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09 Town centre Workshop


09 Town centre Workshop

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									                                     This is an Open Report
Report to:                     Regeneration Panel

Date:                          24 January 2007

Subject:                       Town Centre Workshop

Report of:                     Director Designate of Environmental Services

Contact officer:               Mike Matthews (Telephone: 01942 828890)

Purpose/summary:                                   To involve the Panel in the considerations
                                                   required on Christmas for Wigan and Leigh
                                                   Town Centres.

Alternative options considered                     N/A
and reason for selecting the one

Recommendation/decision:                           For information.

Key Decision:                                      This report does not involve a Key Decision.


    Financial:                                     N/A
    Staffing:                                      N/A
    Policy:                                        N/A
    Equal Opportunities – has a                    N/A
    Diversity Impact Assessment
    been conducted?
    Wards affected:                                N/A
    Special Interest Members –                     N/A
    Which have been consulted

Has the Director of Legal and Property Services confirmed that the                  No
recommendations within this report are lawful and comply with the
Council’s Constitution?
Has the Director of Finance and IT confirmed that any expenditure                   No
referred to within this report is consistent with the Council’s budget?
Are any of the recommendations within this report contrary to the                   No
Policy Framework of the Council?

O:\Originals\Agendas \Regeneration\240107\09 Town centre Workshop.doc                             1
For Cabinet reports only:

Categorisation of the report:

Discussion leading to a decision                             Discussion
Monitoring                                                   Decision
Sharing for corporate understanding                          Information


                                 Consultation                       Ward Members   Partners

Panel                            Overview & Scrutiny                Cabinet        Council
Regeneration 24.01.07

There are no Background Papers to this Report within the meaning of Section 100D
of the Local Government Act 1972.

                                                             Proper Officer   Martin Kimber

                                                             Date             8 January 2007

O:\Originals\Agendas \Regeneration\240107\09 Town centre Workshop.doc                          2
1.0    Aim of the Workshop

1.1    The aim of the workshop is to involve Members in the organisational and
       operational work involved in providing Christmas activity in Wigan Town Centre,
       and a new lighting scheme for Leigh Town Centre.

2.0    Details

2.1    Format and Task

       In a 60 minute workshop, Panel Members will be split into two working groups.
       Each group to consider all of the elements to provide a successful Christmas
       lighting scheme and switch on event. Then working with the facilitators, identify
       the relevant steps, partners and timescales to implement a new lighting and
       provide a focal point with entertainment for the Christmas lights switch on. In
       addition, provide a level of publicity to promote the event and co-ordinate
       Christmas trading.

       You will have just 40 minutes to be as creative as possible. You will be asked to
       introduce your ideas and thinking at the end of the session.

2.2    The Town Centre Management Team either directly manages or assists in the
       implementation on ten Christmas lighting schemes and promotional events
       within Wigan Borough.

2.3    The Task – Group A
       The festive decorations in Leigh To wn Centre are now due to be upgraded. A
       map of the Town Centre will show all the available decoration points and a
       selection of new decorations and appropriate costs will be available to you to
       design a new scheme. You will have no budget and must consider how funds
       can be raised to meet your choice of festive decorations.

2.4    The Task – Group B
       Wigan Town Centre Management has provided a switch on event as part of a
       package of promotional activity. The event marks the start of late night
       shopping in the town centre and officially launches the festive season in the

2.5    Part 1
       You are to debate the type of event, its location in the town and all event
       management implications. In addition, you must identify how funds could be

2.6    Part 2
       To co-ordinate core Christmas trading hours with all partners in the town centre
       and undertake a promotions campaign. You must identify how funds could be

O:\Originals\Agendas \Regeneration\240107\09 Town centre Workshop.doc                   3
3.0    Facilitators

3.1    Mike Matthews, Janis Maleedy and Emma Taylor.

Martin Kimber
Director Designate of Environmental Services

8 January 2007

O:\Originals\Agendas \Regeneration\240107\09 Town centre Workshop.doc   4

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