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                                                                 Source:          Packaging Gazette (Main)
                                                                 Counlry:         UK
                                                                 Date:            Friday 1, May 2009
                                                                                  858 sq. cm
                                                                                                                                                   >   durrants
                                                                 Circulation: 8500
                                                                 BBAD info: page rate f750.00, scc rate f0 00
                                                                 Phone:           01733 756 555
                                                                 Keyword:         easyFains

       Lhe new           $ry in town

       The netv $ry
       With the economy in the state it is, the new easyFairs MD, Mathew Benyon, perhaps
                                                                                                    i                      town
       doesn't have it as easy as he likes. Here he lets Packaging Gazette know his plans for
       the trade show. By Karyn Reidy

                                             buslnesses together, and all              most challenging of economic             insurance scheme - insurance
     The figures for last                    the planning that goes into                                                        against debtors going
                                                                                       times for the show and also
     year's easyFairs                        pulling off a great event. "              has the fact that the show has           bankrupt - will be welcomed
                                               Prior to taking on the role             experienced tremendous                   by those packaging
     Packaging show at
                                             as easyFairs' UK MD, Benyon               growth since its launch five             companies that have been
     Birmingham's NEC                        was Group Exhibitions                     years ago, with record visitor           refused cover recently. on
     broke all records in                    Director with Expomedia                   and exhibitor numbers at the             the flip side, increased fuel
                                             Group, tasked with                        NEC during February 2009's               duty will impact on those
     terms of numbers                        overseeing show launches                  show hanging over him. He                packaging firms transporting
     since the exhibition                    and expanding the                         outlines his primary objective           consumables across the
                                             (ompany'J events portfol io               as   to ensure thdt   success            country, particularly those
     started. So what                        both in the UK and abroad,                continues next year and                  'shipping air' as is often said
     will new MD,                            particularly India.                       beyond, with his main                    of the corrugated sector and
                                               "Venue, in lndia are a                  challenge being to evolve the            plastic bottles. But this could
     Mathew Benyon,                          world away from places like               show and maintain interest               have some positive
     do to make sure                         the   NECand ExCeL," says                 over a period of years by                repercussions at it's likely to
                                             Benyon. "Some are literally               keeping it fresh and                     keep lightweight packaging,
     2010 continues on                       falling down around you!                                                           an ar€a in which firms have
                                                                                       addressing the packaging
     the success trail?                      Last September I organised a              industry's burning, topical              made considerable progress
     easyFairswill make its                  packaglng show at the                     issues. He sa1ls the ihow                in recent years, Iront of mind
     packaging debut in                      Eombay Exhibition Centre                  promises to bring 35 per cent            and drive yet further
     Dublin on lune l7 at the                where pest control was part               new content every year. be it
                                                                                                                                advances in materials and
     Royal Dublin Society                    of my remitt Pigeons in the               new exhibitors, show features,
                                                                                                                                packaging design that
     Centre and at the helm of               ceiling rafters clearly weren't                                                    minimise packaging and
                                                                                       or keynote semina6.
     the operation will be new               happy to share their home                     Speaking of the tough
                                                                                                                                reduce transport costs.
     MD Mathew Benyon who                    with erhibitors, il you know              economy, Benyon does not                    On a wider scale, Benyon
     has taken over frorn Peter              what I mean..."                                                                    eees part of his new job's
                                                                                       think the recent Budget
     Heath. Used to                            Before that Benyon spent                delivered by Alistair Darling            specification is to change
     organising similar                      six years as Managing                                                              public perception of
                                                                                       produced anything
     exhibitions in the UK and               Director at Montgomery                                                             packaging as the bad 9uy5.
                                                                                       signif icant to boost the
     further afield, Eenyon is               International, in London, the             packaging industry, but can
                                                                                                                                "lt is very easy for the media
     looking forward to                      division of the Montgomery                                                         to have a pop at packaging -
                                                                                       see a few areas of the sectol
     ramping up easyFairs' UK                Group responsible for                                                              everything from plastic
                                                                                        it may well benefit: 'To be
     and lreland operations.                 launching key brands                                                               carrier bags to packaging
                                                                                       honest. there wasn't a great
                                             abroad. During this time (Feb                                                      that's deemed excesrive. "
                                                                                       deal for the packaging
     "l think l'm probably one of            2002 - May 2008) he also                                                           says Benyon. "And a lot of
                                                                                        industry to celebrate from
     few exhibitions professionals           served as a Director of                                                            the criticism is unfair. In
                                                                                       the budget as the lion's                 addition to containing and
     that have made a conscious              Montgomery Exhibitions,                   share of business investment
     decision to putsue a career in          which oversaw all companies               was directed at high-tech
     the industry!" said Benyon. "           in the Montgomery Group.                  industries, However, the
     Many people tend to fall into              Benyon has a tough remit               announcement that the
     the sector - but I thrive on the        ahead of him. He has taken                government is to introduce         a
     show floor buzz, bringing               over in what is perhaps the               'top-up'trade credit

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                                                                 source:           Packaging Gazette {Main}
                                                                 Country:          UK
                                                                 Date:             Fniday 1, May 2009
                                                                                   858 sq. cm
                                                                                                                                              >   durrants
                                                                 Circulation: 8500
                                                                 BBAD info: page rate €750.00, scc rate E0.00
                                                                 Phone:            ullJ5 /50    3CC

                                                                 Keyword:          easyFains

                           protecting goods, packaging               economic environment.                   clear return on anvestment,
                           has to perform a wide range                  'There is no more time- and          and that's oucial for
                           of other roles including                  cost-effective way for                  companies right now. And
                           carrying an increasing                    companies of all sizes to               because easyFairs shows are
                           amount of information,                    develop their business and for          very affordable, exhibitors
                           much of which is required by              buyers to identify reliable new         generally only have to
                           law; being easy to open and               suppliers. At a live marketing          convert a couple of leads, or
                           re-close; tamper-evident and              event you can conduct a year's          in some cases just one,
                           child resistant; and                      worth of netwoJking and                 before it's become a
                           dispensing products. For                  business meetings in the space          profitable experience.' I
                                                                     of a few hours on the show
                           example, an unwrapped
                           cucumber loses moisture and               floor," explains Benyon. "And           "at a,live event
                           becomes dull and unsaleable
                           within three days. Just 1.5
                                                                     our research ahead of this
                                                                     year's packaging exhibitions
                                                                                                             you c4n cond.uct
                           grams o{ wrapping keeps it
                           Jresh   for   14 days. Equally,
                                                                     revealed that a third of brand
                                                                     managers and marketers view
                                                                                                             a year'g worth
                           selling grapes in trays or
                           bags has reduced in-store
                                                                     trade event! amongst their top
                                                                     three most powerful
                                                                                                             of networking
                           waste of grapes by 20 per
                           cent, Packaging represents
                                                                     marketing strategies."
                                                                         Benyon isn't naive enough
                                                                                                              and business
                           only three per cent of all
                           solid waste created in the UK
                                                                     to think that shows can just
                                                                     continue what they have been
                                                                                                              meetings in the
                           and 60 per cent of that is
                           now recycled. 5o educating
                                                                     doing for the lalt few years
                                                                     and survive the economic
                                                                                                              space of a few
                           consume15 about packaging
                           and its crucial role in
                                                                     storm though, saying the way
                                                                      in which they are organised
                           minimising food waste is a                has to adapt in order to attract
                           key issue."                               exhibitors during diff icult
                               Benyon added that                     economic times.
                           easyFairs research conducted                 'Large, traditional trade
                           recently showed that around               faim are demanding in terms
                           two-thirds of oroduct                     of time, resource and budget
                           developers still struggle to              and there is a lot of casual
                           f ind commercially viable                 footfall. That may be great
                           packaging solutions that                  for making a brand
                           significantly improve                     statement but if we're
                           environmental performance                 heading towards f urther
                           and believes more must be                 economic uncertainty is that
                           done to unite green                       really enough? Exhibitors
                           packaging suppliers and those             want a tangible return on
                                                                     investment in addition to
                            brands who want       to further         raising their prof ile.
                            improve their eco credentials.
                                                                     However, easyFairs shows
                               With the credit crunch
                                                                     enable exhibitors to do
                            biting, many companies will                                                      ASOVE: tcomy Myeoon the helen
                                                                     business, develop new                   Hamlyn Prcfessorof Design anhe
                            reign in their spending on
                                                                     contacts and rnake sales at a           royal collqe o( ad tondon,
                            things like trade shows but
                                                                     fraction of the coJt of a
                            Benyon insists that trade shows
                                                                     traditional event, There is a
                            have their place whatever the

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