Agencija za komercijalnu djelatnost d by maclaren1


									Agencija za komercijalnu djelatnost d.o.o. (AKD) is specialized in production of documents (passports,
ID cards, visas, driving licenses and vehicle registration cards) and in July 2009 AKD started with the
production of the 2nd generation biometric passport for the citizens of the Republic of Croatia. The
biometric passport contains an electronic data medium – contactless chip with holder’s biometric
data – face image and 2 fingerprints.

AKD also offers complete solution e- projects:

    -   e- tachograph (the smartcard system meant for professional haulers that keeps record of the
        identity of the drivers, mileage, speed and resting hours)

    -   e-students report card (smartcard with contact and contactless chip that replaces old report
        booklets and additionally serves as a record for class attendance, for buying food in student
        cafeterias and for paying various other administrative fees)

    -   e- transport (prepaid cards with contactless chip for payment of public transport - e-purses)

    -   e-health care system (the system of electronic processing and charging health care services,
        it also stores patients' histories and their therapy on an e-healthcare and health insurance

A significant part of AKD production program make smart and other type of cards; from loyalty cards
for large supermarket chains, shopping malls and so on, ID cards (various ID cards, membership
cards, accreditations etc), phone cards (phone booth cards, the so called e-purse, scratch-off pre-
paid vouchers, etc.), fuel cards (prepaid or corporate), credit and debit cards (for banks and financial

AKD is extremely well equipped, and our entire production and business process is under 24 hour
physical and technical surveillance.

Due to the specific nature of our production process and security requirements we do business
pursuant many international standards, e.g. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as the following:
Information security management certificate ISO 27001 that guarantees that the production is
carried out under tight security control, certificate for production of chip cards and scratch off cards
DeTe-Card Services/TUViT TU4 that proves that the production of chip cards, scratch-off cards and
vouchers is carried out under high security conditions. In the Republic of Croatia only AKD has such a
certificate and only four companies in the world have it, too. Master Card for personalization of
credit cards and with its MIFARE certificates, AKD has confirmed its implementation of international
recommendations for the production of contactless smart cards, in compliance with the ISO 14443

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