financially prudent, so             The Table Mountain National Park has                                                                                                                                         out of 6 294 bookings, 1 684 learners
the implementation of the integrated            been subcontracted for this responsibility.                                                                                                                                  did not keep their appointments, and
rapid transit (IRT) project will be limit-      The City will investigate the recovery of                                                                                                                                    out of 7 019 bookings for August,
ed to the currently proposed National           costs from landowners.                                                                                                                                                       1 840 applicants did not pitch.
Government funding.                                                                                                                                                                                                             People who do not keep driving
   At the Council meeting on 28 Oct-            Four crèches for Delft                                                                                                                                                       licence test appointments clog the
ober, Executive Mayor Dan Plato said            The City will take over the four crèches                                                                                                                                     system and contribute significantly to
that, while the City was committed to           that the Provincial Government intends                                                                                                                                       the long waiting period.
implementing the IRT system, this               to build in Delft. The City will fund certain                                                                                                                                   The City appeals to all applicants
implementation needed to match                  finishes such as a one-metre cement                                                                                                                                           to honour appointments made, or to
affordability with viability.                   apron around the building, burglar-proof-                                                                                                                                    timeously inform testing centres of
   On the Mayor's recommendation a              ing, furniture and equipment.                                                                                                                                                their non-availability.
report that sought to match imple-                                                                            Fire alert: It’s the Cape fire season. Please be very careful with burning cigarette                               An applicant who misses a test
mentation of the IRT to the City's              Nearly R400-million in rates rebates                          butts, braais and any actions that would cause a repeat of last year’s devastating fires.                       date or time will forfeit all fees and
funding was passed by Council.                  The total rates income the City has fore-                                                                                                                                    have to submit a new application.
   This Council resolution means that           gone in the previous financial year due to                     will cost some R15-million. This includes                    refuse/green material are encouraged to
the IRT project will only spend money           exemptions, reductions and rates,                             the construction of verandahs, built-in                      use the Tygerdal drop-off facility instead.
that is made available to the City by           amounted to R397-million.                                     braais and wash basins.                                         From 9 November, the facilities in Wel-       Traffic Services rewards
National Government through the                                                                                  The resort has been used to temporari-                    gelegen and 5th Avenue will no longer
Division of Revenue Act (DORA).                 Upgrade for Hout Bay Clinic                                   ly accommodate people displaced by the                       process garden refuse. All other waste or        courteous drivers
   The IRT contracts already commit-            The Hout Bay Rotary Club has donated                          2008 xenophobic attacks. The renovations                     recyclables normally handled at these            In an attempt to encourage motorists
ted to will be completed. All other             R350 000 towards the upgrade of the                           were proposed before the attacks took                        two sites will, however, still be accepted.      to be considerate, City of Cape Town
contracts required to complete Phase            Hout Bay Main Road Clinic. The clinic is                      place.                                                                                                        Traffic Services has launched an initia-
1A will only start once funding is              one of the city’s 22 ‘HIV high-burden’                                                                                     Parow North swimming pool upgrade                tive to reward courteous drivers.
secured from National Government.               clinics, which has recorded an HIV posi-                      City approves Effluent Bylaw                                  The Parow North swimming pool, built in             “A courteous driver is one who
   Mayor Plato confirmed that Cape               tive rate of 20% and of those who are                         The City has approved the new Effluent                        1948, is closed until June next year for a       unselfishly acknowledges the rights of
Town's transport obligations to FIFA            HIV positive, 71% also have TB. The                           Bylaw, which provides for treated effluent                    R11,75-million upgrade, including a re-          other road users, who shows self-dis-
as a World Cup host city, as well as to         donation provides for a fully integrated                      to be used in several applications, such                     design of the main pool and diving plat-         cipline and accepts responsibility for
the stadium operator, would be met.             TB and HIV/Aids section at the clinic.                        as irrigation. This will boost the efficient                  form, a new main entrance and a new              his or her our own safety and security
   To ensure this service is opera-                                                                           management of the City’s potable water.                      plant filtration system and chlorinator           while driving,” says Chief Inspector
tional for the 2010 FIFA World Cup              Maitland mausoleum pilot project                                                                                           room.                                            Merle Lourens.
the City was given the go-ahead to              Council has approved the construction of                      Tygerdal drop-off facility ‘goes green’                                                                          “Enforcement officials do see and
buy the necessary buses, which will             a R1,5-million mausoleum at the Mait-                         The City’s Tygerdal drop-off facility in                     Accommodating Grand Parade traders               recognise considerate and courteous
cost approximately R101,5 million.              land Cemetery. This will be a pilot project                   Oranje Street has recently acquired a                        The City is endeavouring to find alterna-         drivers, even though their focus is
   The City was also authorised to              to test the effectiveness and acceptance                      chipping machine, which is permanently                       tive trading sites for the traditional infor-    normally on prosecuting those who
buy the land for the bus depot at               of this above-ground internment option.                       on site. The machine assists the Solid                       mal traders on the Grand Parade during           break the law and endanger other
R18,5-million, and to continue nego-                                                                          Waste Department’s waste minimisation                        the World Cup period as the Parade is            road users,” she says.
tiations with the public transport              R15-million upgrade for Blue Waters                           programme as garden refuse is reduced                        transformed into the City's official Fan             Specially engraved pens and key
industry to secure an operator for the          The Blue Waters Resort near Strand-                           to chips and used to produce compost.                        Fest. Current traders will have been             rings, compliments of Cape Town Traf-
World Cup.                                      fontein will not re-open until infrastruc-                       To support this effort, residents who                     informed that their permits will be sus-         fic Services, will be handed to those
   The City will also negotiate with            ture has been upgraded to an acceptable                       use the Welgelegen and 5th Avenue                            pended from 1 May to 18 July next year           considered to be courteous drivers.
the contractor working on the R27,              level for visitors. The proposed upgrade                      drop-off facilities for their garden                         to make way for the FIFA Fan Fest.
to extend its contract to include the
construction of Bayside Station,
which will cost around R14-million.
                                                      Storage dam levels by year                                                             MWh Electricity     usage, baseline and actual, by month                      Electricity use down
                                                  %       Wemmershoek                  Voëlvlei                                          1 100 000
   The projected cost of the full                                                                                                                             Baseline and historic growth                                 Capetonians have been using a lot less
                                                          Steenbras Lower              Theewaterskloof                                                        Actual 2007/8
Phase 1A is R4,2-billion, with the              120                                                                                                                                                                        electricity. The red line on the graph
                                                          Steenbras Upper              Berg River                                                             Actual 2006/7
estimated operating deficit increasing                                                                                                    1 000 000                                                                         alongside shows what was actually used
                                                                                              TOTAL: 99,5 %

                                                                                                                         TOTAL: 99,0 %
                                                                     TOTAL: 99,1 %

to R125-million per year when Phase                                                                                                                                                                                        against the baseline usage the City
1A is fully operational.                                                                                                                  900 000                                                                          makes allowance for (the yellow line),
   The implementation of the IRT will            60                                                                                                                                                                        and the previous year.
be limited to the proposed National
                                                                                                                                                                                                     SAVE                      Continue to think about ways to use
Government funding of R2,355-bil-                                                                                                         800 000                                                                          less power. Please use low-energy light
lion. Should this funding shrink, the            20                                                                                                  1,5% -4,9% 3,1% 3,6% 3,3% 1,4% 5,0% 4,9% 5,8% 7,5% 8,0% 5,6%          bulbs and geyser blankets, switch off
scope of the project may be reduced.              0                                                                                       700 000
                                                                                                                                                     ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺                                               appliances not in use, and consider
                                                         2007                        2008                        2009                                Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun                Jul Aug Sep        replacing electric stoves with gas ones.

CITYNEWS is the City of Cape Town’s              KORTLIKS                                                                                                                    KHAWUNDIBALISELE
newsletter for its residents. It is
distributed as an insert to a number             Hoewel die Stad verbind is tot ‘n open-                      Delft, ‘n toegewyde TB-en-MIV/vigs-afde-                       Ngelixa isiXeko sizinikezele kwinkqubo        Delft,icandelo elinikezelwe kwi-TB,
of community papers, and is also                 barevervoerstelsel van gehalte, moet dié                     ling by die Houtbaai-kliniek, en ‘n R15                        yezothutho loluntu esemgangathweni,           HIV/Aids kwiKliniki yase-Hout Bay,nophu-
available at City libraries.                     administrasie ook finansieel verantwoor-                      miljoen-opgradering van die Blue Waters-                       kufuneka sibe noxanduva lwezimali.            culo lwe-R15m lwe-Bluewaters Resort
Editor                                           delik wees. Daarom sal die geïntegreerde                     oord naby Strandfontein in.                                    Iprojekthi yoThutho oluHlanganisiweyo         kufutshane ne-Strandfontein. Abo bafun-
Aletta Kruger                                    snelvervoer- (GSV-)projek beperk wees                           Die meer as 1 500 leerlingbestuurders                       oluKhawulezileyo iya kuncitshiswa ngok-       dela ukuqhuba abangayiyo kumadinga
E-mail:                 tot die finansiering wat die nasionale                        wat maandeliks kleinkoppie trek en nie                         wemali ekhoyo kaRhulumente                    abo batyela isiXeko ixesha nemali, kwaye
Fax: 021 418 1839                                regering beskikbaar stel. As ‘n gasheer-                     vir hulle bestuurstoetse opdaag nie, kos                       kaZwelonke.                                   kongeza kwixesha elide lokulinda loku-
Postal: PO Box 298, Cape Town 8000               stad vir Wêreldbeker 2010, sal die Stad                      die Stad geld en tyd, en dra by tot die                           Iimfanelo zothutho zesiXeko kwi-FIFA       vavanywa kwabaqhubi. IsiXeko sibon-
                   2010 FIFA World Cup®
                                                 egter steeds sy vervoerverpligtinge                          lang wagtydperk om getoets te word. Die                        njengesixeko esihlinzeka indebe yeHla-        goza bonke abafaki-zicelo ukuba
                   is a registered trademark     teenoor FIFA nakom.                                          Stad doen ‘n beroep op alle aansoekers                         bathi ziya kufikelelwa. Nangona kukho          bawarhoxise okanye bawabambe
                   of the Fédération
EXCELLENCE IN      Internationale de Football
                                                    Ondanks moeilike ekonomiese                               om hulle afsprake na te kom of eerder                          iimeko zoqoqosho ezinzima,isiXeko             amadinga abo. Iinkonzo zoThutho zesiX-
AND DESIGN 2008    Association (FIFA).           omstandighede, het die Stad bykans                           betyds te kanselleer.                                          sinikezele malunga nama-R400m ngesa-          eko saseKapa liqalise inyathelo lokuvuza
                                                 R400 miljoen in belastingkortings toege-                        Die Stad Kaapstad se verkeersdienste                        phulelo seenkonzo zobuhlali kwaye             abaqhubi abakhathalayo. Abaqhubi
         Please recycle this
                                                 staan, en knap ook tans baie van sy                          het ‘n projek van stapel gestuur om                            siphucula izakhiwo ezininzi.                  abalungileyo ababonwayo bafumana
         copy of CITYNEWS
                                                 fasiliteite op. Dit sluit vier bewaarskole in                bedagsame bestuurders te beloon.                                  Ezi ziquka ikretshe ezine zase-            iipeni ezikroliweyo nezazinge zezitshixo.
                                                                                                                                                       November 2009                   CITYNEWS                                3
                                                                                                                                                                                         2 0 1 0 U P DAT E
                                            It’s the final draw!
                                            The final draw for the 2010 FIFA World Cup will be held at the Cape
                                            Town International Convention Centre on Friday 4 December.
At the ready: The City’s uniformed

services are gearing up for 2010.                       he world’s footballing nations
                                                        are playing the last gruelling                                                                                                  Using the brand
Safety & security                                       qualifying matches to make it                                                                                                   FIFA has invested heavily in promot-
The City’s safety and security prepa-                   to the 2010 FIFA World Cup,                                                                                                     ing its brand, and that’s one of the
rations for the 2010 FIFA World Cup                     and the qualifiers will only                                                                                                     reasons why the FIFA World Cup is
are well advanced, and integrated           learn which teams they are going to play                                                                                                    such a successful event. There are, as
with the SAPS plan. The City has            in the opening matches at the draw on                                                                                                       a result, restrictions on how logos and
been recruiting more staff, and buy-        4 December.                                                                                                                                 words associated with the 2010 FIFA
ing more vehicles and equipment.               The final draw, which will be held at                                                                                                     World Cup can be used, and these are
This includes an additional:                the Cape Town International Convention                                                                                                      protected under South African law.
• 180 law enforcement officers;              Centre (CTICC), will determine the match                                                                                                        The images that are protected
• 124 fire-fighters;                          order for the 32 teams who will contest                                                                                                     include the official logo of the 2010
• 35 traffic officers;                        Africa’s first FIFA World Cup.                                                                                                               World Cup (including the individual
• 21 disaster management officials;                                                                                                                                                      elements that make up the logo), host
• 7 new law enforcement vehicles;           Setting up base camps                                                                                                                       city logos, official posters, the ‘Zaku-
• 7 new traffic motorcycles, and             Once the draw is done, the national            Greening the pitch: Freshly planted rye grass at Cape Town Stadium at the end of             mi’ mascot and other related imagery.
• 7 fire engines.                            teams and their supporters will know           October. Work on the stadium is nearing completion, and it will be formally handed               Any phrases or images that contain
The City is also expanding its CCTV         where their initial matches will be played,    over to the City on 14 December.                                                             any specific reference to the 2010 FIFA
(closed-circuit television) system. By      where their ‘base camps’ are likely to be                                                                                                   World Cup are protected. There are a
June next year, there will be 27 more       and will be able to plan their visits to       ties staged by FIFA, the Local Organising    ice-level agreement for the final draw,          number of these phrases, including:
CCTV cameras installed in the city          South Africa accordingly.                      Committee (LOC), the City, the Western       which sets out the roles and responsibili-      • 2010, ‘Twenty Ten’
centre, at a cost of more than R10m.           The final draw is expected to be             Cape Provincial Government and the           ties for the City and for the LOC in stag-      • 2010 FIFA World Cup
This will bring the number of CCTV          attended by 2 000 guests and 1 000 jour-       other host cities. The draw coincides with   ing the event.                                  • 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
cameras in the city centre and along        nalists and broadcasters, and will be          the start of Cape Town’s festive season.        “The final draw in Cape Town is a criti-      • 2010 World Cup, World Cup 2010
the Atlantic Seaboard strip to 280.         broadcast in more than 130 countries.             Cape Town Executive Mayor Dan Plato       cal date and milestone for us. And we           • Soccer World Cup, World Cup
   Inside the stadium, there will be           The draw will be the centrepiece of a       and the Chief Executive Officer of the        could not find a better city in which to         • Football World Cup, FIFA World Cup
177 fixed cameras, four high-speed           week-long event featuring various activi-      LOC, Dr Danny Jordaan, signed the serv-      host it. Cape Town’s a wonderful location       • South Africa 2010, SA 2010
rotating cameras to monitor the                                                                                                         and the stadium is a landmark, one of           • South Africa World Cup and World
grandstands and six high-definition            About the Convention Centre                                                               the best in the world,” Dr Jordaan said.            Cup South Africa.
zoom cameras around the perimeter.            The CTICC cost R582-million to build, with funding provided by the City of Cape              Mayor Plato said the 2010 FIFA World         If local businesses want to use the
   Over the event, the Gallows Hill           Town (R284-million), the Western Cape Provincial Government (R142-million),               Cup had already created a number of job         official marks, or commercially associ-
Traffic Department will serve as an            SunWest International (R140-million) and the CTICC’s operating company, Convenco          opportunities, and that the expenditure         ate with the event, they must buy a
operations centre for safety and              (R16-million). The City is the largest shareholder in Convenco, with 50,2%.               and investment in infrastructure for 2010       product licence through Global
security services, and will not be pro-          The CTICC had a cumulative turnover of R445-million over the last five years and        could not have come at a better time to         Brands Group. Call 011 537 4640, or
viding the usual testing facilities.          revenue of R129-million in 2008 alone.                                                    counteract the effects of the global eco-       visit
                                                                                                                                        nomic slump.

Viva volunteers!
Almost 6 000 people have applied to
                                              The 2010 goal is green – bright green
be FIFA volunteers in Cape Town for           Long before the first match of the 2010          This funding is being used for 41 proj-   to be as environmentally friendly and          into storage ponds in the park.
the FIFA Final Draw in December               FIFA World Cup has started, one of the       ects, including the creation of a new        energy efficient as possible. It has a light-      The urban park itself is another piece
2009 and the 2010 FIFA World Cup in           most important goals of all has been         urban park on Green Point Common, an         ing management system, water-based air         of environmentally sensitive design. The
June next year.                               scored – the City’s ‘Green Goal’.            EcoCentre that will promote ‘smart liv-      conditioning, dual-flush toilets, a design      park’s water supply will come from the
   Most of the 5 998 applications                Green Goal is about making the tour-      ing’, education and awareness cam-           that reduces noise, and rooftop rainwater      perennial Oranjezicht Springs, the origi-
were to provide administrative                nament and everything that surrounds         paigns, and the promotion of a sustain-      harvesting that will feed                      nal water supply for the city.
support in areas such as hospitality,         it as environmentally friendly as possi-     able and responsible tourism industry.                                                         Improvements to public transport
ushering, fan park services, transport,       ble, and to leave a positive legacy for         The challenges are numerous. The City’s                                                  systems will be one of the enduring
logistics and accreditation.                  the environment and the residents.           ‘carbon footprint’ (a meas-                                                                 legacies of the 2010 event, and part of
   There was also a request for spe-             This presents both opportunities and      ure of the energy used as                                                                   that includes a bigger non-motorised
cialist volunteers, such as those with        challenges. The opportunities lie in the     defined by carbon emis-                                                                      transport (NMT) network of pedestrian
language, media, telecommunications           money and skills being made available        sions) over the event is                                                                    paths and bridges, walkways, jogging
or information technology skills.             for Green Goal projects; the challenges      estimated at between                                                                        tracks and dedicated bicycle lanes.
Eighty-three applicants applied to            lie in managing the impact the event         150 000 and 180 000                                                                         • For more information, visit
work in sign language support to help         will have, and the legacy it will leave.     tonnes – partly because                                                              
the hearing-impaired.                            The City has budgeted R6,2-million        Cape Town is a
   The applicants are in the process of       toward its Green Goal, and R8-million        long-haul desti-                                                                            Goal-setters: Dr Werner Böhler of the
being screened, and interviews start          has come from other sources, including       nation. The                                                                                 Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Executive
in December. The successful applicants        the Danish, German and British govern-       stadium                                                                                     Mayor Dan Plato, and German Consul-
will then be trained in their respective      ments and development agencies such          itself was                                                                                  General Hans-Werner Bussmann at the
fields.                                        as the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.           designed                                                                                    launch of the Green Goal Action Plan.

KORTLIKS                                                                                                              KHAWUNDIBALISELE
Die finale trekking vir die FIFA Wêreldbeker 2010, wat    neel gewerf, en nóg voertuie en toerusting in aanloop        Utsalo lokugqibela lwemidlalo Ndebe yeHlabathi         weyo, sithenga izithuthi nezixhobo ezongezi-
sal bepaal watter spanne in die openingsronde met        tot die geleentheid aangeskaf.                               ye-FIFA ka-2010, nekululo oluza kumisela ukuba         weyo kwangaphambili kokuba kusindlekwe lo
mekaar sal kragte meet, vind op 4 Desember by die           Die Stad se Green Goal-program is daarop toege-           ngawaphi amaqela aza kudlala elinye nelinye            msitho.
Kaapstadse Internasionale Konferensiesentrum plaas.      spits om die byeenkoms en alles wat daarmee te               kumjikelo wokuvula, luya kuchotshelwa kwiZiko             Inkqubo yesiXeko eyaziwa ngokuba yi-Green
Dié geleentheid sal na verwagting deur 2 000 gaste       doen het, so omgewingsvriendelik moontlik te                 leeNgqungquthela zaMazwe ngamazwe eKapa                Goal emalunga nokwenza le tumente nayo
en 1 000 joernaliste en omroepers bygewoon word,         maak, en om ‘n positiewe nalatenskap vir die                 ngomhla we-4 Disemba.                                  yonke into ehamba nayo ibe yengenabungozi
en sal in meer as 130 lande uitgesaai word.              omgewing en die inwoners van die stad te verseker.              Lo msitho kulindeleke ukuba uzinyaswe               kokusingqongileyo kangangoko kunokwenzeka,
   Die trekking sal die kern uitmaak van ‘n week lange      Sowat 6 000 mense het aansoek gedoen om as vry-           ziindwendwe ezingama-2 000 kunye noononda-             kananjalo nokushiya ilifa elamkelekileyo kokus-
geleentheid waartydens FIFA, die plaaslike reëlings-     willigers te werk by die finale trekking in 2009, en die      ba nabasasazi abali-1 000, yaye uya kusasazwa          ingqongileyo nakubahlali bethu.
komitee, die Stad, die Wes-Kaapse provinsiale regering   byeenkoms self in 2010.                                      kumazwe angaphezu kwali-130.                              Abahlali bakhunjuzwa ukuba uninzi
en ander gasheerstede aktiwiteite sal aanbied.              Inwoners word herinner dat baie simbole en                   Amalungiselelo ecandelo lezokhuselo                 lwemiqondiso namagama aphathelene neNdebe
   Die Stad se veiligheid-en-sekuriteitsvoorbereidings   woorde met betrekking tot die FIFA Wêreldbeker 2010          nokhuseleko lesiXeko eNdebe yeHlabathi ye-FIFA         yeHlabathi ye-FIFA ka-2010Iakhuselwe ngokom-
vir die FIFA Wêreldbeker 2010 vorder fluks, en die        volgens wet beskerm word, en dus nie sonder                  ka-2010 sele emi ngendlela, yaye ngalo lonke eli       thetho, yaye akuvumelekanga ukuba asetyen-
munisipaliteit het die afgelope tyd bykomende perso-     toestemming gebruik mag word nie.                            xesha isiXeko besiqesha abasebenzi abongezi-           ziswe ngaphandle kwemvume.
4          CITYNEWS                           November 2009

                                                                                                                                            Filling the housing gap
                                                                                                                                            Couples earning between R3 500 and         other more expensive housing projects
                                                                                                                                            R10 000 per month may be able to           being developed on Council-owned
                                                                                                                                            qualify for ‘gap housing’ units being      land in Ottery and Silvertown.
                                                                                                                                            developed by the City and various part-       The Ottery development along the
                                                                                                                                            ners across the metro.                     old Strandfontein Road has 265 houses,
                                                                                                                                                Gap housing caters to households       which will cost between R450 000 and
                                                                                                                                            earning too much to qualify for a state    R750 000. The houses will be two- and
                                                                                                                                            housing subsidy, but not enough to eas-    three-storey sectional title units as well
                                                                                                                                            ily buy a house on the open market.        as some single residential duplexes. It is
                                                                                                                                                A total of 540 gap housing units,      currently in its environmental and

 ‘Freedom’ at last
                                                                                                                                            being built in partnership with Ned-       rezoning phase.
                                                                                                                                            bank, is being planned in Wetton and          The Silvertown project is opposite
                                                                                                                                            Rugby. In Mitchells Plain, the Watergate   the Vygekraal Sports Centre near Ron-
                                                                                                                                            Estate development will provide gap        debosch East. Eight duplex homes of
                                                                                                                                            housing for 3 000 families.                about 75 square meters are envisaged,
Home sweet home: Executive Mayor Dan Plato with a young Freedom Park family outside the home they built themselves.                                                                    costing about R750 000 each. The proj-
                                                                                                                                            Wetton and Rugby gap housing               ect is awaiting final approval following
The story of Freedom Park in Mitchells Plain is one of persistence, tenacity                                                                The Wetton development is near the         an environmental impact assessment.
and drive, which have led to a happy ending for this close-knit community.                                                                  intersection with Lansdowne Road and
                                                                                                                                            Ottery Mall. This development wiil have    Mitchells Plain gap housing

            hursday 5 November was a          ary 2003 after a fire in nearby Hyde Park.       ed with informal settlements and              616 units, 360 of which will be gap        In Mitchells Plain, the Watergate Estate
            day of jubilation for 493 fami-   The City asked the Freedom Park commu-          improved safety and security.                 housing units. The remaining 256 units     development, a partnership between the
            lies in Freedom Park, Mitchells   nity to make room for Hyde Park resi-         • Providing skills and job opportunities        will be sold on the open market.           City and New Age Property Developers
            Plain when they celebrated        dents who had lost their homes, and the         for residents, which has helped them             The Rugby project is off Koeberg        will provide gap housing for 3 000 fami-
            having built their own houses     community agreed on condition that they         to earn an income and gain on-on-the-         Road, on the corner of Max and Zalkin      lies on 22 hectares over three years.
through the People’s Housing Process.         would be allowed to stay on the land.           job training.                                 Roads. About 180 bachelor and one-            The development will provide a
   City Executive Mayor Dan Plato, the           The LRC recommended that the resi-         • Residents have built leadership capaci-       bedroom sectional title homes will be      secure environment within walking dis-
community of Freedom Park and the             dents ask the DAG to help them lobby for        ty and have accordingly been able to          built. The basic price for the gap hous-   tance of public transport. It will have a
Development Action Group (DAG) gath-          basic services and eventually initiate a        tackle many other social problems in          ing units will be around R145 000 for a    mini shopping centre, public open
ered for a ceremonial handover of keys to     self-help housing project. This was the         their settlement, including gangsterism       bachelor apartment, and R230 000 for       spaces and recreational facilities. Phase
the new homeowners.                           beginning of a watershed partnership,           and drugs, domestic violence, child           a one-bedroom house.                       1 will provide 2 200 units, and phases 2
   The story began in 1998, when back-        which enabled the Freedom Park commu-           rape, insufficient early childhood devel-         Work will begin once the rezoning       and 3 a further 700 separate title units
yard dwellers living in overcrowded con-      nity to achieve secure tenure and shelter.      opment, food security, and lack of edu-       applications have been approved.           with one to three bedrooms.
ditions in Mitchells Plain occupied an                                                        cation.                                          These two gap housing develop-             The Watergate development is
overgrown field belonging to the City of       Success stories                               • Achieving good-quality urban form:            ments have been made possible by the       endorsed by the City as an anchor proj-
Cape Town and zoned for a school. They        Almost a decade later, the Freedom Park         DAG has enabled residents to design           municipality’s innovative agreement        ect for the Urban Renewal Programme.
built their new shacks on Freedom Day,        residents have established their neigh-         their own neighbourhood. Some of the          with Nedbank and Standard Bank.            The project will not only provide hous-
27 April, and the Cape Argus dubbed the       bourhood and have accommodated                  community innovations included a                 The aim of these partnerships is to     ing but also employment for the com-
settlement ‘Freedom Park’.                    almost 500 families. Through their persist-     north orientation to maximise the ther-       allow the City, as part of its various     munities of Mitchells Plain, Philippi and
   The municipality successfully sought       ence and tenacity, the Freedom Park com-        mal performance of the houses, a com-         housing delivery programmes, to facili-    Khayelitsha over the next three years.
an eviction order to demolish the Free-       munity has succeeded in restoring dignity       pact settlement with a density of 61          tate the development of sustainable
dom Park dwellings. The Legal Resources       and security to thousands of people.            dwelling units per hectare, a communi-        and affordable housing options.            • For more information call Nadia
Centre (LRC) was asked to defend the             Freedom Park’s successes include:            ty-owned hall and other public spaces                                                      Naidoo on 021 530 5760. Preference
residents against eviction and the matter     • Securing shelter for 493 families: This       for neighbourhood activities, a range         Ottery and Silvertown projects               will be given to those who are on
was referred for mediation – a process           project put property in the hands of         of appropriate house designs, close           The Wetton and Rugby gap housing             the City’s housing waiting list, and
which lasted almost five years.                   poor people, strengthened their asset        proximity to transport and the ameni-         projects are being subsidised by two         who meet the credit criteria.
   The situation came to a head in Febru-        base, reduced the health risks associat-     ties of the city, and safety and security.

 Spatial plan comment
 The deadline for public comments on
                                               The City’s Leo Mews scoops prestigious housing award
 the City’s draft plan for Cape Town’s         The City has won a South African Hous-          Standard Bank and Bitol met this crite-
 future spatial development, has been          ing Foundation merit award in partner-       rion by supplying housing that, apart
 extended until 30 November 2009.              ship with Standard Bank and Bitol            from its price, would not be out of place
    The Spatial Development Frame-             Developments for its newly built gap         in a more upmarket residential area.
 work (SDF) sets out the City’s strate-        housing project in Elsies River.                The units are priced between
 gies and policies about how and                  Leo Mews, as the development is           R237 000 and R254 000, and people with
 where Cape Town should grow.                  known, is a unique project that has          a combined minimum monthly income of
    The draft plans are available for          been built to accelerate and stimulate       R7 200 qualify as potential buyers.
 public viewing at subcouncil offices,          the delivery of affordable housing to           Each unit has a solar water heating
 libraries and the City’s Planning &           qualifying households across the city.       system, a ‘greywater’ toilet, a lawn irriga-
 Building Development Management                  The project won this prestigious          tion system and waste separation bins
 district offices.                              award for its interpretation of the City’s   with compartments for glass, paper,
    They are also available for down-          brief to create aesthetically pleasing,      metal, plastic and non-recyclable goods.
 load from          affordable, high-density, housing in a          Leo Mews is a good example of what
 • Comments should be sent to                  manner that is socially and environmen-      can be achieved when the public and pri-       Winning design: Award-winning Leo Mews in Elsies River is a prime example of            tally sustainable for all stakeholders.      vate sectors form strong partnerships.         affordable housing, which is also socially and environmentally sustainable.

 KORTLIKS                                                                                                                   KHAWUNDIBALISELE
 In November het 493 gesinne in Freedom Park,               gesinne van verblyf sal voorsien.                               NgoNovemba iintsapho ezingama-493 e-Free-             Umntu neqabane abamkela phakathi
 Mitchells Plain, rede gehad om fees te vier toe hulle         Die Stad het in vennootskap met Standard Bank                dom Park,e- Mitchells Plain zibhiyozele            kwama-R3 500 nama-R10 000 ngenyanga ban-
 hulle eie huise deur die People’s Housing Process          en Bitol Developments ‘n merieteprys van die Suid-              ukwakhiwa kwezindlu zazo ngeNkqubo eyazi-          ganelungelo lokufumana iiyunithi zezindlu ze-
 voltooi het. Die Stad se uitvoerende burgemeester,         Afrikaanse Behuisingstigting vir die Leo Mews-mid-              wa ngokuba yi-People’s Housing Process.            gap.IsiXeko, ngobudlelane nabakwa-Standard
 Dan Plato, die gemeenskap van Freedom Park, en die         delbehuisingsprojek in Elsiesrivier gewen. Die projek              USodolophu weSigqeba u-Dan Plato, uluntu        Bank nabakwa-Bitol Developments, bawine
 Development Action Group het ‘n seremoniële                is met dié gesogte prys bekroon vir die Stad en sy              lwase-Freedom Park neQela leNyanthelo              imbasa yokusebenza ngokufanelekileyo i-South
 sleuteloorhandiging bygewoon.                              vennote se uithalerwerk om ‘n esteties bevredigende             loPhuhliso bazimase umsitho wokunikezelwa          African Housing Foundation kwiprojekthi
    Die Stad is van plan om meer as 3 500 huise vir         dog maatskaplik en omgewingsvolhoubare behuis-                  kwezitshixo.IsiXeko siceba ukwakha ngaphezu        yezindlu zeprojekthi ye- Leo Mews e-Elsies
 die middelmark – sogenaamde ‘gap’-huise – te bou.          ingskompleks te skep.                                           kwama- 3 500 ezindlu ze-‘gap’.                     River.
 Dié huise is bedoel vir pare met ‘n maandelikse               Inwoners kan nog tot 30 November 2009 kom-                      Iiyunithi zezindlu ezipheleleyo ezingama-          Ngolwazi olungolunye tsalela u-Nadia kwa
 inkomste van tussen R3 500 en R10 000.                     mentaar lewer op die Stad se konsep-ruimtelikeon-               540 ziyacetywa e-Wetton nase-Rugby, nase-          021 530 5760.
    Altesaam 540 van dié wooneenhede word in Wet-           twikkelingsraamwerk. Die konsepdokumente is                     Mitchells Plain, uphuhliso lwase-Watergate            Kuya kuqalwa kujongwe abo bakuluhlu lesix-
 ton en Rugby beplan, terwyl die Watergate-land-            beskikbaar by Stadskantore of by                                Estate luya kubonelela ngezindlu ze-gap kwi-       eko lokulinda izindlu inabo abahlawula kakuh-
 goedontwikkeling in Mitchells Plain nog 3 000                                         intsapho ezingama-3 000.                           le amatyala.
                                                                                                                                                        November 2009                  CITYNEWS                                  5

                                             IRT construction on the R27                                                                                                                 Koeberg Road
                                             Construction of the integrated rapid transit (IRT) system along the R27 may
                                                                                                                                                                                         Motorists using the R27 through Mil-
                                             be causing commuters some pain, but the end result will be worth it.                                                                        nerton are encouraged to use Koe-
                                                         onstruction of the integrated                                                                                                   berg Road as an alternative route as

‘Chappies’ re-opens
Chapman’s Peak Drive was re-opened
on 9 October 2009 after being closed
for extensive restoration.
    The 9 km route, with its 114
                                             C           rapid transit (IRT) dedicated
                                                         lanes and stations along parts
                                                         of the R27 and Marine Drive,
                                                         which stretches from Atlantis
                                             to the Cape Town CBD is progressing well.
                                                On the R27, the IRT lanes will be in the
                                             median (middle) of the road – the current
                                                                                                                                                                                         building the integrated rapid transit
                                                                                                                                                                                         (IRT) system lanes requires a contra-
                                                                                                                                                                                         flow traffic system to be put in place
                                                                                                                                                                                         over the next two months.
                                                                                                                                                                                            On the section of the R27 between
                                                                                                                                                                                         Boundary Road and Woodbridge
                                                                                                                                                                                         Island, private property on the side of
curves, is one of the most spectacular       right lane. The current left lane will                                                                                                      the road does not allow enough
marine drives in the world, and was          become the right lane, and a new left                                                                                                       space to build a separate IRT lane in
the brainchild of Sir Frederic de Waal,      lane and shoulder are being constructed.                                                                                                    the outbound (northerly) direction.
the first administrator of the Cape              The IRT stations will also be in the                                                                                                        The IRT vehicles travelling north
Province – De Waal Drive in Cape             middle of the road. There will be pedes-                                                                                                    from the city will be travelling in reg-
Town was named after him.                    trian access via pedestrian crossings, with                                                                                                 ular traffic for that section of road.
   Construction started in 1915, with        preferential signalling for people crossing                                                                                                    Due to the space constraints of
engineers blasting a route along the         the road to the IRT stations.                                                                                                               this area, motorists are warned to
soft band of shale between the moun-                                                                                                                                                     expect increased traffic congestion
tain’s granite base and the overlying        Pedestrian and cyclist safety                                                                                                               while the heavy-duty lane is built.
sandstone. The route was formally            On the coastal side of the road there will                                                                                                     During the afternoon peak traffic
opened in 1922 (pictured above) and          be a lane of trees separating motorised       Red road: An artist’s impression, overlaid on a photograph, of the proposed Adderley          flow in the outbound direction, two
was regarded as an extraordinary             and non-motorised transport to improve        Street IRT station.                                                                           lanes will be opened after 15:30.
piece of engineering at the time.            the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.                                                                                                     However, one of those lanes will be
   It was closed in January 2000, after         The non-motorised transport compo-            Travelling towards the city the route       Coast and in the inner city for their          on the outbound carriageway and
a rockfall caused the death of a             nent of the IRT system will provide dedi-     will cross Milnerton bridge, turning left at   patience while the City’s new public           the other lane will be a temporary
motorist and a subsequent lawsuit. It        cated pedestrian and cycle lanes on the       Milner Road, where it will travel along        transport system takes shape.                  lane on the inbound carriageway.
was re-opened as a toll road in              trunk or main routes of the IRT. The R27      the old, disused railway siding (which has        “We ask motorists to bear with us,             That means that one of the lanes
December 2003 after being re-engi-           will be one of the first trunk routes.         been rebuilt to provide IRT lanes),            and we apologise for the inconvenience,”       that motorists will use when travel-
neered with catch fences and tunnels            The dedicated IRT lanes on the R27         through Paarden Eiland.                        says Kylie Hatton, the City’s media man-       ling out from the city will be the
to prevent rockslides.                       will run from the Bayside IRT station into       The route will then follow the old rail-    ager.                                          same lane they used when travelling
   Chapman’s Peak itself is the              the city centre, stopping at 13 stations.     way line’s path, under the N1 and                 “Once the IRT system is up and run-         into the city earlier.
southerly extension of Constantia            These include stations at Sunset Beach,       through Culemborg, into the Hertzog            ning it will provide people with a safe,          Construction should be complete
Berg and has a height of 593 m.              Milnerton’s Racecourse Road, Wood-            Boulevard Civic Centre station.                reliable and accessible public transport       by the end of the year.
                                             bridge Island and Boundary Road,                 The City thanks residents on the West       service,” she says.

Progress report on the major roadworks in and around Cape Town
Hospital Bend                                                                                                                             tion on the N1 northbound around the         restaurants remains unaffected, and
Work on the R235-million Hospital                                                                                                         support structure for the bridge span over   work will stop in mid-December, when
Bend scheme is ahead of schedule, says                                                                                                    those lanes remains in place, and there      both lanes will be open for the holiday
Kenwyn Street, the site agent for con-                                                                                                    have been several accidents. Motorists       season. There will be a median barrier,
tractors Haw & Inglis. The major struc-                                                                                                   are urged to drive carefully.                as the surface levels on either side of
tural works and roadworks are com-                                                                                                            Surfacing of the two outbound lanes      the road will be different.
plete, and balustrades are being added                                                                                                    between the interchange and Sable Road
to the new De Waal Drive bridge.                                                                                                          has begun. The southbound N2-M5 ramp         N2 outgoing/airport interchange
   There will be night lane closures until                                                                                                is due to be completed by May 2010, and      The widening of the N2 between Van-
the end of November to allow for new                                                                                                      the northbound ramp in November 2011.        guard Drive and the airport interchange
road surfaces and for repair work to the                                                                                                      On Table Bay Boulevard, widening of      will be completed by the end of the
old De Waal Drive bridge. These clo-                                                                                                      the inbound lanes should be completed by     year, says contract engineer Gerrit Els,
sures will occur between 20:00 and                                                                                                        the end of November, and traffic will be      of BKS Group, and no lane closures or
05:00, Sunday to Thursday, and will be       Almost complete: The new De Waal Drive bridge over the N2 at Hospital Bend.                  switched to the other side. There will be    major deviations are planned.
advertised in advance.                                                                                                                    some lane closures to allow for the demo-       There have been unanticipated
 The project, jointly funded by the City,    Road remains closed until the end of          resident engineer Leon Bester of HHO           lition of the old footbridge, as the new     delays caused by the alignment of the
Province and National Government, is         November, when the boulevard is also          Africa. The remaining 25 precast beams         one will be complete.                        old and new sections of the airport
due to be completed by April 2010.           due to be completed. Work on the inte-        have been moved across the canal and                                                        interchange bridge, but these have
                                             grated rapid transit (IRT) station and the    five more spans are complete. There will        Main Road, Muizenberg to Kalk Bay            been resolved. Road surfacing should
Granger Bay Boulevard                        parking areas continues.                      be lane closures at night to allow for         Work on the road and the underlying          be complete by the end of the year.
Work on the elevated circle at Granger          This R129,2-million City-funded project    beams to be lifted onto the piers.             bulk services is progressing well, says         In order to widen the road, three
Bay Boulevard is progressing well and        is due to be completed in February 2010.         There will be deviations on the canal       City Project Manager Paul Booth. On the      bridges have been extended and the
the elevated circle is now complete and                                                    side of the northbound lane of the M5          current section, the second of six, the      entire NY1 bridge over the N2 has been
open to traffic in both directions, says      Koeberg Interchange                           until March next year, to allow for con-       new 600 mm water main has been laid          replaced.
the City’s Project Manager, Bertie Byker.    Work on this R690-million Provincial Gov-     struction of three piers, and motorists are    and the roadbed and kerbing are in place.       This R130-million project is funded
   The link between the circle and Main      ernment project is ahead of schedule, says    urged to drive carefully. The sharp devia-        Traffic flow and access to shops and        by the Provincial Government.

KORTLIKS                                                                                                     KHAWUNDIBALISELE
Bouwerk aan die geïntegreerde snelvervoer-           wagting teen April 2010 klaar wees.                     Utsalo lokugqibela lwemidlalo Ndebe yeHlabathi ye-          ixhobo ezongeziweyo kwangaphambili kokuba
(GSV-)stelsel op dele van die R27 en Marine-            Die oorhoofse verkeersirkel by Granger Bay-          FIFA ka-2010, nekululo oluza kumisela ukuba                 kusindlekwe lo msitho.
rylaan vorder fluks. Motoriste wat die R27            boulevard is klaar en oop vir verkeer. Die kop-         ngawaphi amaqela aza kudlala elinye nelinye                    Inkqubo yesiXeko eyaziwa ngokuba yi-Green Goal
gebruik, word aangemoedig om gedurende dié           peling tussen die sirkel en die hoofweg sal egter       kumjikelo wokuvula, luya kuchotshelwa kwiZiko               emalunga nokwenza le tumente nayo yonke into
bouwerk eerder Koebergweg te kies. Die Stad          tot die einde van November gesluit bly.                 leeNgqungquthela zaMazwe ngamazwe eKapa                     ehamba nayo ibe yengenabungozi kokusingqongileyo
vra om verskoning vir enige ongerief.                   Werk aan die Koeberg-wisselaar oortref alle          ngomhla we-4 Disemba.                                       kangangoko kunokwenzeka, kananjalo nokushiya ilifa
   Chapmanspiek-rylaan is op 9 Oktober               verwagtinge, maar motoriste word gemaan om
                                                                                                                Lo msitho kulindeleke ukuba uzinyaswe                    elamkelekileyo kokusingqongileyo nakubahlali bethu.
heropen nadat dit vir omvattende herstelwerk         uiters versigtig te wees by alle padverleggings.
                                                                                                             ziindwendwe ezingama-2 000 kunye noonondaba                    Abahlali bakhunjuzwa ukuba uninzi lwemiqondiso
gesluit was. Dié 9 km lange roete met sy 114            Werk aan Hoofweg van Muizenberg tot Kalk-
                                                                                                             nabasasazi abali-1 000, yaye uya kusasazwa                  namagama aphathelene neNdebe yeHlabathi ye-FIFA
draaie bly een van die asemrowendste see-uit-        baai vorder goed. Albei bane sal van die middel
sigpaaie ter wêreld.                                 van Desember vir die vakansieseisoen oopgestel          kumazwe angaphezu kwali-130.                                ka-2010Iakhuselwe ngokomthetho, yaye aku-
   Die Hospitaaldraai-opknapping verloop veel        word.                                                      Amalungiselelo ecandelo lezokhuselo nokhuseleko          vumelekanga ukuba asetyenziswe ngaphandle
vinniger as wat beplan is. Daar sal nog tot die         Die verbreding van die N2-uit-die-stad/              lesiXeko eNdebe yeHlabathi ye-FIFA ka-2010 sele emi         kwemvume.
einde van November saans geadverteerde               lughawe-wisselaar sal teen die einde van die            ngendlela, yaye ngalo lonke eli xesha isiXeko besiqe-          Abaqhubi bayacelwa baqhube ngenkathalo kwiin-
baansluitings wees. Die hele projek sal na ver-      jaar voltooi wees.                                      sha abasebenzi abongeziweyo, sithenga izithuthi nez-        dawo apho kukho imisebenzi ezindleleni.
6         CITYNEWS                            November 2009

 Rates rebate registration extended
 The City has extended the deadline
 for applications for rates rebates until
 30 November.
    Rates rebates are offered to regis-
                                              registered homeowners whose circum-
                                              stances meet the criteria.
                                                  Everyone who qualifies for the rates
                                              rebate will need to re-register annually
                                                                                            Go, Ghost Squad!
 tered homeowners whose total house-          and prove that the circumstances that
 hold income is R8 000 a month or less,       enabled them to benefit from the policy
 where the occupants are aged 60 years        still apply.
 or more, or if they are the recipients of        Various rates rebates are also avail-
 a disability pension/grant.                  able to bona-fide farming operations,
    More than 19 000 people who met           non-governmental organisations, public
 these requirements successfully regis-       benefit organisations, religious organi-
 tered for this relief last year. Although    sations, health and welfare institutions,
 an equivalent number had registered          educational institutions, historical mon-
 this year, it was felt that there were       uments, charitable institutions, sporting
 other potential beneficiaries that the        bodies, cultural institutions, youth
 City would like to help, but who had yet     development organisations and animal
 to register.                                 protection organisations.
    A rates rebate, which is implemented          For more information, please call the
 on a sliding scale of 10% to 100%, was       City’s call centre on 0860 103 089, or
 made available during June 2009 to           visit your nearest municipal office.

                                                                                           Low profile: Members of the Ghost Squad, from left: Ferdinand Snyders, Senior Traffic Officer (STO); Owen Oliver, STO; Claude
                                                                                           Boswell, STO; Inspector Lance Crowster, Ghost Squad head; Mogamat Jenkins, STO; Richard Coleman, STO, and Oscar Franz, STO.

                                                                                           They’re ‘invisible’ – and effective in reducing reckless driving on Cape Town’s roads.

                                                                                                n a few short months Traffic Servic-       says Inspector Lance Crowster, head of        of all road collisions are caused by high-
                                                                                                es’ elite undercover unit has already     the Ghost Squad. “With the dramatic           risk, moving violations. Other violations
                                                                                                had a hugely positive impact on the       increase in road users, and a growing dis-    being clamped down on by the Ghost
                                                                                                behaviour of drivers on Cape Town’s       regard of traffic rules, the situation on      Squad include failure to display number
                                                                                                roads. Dubbed the ‘Ghost Squad’,          our roads has got out of hand,” he says.      plates, failure to use indicators, drivers
                                                                                           this specialist team is focusing on colli-         “Motorists tend only to obey traffic       using cellphones without hands-free kits,
                                                                                           sion-causing traffic offences, such as          laws when a traffic officer is in the vicini-   and vehicle roadworthiness.
                                                                                           reckless and negligent driving.                ty. We intend to change this mindset by          The Ghost Squad has full powers of
                                                                                              Believed to be the first municipal traf-     deploying ‘invisible’ law enforcement.”       arrest and motorists found guilty of seri-
                                                                                           fic unit of its kind in South Africa, Ghost                                                   ous offences will carry a criminal record.
                                                                                           Squad members are in full uniform, but         A better blue light                              Lance says that a widely circulated e-
                                                                                           operate using unmarked vehicles. The first      Although the vehicles are unmarked,           mail linking the Ghost Squad to photos
                                                                                           11 members of this elite unit were hand-       each one is fitted with a siren, public        of an unmarked car with a surveillance
                                                                                           picked for their extensive professional        address system and special blue light-        camera on the roof is misleading.
Disabled children get a place to play                                                      experience.                                    emitting diode (LED) lights, which will          “Those vehicles belong to SAPS. The
The City’s Parks Department officially opened Sakhela Park, a facility with play equip-        “Our aim is to reduce road deaths and       identify the car or motorcycle to trans-      Ghost Squad vehicles have no distinctive
ment for children with physical disabilities, in New Crossroads in August.                 clamp down on traffic violations by creat-      gressors.                                     features and blend completely into the
   The park has special equipment, consisting of a unique two-seater swing, a two-         ing an ‘omnipresence’ on city roads,”             According to the latest statistics, 75%    traffic,” he says.
seater see-saw and a four-seater roundabout, all of which can accommodate wheel-
chairs. Other features include an indigenous and water-wise focal garden, and benches
under newly planted shade trees.
                                                                                           New R20m response system
   The park is fenced for security and to define it as a unique park designed for chil-     In October, the City’s Metro Police official-   cers to the scene with maps that show
dren with physical disabilities. A youth from the surrounding community has been           ly introduced its R20-million, computer-       the shortest route to the destination.
employed to ensure that the facility is clean and well kept.                               based, satellite-linked response system,          The system will provide accurate sta-
   A similar park will be opened in Mitchells Plain in the near future.                    called ISERMS (Integrated Spatial Emer-        tistics of activities and an audit trail of
                                                                                           gency Response Management System).             each response and will monitor the use
                                                                                               This will help the Metro Police to         and efficacy of resources.
 CCTV cameras installed in Gugulethu                                                       reduce response times, use its resources          Other benefits to the City are:
 In August, a new closed-circuit televi-      pects, which led to an arrest.               more effectively and provide more reliable     • a 20% improvement in incidents
 sion (CCTV) camera system for                   The City is finalising a plan to provide   operational and statistical information.          attended to per officer,
 Gugulethu was launched.                      a city-wide CCTV camera surveillance             The geographic information system          • 120 000 man hours saved in adminis-
 The R3-million project has eight CCTV        network, based both on international         links data capture and analysis to loca-          tration costs,
 cameras, which use a combination of          best practice and what it                    tion. It merges maps of the entire city,       • a 25% reduction in vehicle operating         Blind and deaf pedestrians will benefit
 wireless and fibre optic cables to            has learned from its own                     accurate to within a metre, with the              cost for the same amount of work, and       from a City decision to equip all new
 relay images to the surveillance cen-        pilot programmes in                          Metro Police database. The system incor-       • response times for camera response           traffic signal road crossings with a
 tre in Goodwood.                             Woodstock and                                porates the latest street layouts in the          and accident response units reduced         vibrating button, which emits an audio
    The use of CCTV cameras has               Observatory.                                 newest suburbs and informal settlements.          by more than 80% to within 10 min-          signal when the pedestrian ‘green man’
 proved effective in both preventing             When the Klip-                                It will co-ordinate all the services          utes.                                       symbol is lit and it is safe to cross.
 crime and prosecuting those involved         fontein Corridor                             linked to the system, and the control cen-        The City has invested R20-million in           The first device, known as an audio
 in criminal activities.                      project is complet-                          tre personnel will be able to track vehi-      developing and implementing this sys-          tactile pedestrian detector, has been
    Within a week of the switch-on,           ed, there will be 271                        cles, so that the closest available resource   tem. Over the next five years an addition-      installed outside the offices of the Cape
 the cameras nabbed their first sus-           cameras in operation in the city.            can be dispatched, establish the exact         al R1,5-million per year will be provided      Town Society for the Blind in Salt River.
                                                                                           location of the complaint, and guide offi-      as the operating budget of the project.

 KORTLIKS                                                                                                           KHAWUNDIBALISELE
 Die nuwe spookpatrollie van die Stad se verkeers-       voorvalle te reageer, hulle hulpbronne beter te           Iqela elitsha lecandelo leeNkonzo zeZothutho                Icandelo leeNkonzo zamaPolisa eNqila
 dienste gebruik ongemerkte motors en motor-             gebruik, en akkurater bedryfsinligting en sta-            elaziwa ngokuba ‘liQela leZiporho’ lisebenzisa iin-      linenkqubo entsha exabisa ama-R20 ezigidi
 fietse om padreëls af te dwing. Elke voertuig is         tistieke te gee.                                          qwelo-mafutha nezithuthuthu ezingenaphawu                esebenza ngekhompyutha ukujongana nengxaki
 met ‘n sirene, ‘n luidsprekerstelsel en spesiale blou      Gugulethu spog boonop nou met agt nuwe                 ukunyanzelisa imithetho yendlela.                        neya kunceda amagosa ukuba ajongane
 ligemissiediode- (LED-)ligte toegerus, waaraan          geslotekringtelevisie- (GKTV-)kameras. Binne ‘n              Isithuthi ngasinye sifakelwe ixilongo lokulumk-       ngokukhawuleza neemeko zolwaphulo-mthetho
 oortreders die motors of motorfietse sal kan             week nadat dit geïnstalleer is, het die kameras           isa xa kukho ingozi, inkqubo enika iidilesi              kunye nokusebenzisa imithombo yalo ngcono.
 uitken. Die beamptes is altyd in uniform geklee.        reeds verdagtes betrap, wat tot ‘n inhegtenisne-          zasekuhlaleni kunye nesixhobo esikhethekileyo            EGugulethu, sele kufakelwe iikhamera ezintsha ze-
    Dié eenheid met 11 uitgesoekte lede het reeds        ming gelei het.                                           esivelisa ukukhanya okuluhlaza okwesibhakabha-           CCTV ezisibhozo.
 ‘n positiewe impak op die padgedrag van Kaap-              Sakhela Park, ‘n speelpark vir kinders met             ka, nekuzizo ezohlula isithuthi okanye isithuthuthu         Kuvulwe ipaka iSakhela eNew Crossroads,
 stad se motoriste, en konsentreer op verkeer-           gestremdhede, het in New Crossroads geopen.               kwezo zabaphuli-mthetho. Amagosa ezothutho               nelibala lokudlala elilungiselelwe abantwana
 soortredings wat tot botsings kan aanleiding gee,       Dié park het spesiale speelapparaat en ‘n                 asoloko enxibe impahla yomsebenzi ngalo lonke            abakhubazekileyo, yaye isiphambuka esis-
 soos onverskillige en nalatige bestuurspraktyke.        inheemse en waterslim fokustuin, en is ten volle          ixesha.                                                  esokuqala sabahambi ngeenyawo esinika
    Die metropolisie het ‘n nuwe gerekenariseerde        omhein. Die eerste voetgangeroorgang met                     Eli candela linamalungu ali-11 sele lenze             imiqondiso ngokushukuma ukunceda abo abaham-
 reaksiebestuurstelsel ter waarde van R20 miljoen        vibreerseine vir blinde en dowe voetgangers is            impembelelo eyamkelekileyo kwindlela                     bi ngeenyawo abaziimfama nabahambi ngeenya-
 gekry, wat beamptes sal help om vinniger op             ook in Soutrivier in werking gestel.                      yokuziphatha kwabaqhubi baseKapa.                        wo abazizithulu sele sisebenza.
                                                                                                                                                         November 2009                   CITYNEWS                                 7
                                             Cape Town’s Electricity Department is fast earning a reputation as the best run of any local authority in
  City staff on ECASA                        Southern Africa, and recently received even more prestigious awards to add to its proud collection.
                 Mike Marsden, Exec-
                 utive Director: Service
                 Delivery Integration,
                 was nominated by the
                                             Electricity earns yet more top awards
                 City Manager, Achmat                    ape Town’s Electricity Services       In August, the department won the top
                 Ebrahim, to serve on
  the Engineering Council of South
  Africa (ECSA). His nomination has
  been confirmed for five years. He
  takes the place of Faried Allie, the
  City’s Manager: Infrastructure Main-
  tenance, who served for two consec-
                                            C            recently added another two
                                                         prestigious awards to its exist-
                                                         ing record. In October, it
                                                         became the first municipal
                                             entity to win the National Productivity
                                             Awards, and in August received top hon-
                                             ours for having the most environmentally
                                                                                            prize for managing the most environmen-
                                                                                            tally-friendly vehicle fleet. Through a new
                                                                                            maintenance strategy, it achieved a 22%
                                                                                            reduction in fuel usage, despite a 9%
                                                                                            increase in fleet size to 740 vehicles –
                                                                                            which range from sedans to heavy trucks.

  utive terms.                               friendly vehicle fleet in South Africa.         A smaller footprint
     Brenda Sudano,                              The annual National Productivity           The annual Green Supply Chain Awards,
  Head: Transport Man-                       Awards honour organisations that have          hosted by the Consumer Goods Council
  agement Programmes                         improved productivity in a sustainable         of SA, and the Chartered Institute of
  in the Transport, Roads                    manner according to rigorous criteria.         Logistics and Transport, honour organisa-
  and Stormwater Direc-                          In August, the Department scooped the      tions that have significantly reduced their
  torate, has been re-                       Regional Productivity Award for the Pub-       supply chain carbon footprint.
  elected by the Minister of Public          lic Sector in the Western Cape.                    Last year, Electricity received the
  Works to serve a second five-year               The Department employs 2 700 staff in      National Gold Award for the best asset
  term on ECSA.                              six divisions, and in 2005, handled fewer      care centre and Floris Mostert, Head: Elec-
     ECSA is a statutory body, which, in     than 500 works orders worth R1-million.        trical Support Services, received the SA
  partnership with the state and the         Today, the same number of staff handles        Bureau of Standards President’s Award.        Electricity goes green: Pictured with the gold award for the ‘greenest’ vehicle fleet in
  engineering profession, aims to pro-       7 000 works orders worth R111-million,             The department is also the only elec-     South Africa are (from left) the City’s Electricity Services’ Tom Parkin, Asset Care: Fleet
  mote excellent education and train-        achieved by cutting down on the duplica-       tricity distribution entity in South Africa   Management; Willem Janse van Rensburg, Head: Fleet Management and Maintenance;
  ing in the field. Visit     tion generated by the amalgamation of          to meet the tough requirements for ISO        Wiedaad Salie, Admin Officer: Fleet Management; and John B Esterhuizen, Manager:
                                             the seven local authorities in 2000.           9001, 14001 and 18001 accreditation.          Technical Support Services.

 Roadworks reveal Eeyore artwork                                                                                                                                 A logistics supremo
 Part of the ‘donkey work’ on the Hospital Bend upgrade was the removal of a sec-
 tion of fill against the Rhodes Drive bridge. The discovery of a well-preserved paint-                                                                           The South African deaf team achieved eighth place out of 81
 ing of the iconic children’s book character Eeyore was a surprise.                                                                                              countries at the 21st Deaflympics in Taiwan in September.
    The painting raises a few questions. Was it done when the bridge was built                                                                                      Albie Louw, Senior Professional Officer at Water and Sanita-
 around 1960? Are there other hidden Winnie-the-Pooh characters? Sadly, Eeyore,                                                                                  tion, played an important role in the team’s success, as the per-
 pictured here with City Project Manager Bertie Byker, had to be covered up again.                                                                               son responsible for all the logistical arrangements.
                                                                                                                                                                    His duties included registering the 38 South African athletes
                                                                                                                                                                 for their events, liaising with international sport bodies, organis-
                                                                                                                                                                 ing accommodation and meals, and overseeing the official out-
                                                                                                                                                                 fits. While that all sounds relatively simple, consider that Albie
                                                                                              On the ball: Astrid van Kesteren, a former Banyana Banyana
                                                                                                                                                                 himself is hearing impaired.
                                                                                              player, is aiming to make it into the national squad again.
                                                                                                                                                                    He relied enormously on e-mail, and laughs that the team’s
                                                                                                                                                                 biggest challenge was not communication, but
                                                                                              Astrid aims to score in 2010                                       finding palatable food!
                                                                                              As soccer mania builds up, there’s one City staff member for          “Our friendly hosts went out of their way to
                                                                                              whom the 2010 FIFA World Cup has inspired a life-changing          find us fruit, pasta and chicken for the 16 days
                                                                                              effort. Astrid van Kesteren, a finance support clerk in the         we were there,” says Albie.
                                                                                              Sport, Recreation and Amenities Department, played for the
                                                                                              national women’s soccer team, Banyana Banyana, for three           A fine tally
                                                                                              years, and is training hard to make it into the squad again.       The team participated in
                                                                                                 Astrid played for South Africa from 1997 to 2000 as goal-       soccer, athletics, swim-
Fire Chief leads by fitness example                                                            keeper, achieving a remarkable 11 caps. She had to with-           ming, table tennis and
                                                                                              draw after tearing a knee ligament. She is currently playing       cycling. The contingent
Cape Town’s Chief Fire Officer, Ian           ness levels, but until now, there has not        for Spurs Women’s Football Club in the Sasol League in a           included managers, coaches
Schnetler, set an example by being one of    been a formal policy that provided individ-      bid to qualify for Banyana Banyana again.                          for each of the sporting
the first members of staff to undergo a       uals with feedback,” says Ian (pictured).           Astrid (31) started playing soccer as a defender when she       codes, a physiotherapist and
fitness assessment at the Fire and Rescue        Firefighting is a physically demanding         was 15, played her way through the ranks, and realised her         an interpreter.
Services Training Academy, together with     job. Staff members need to be fit to fight         Banyana Banyana aspirations in 1996.                                  The medal tally stood at
his entire management team.                  fires, move heavy obstacles or carry peo-            “I am ecstatic that South Africa is hosting the World           eight gold, two silver and two
   The public fitness assessment was the      ple to safety, and must have the stamina         Cup,” says Astrid. “It’s great for our country and our conti-      bronze at the end of the event
first step towards implementing a                      to work in harsh conditions.            nent to showcase one of soccer’s most prestigious events.”         – a proud achievement indeed.
new Fire and Rescue Service Physi-                       All of the 800 plus operational         “Perhaps the World Cup next year might give South                  Albie (45), a civil engineer
cal Fitness Policy, which was devel-                  staff members will be tested. The       Africa the opportunity to host the Women’s Soccer World            who has been with the City for
oped to formalise overall fitness                      exercises are done in full fire-         Cup in the future. The next Women’s World Cup is to be in          12 years, has been deaf since
levels in the service.                                fighting gear, which includes            2011 in Germany, for which only two African countries can          the age of four. He is one of six
   “Fire and Rescue Service staff                     breathing apparatus weighing            qualify,” she says.                                                hearing-impaired staff members
have always maintained high fit-                       some 16 kg.                                                                                                working for the City.

                                            KORTLIKS                                                                  KHAWUNDIBALISELE
 Die Stad se elektrisiteitsdienste het in Oktober        die eerste personeellede wat ‘n fiksheidstoets by             Ngo-Okthoba icandelo lesiXeko leeNkonzo zoM-            loMzantsi Afrika (ECSA).
 geskiedenis gemaak toe dit die eerste munisipale        die opleidingsakademie vir brandweer- en reddings-           bane libe liqumrhu lokuqala likamasipala uku-              IGosa eliPhetheyo kwezoCimo-mlilo, Ian
 entiteit geword het om die Nasionale Produkti-          dienste afgelê het. Dié fiksheidstoets is die eerste          phumelela iBhaso lokuVelisa kuZwelonke (iNation-        Schnetler, ube ngomnye kumalungu okuqala
 witeitsprys te wen – dít nadat dié departement          stap na ‘n nuwe beleid oor liggaamlike fiksheid vir           al Productivity Awards), yaye ngo-Agasti lifumene       abasebenzi ukungenela iseshoni yokuhlolelwa
 reeds in Augustus met die louere weggestap het vir      brandweer- en reddingsdienspersoneel, en word in             iimbasa eziphezulu ngokuba nelona qela lezithuthi       ukuphila nokuba semandleni kwiZiko loQeqesho
 die mees omgewingsvriendelike voertuigvloot in          volle brandweerdrag met asemhalingsapparaat van              ezingenabungozi kokusingqongileyo eMzantsi Afri-        leeNkonzo zoCimo-mlilo noHlangulo.
 Suid-Afrika. Ondanks ‘n 9%-toename in vloot-            sowat 16 kg gedoen.                                          ka. Eli candela liphumelele umyinge wama-22%               U-Albie Louw, iGosa eliPhezulu kumsebenzi
 grootte, het die departement met ‘n nuwe instand-          Albie Louw, senior professionele beampte by               wokucuthwa komthamo wokusebenzisa izibaso               wobuNgcali kwicandelo lezaManzi noCoceko,
 houdingstrategie daarin geslaag om 22% minder           water en sanitasie, het ‘n belangrike bydrae gele-           (ifuweli), nangona kubekho ukongezeleleka               udlale indima ebalulekileyo kwimpumelelo yeqela
 brandstof te verbruik.                                  wer tot die Suid-Afrikaanse span se sukses by die            kwezithuthi ngomyinge we-9%.                            loMzantsi Afrika kwiMidlalo yama-21 yabaziZithulu
    Mike Marsden, uitvoerende direkteur: dienslew-       21e Olimpiese Spele vir dowe atlete in Taiwan in                UMnu. Mike Marsen, uMlawuli weSigqeba:               kwelase-Taiwan ngo-Septemba, ngeli xesha u-
 eringsintegrasie, en Brenda Sudano, hoof: vervoer-      September. Op haar beurt is Astrid van Kesteren, ‘n          wecandelo loNikezelo ngeeNkonzo ngokuH-                 Astrid van Kesteren, unozinti weqela lebhola
 bestuursprogramme, is benoem om in die Suid-            voormalige drie jaar lange doelwagter vir die                langeneyo, kunye no-Brenda Sudano, iNtloko: kwi-        ekhatywayo labasetyhini kwisizwe, iBanyana
 Afrikaanse Raad vir Ingenieurswese (ECSA) te dien.      nasionale vrouesokkerspan, Banyana Banyana, hard             iNkqubo zoLawulo lweZothutho, baye bonyulwa             Banyana, isithuba seminyaka emithathu, ezilolonga
    Hoofbrandweeroffisier Ian Schnetler was een van       aan die oefen om weer dié span te haal.                      ukuba basebenze kwiBhunga lezobuNjineli                 ngamandla ukuze angene kwakhona kweli qela.
8          CITYNEWS                            November 2009

A book of seaside gems                                                                                                                      Seven beaches earn Blue Flag status
                                                                                                                                            Seven Cape Town beaches have been
                                                                                                                                            accorded sought-after Blue Flag status
                                                                                                                                                                                        Blue Flag beaches than any of the par-
                                                                                                                                                                                        ticipating municipalities in the country.
The City’s book on Cape Town’s coastal treasures is a must for everyone who                                                                 for the 2009/10 season. They are Big Bay       More than 40 countries are part to
loves sea, sun and sand, a scenic stroll, or a few hours of angling …                                                                       in Blouberg, Clifton’s Fifth Beach, Camps   the programme, and there are now
                                                                                                                                            Bay, Muizenberg, Strandfontein, Mnandi      almost 4 000 Blue Flag beaches and
                                                                                                                                            and Gordon’s Bay’s Bikini Beach.            marinas around the world. In South
                                                                                                                                               Blue Flag is an international annual     Africa, the programme is run by the
                                                                                                                                            award for beaches that meet the Blue        Wildlife and Environment Society of
                                                                                                                                            Flag organisation’s standards of excel-     South Africa (WESSA), in partnership
                                                                                                                                            lence for safety, amenities, cleanliness,   with participating local authorities.
                                                                                                                                            environmental information and environ-      • For more information on Blue Flag,
                                                                                                                                            mental management. The City has more           visit

             he City has produced a user-      A rich diversity                                 It has a wealth of detail, from descrip-
             friendly and attractive book,     The City’s coastal boundary extends for       tions of every one of the City’s facilities
             City of Cape Town Beaches – a     307 km from Silwerstroomstrand on the         on or near the coastline, to fascinating
             diversity of coastal treasures,   West Coast around the Cape Peninsula          information on marine life as diverse as       Reason to celebrate: Muizenberg is one of the seven Cape Town beaches award-
             which features all of the         and beyond False Bay to the Kogelberg         sand fleas and the South African national       ed Blue Flag status for the coming season. Photo: Shaen Adey
beaches found within its boundaries.           coast in the east.                            fish, the galjoen. Anyone reading this will
   The handy A5-sized 130-page book               The combination of the warm Agulhas        learn everything there is to know about
provides a description, history and loca-      current that sweeps down the east coast,      our marine and coastal riches.
tion of every beach, activities associated     and the cold Benguela current that flows       • The book is available from selected
                                                                                                                                            Greenmarket Square sculpture competition
with each, and an abundance of beautiful       up the west coast, results in an incredibly      Cape Town Tourism visitor information       Greenmarket Square, which celebrates its 300th anniversary in March 2010, is
photographs.                                   rich and varied flora and fauna.                  centres at a cost of R26 (Burg Street,      being revamped. The design for the upgraded square includes a new sculpture,
   It is also packed with other informa-          This book is aimed at both Capetoni-          Cape Town, Hout Bay, Muizenberg,            which must be a contemporary interpretation of the historic ‘swaaipomp’. An ele-
tion, including flora and fauna associated      ans and tourists – anyone who enjoys the         Gugulethu, Simon’s Town, Willow-            ment of water could be incorporated into the sculpture, although water conserva-
with the coast, some of the challenges         Cape’s coastline and is interested in            bridge, Blouberg, Langa, Somerset           tion must be considered. Interested parties are invited to a briefing session:
the coastline faces, various programmes        learning more. It is hoped that those who        West, Strand, Khayelitsha). To down-        Date: Thursday 12 November 2009             Time: 12:00 to 13:00
such as the shark-spotting programme,          read it will be encouraged to visit our          load a copy of the publication, please      Venue: Room 1, 16th floor, Cape Town Civic Centre, Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town
the harvesting of marine resources, and        beaches and feel a sense of pride and            visit          • Queries may be directed to Sonette Smit on tel: 021 400 3883, or e-mail:
background on the early days on the            ownership for the amazing amenities we           ment and follow the links to ‘Publica-
Cape coast.                                    have here in Cape Town.                          tions’ and ‘Brochures and booklets’.

 KORTLIKS                                                                                                            KHAWUNDIBALISELE
 Die Stad het ‘n gebruikersvriendelike en aantreklike     Blouberg, Clifton se Vyfde Strand, Kampsbaai,              IsiXeko sivelise incwadi esebenziseka ngokulula        manele ikopi yasimahla xa kwiwebhusayithi
 boek, City of Cape Town Beaches, die lig laat sien.      Muizenberg, Strandfontein, Mnandi, en Bikinistrand.        nenomdla kakhulu, eyaziwa ngokuba yi-City of           yesiXeko. Amanxweme asixhenxe aseKapa
 Dié nuttige boek dek die groot verskeidenheid               Groentemarkplein vier sy 300ste verjaarsdag in          Cape Town Beaches. Le ncwadana iluncedo                awongwe njengakhuselekileyo nekulungileyo
 kusskatte om Kaapstad. Die boek kos R26 by uitge-        Maart 2010. Vir dié geleentheid sal die plein ‘n           nenamaphepha ali-130 ijonga umahluko omandla           ukuwasebenzisa (iBlue Flag) ngexesha lemigcobo
 soekte Kaapstad Toerisme-besoekersentrums, of kan        nuwe baadjie kry, wat ‘n beeldhouwerk insluit.             wendawo ezilulutho elunxwemeni kwisiXeko               ka-2009/10. Ngala manxweme alandelayo: iBig
 gratis van die Stad se webtuiste afgelaai word.          Diegene wat dié beeldhouwerk sou wou help                  siphela. Le ncwadi iyafumaneka kumaZiko                Bay eBlouberg, uNxweme lwesiHlanu eClifton,
    Sewe Kaapse strande het gesogte blouvlagstatus        ontwerp, is welkom by ‘n inligtingsvergadering op          akhethekileyo eNgcaciso ngezoKhenketho eKapa           eCamps Bay, eMuizenberg, eStrandfontein,
 vir die 2009/10-seisoen bekom. Dit is Big Bay in         12 November.                                               ngexabiso elifikelela kuma-R26 okanye uzifu-            eMnandi noNxweme iBikini eGordon Bay.

                                                           USEFUL CITY OF CAPE TOWN CONTACT NUMBERS
 ACCOUNTS & ENQUIRIES                                      ELECTRICITY SERVICES                                     THE MAYOR'S OFFICE                                      SOLID WASTE
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 Tel:    0860 103 089                                      Tel:      0800 220 440                                   Fax:    021 400 1313                                    Tel:       0860 103 089
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 E-mail:                         Postal: PO Box 82, Cape Town 8000                                                                                Web:                          Electricity accounts                                     MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRATIONS
 SMS: 31373 (maximum 160 characters)                       Tel:      0860 103 089                                   Tel:    0860 103 089                                    TENDERS
                                                           Buy electricity online at,              Fax:    021 400 2276/5915                               Tel:    021 400 2405/2505
 ALCOHOL & DRUG 24/7 HELPLINE                     or                        E-mail:                        Fax:    021 419 7659
 Tel: 0800 HELP 4 U (0800 435 748)                                                                                                                                          E-mail:
                                                           ESKOM                                                    OMBUDSMAN                                               Web:
 ANTI-CORRUPTION & FRAUD HOTLINE                           Tel:  0860 037 566                                       Tel:    021 400 5486/7
 Tel:  0800 32 31 30 (anonymous, toll-free)                                                                         Fax:    021 400 5952                                    TRAFFIC FINES
                                                           EVENTS APPLICATIONS AND PERMITS                          E-mail:                    Tel:     0860 103 089
 COUNCILLORS                                               Tel:    021 483 9013/021 483 9272                                                                                Fax:     021 406 8734
 Web:                          Fax:    021 957 0046                                     PUBLIC TRANSPORT                                        Web:
                                                           E-mail:                    Tel:   0800 656 463 (information)
 CABLE THEFT                                                                                                               0800 600 895 (Dial-a-Ride for the disabled)      TRAFFIC & METRO POLICE
 Tel:   0800 225 669                                       FILM SHOOTS & PERMITS                                                                                            Tel:     0860 765 423
 Fax:   021 400 5910                                       Tel:    021 483 9060                                     ROADS AND STORMWATER
                                                           Fax:    021 483 9061                                     Potholes, flooded roads, chemical or other spills        TRAFFIC SIGNAL FAULTS
 CITY MANAGEMENT                                           E-mail:                       Tel:    0860 103 054                                    Tel:     0860 001 948 (all hours)
 City Manager and Executive Directors                                                                               E-mail:
 Web:                    LAND INVASION                                            Postal: PO Box X1694, Cape Town 8000                    WATER & SANITATION
                                                           Tel:  0800 225 669                                       SMS: 31373 (maximum 160 characters)                     Leaks, burst pipes, sewer defects/blockages
 DISASTER RISK MANAGEMENT                                                                                                                                                   SMS:       31373 (costs the sender 80c)
 Enquiries: All hours                                                                                                                                                       Tel:       0860 103 054 (general enquiries)
 Tel:    021 597 5000                                                        When life or property is endangered by fire, accidents and natural disasters, etc.                         0860 103 089 (account enquiries)
 Fax:    021 597 5010                                                        From a Telkom phone – 107 From a cellphone – 112 (toll-free) or 021 480 7700                   Fax:       021 957 4726
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