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									Westlaw Quick Guide
What is Westlaw?
Westlaw is a database containing citable case law, legislation, journal articles as well as
current news and international materials.

How to Access Westlaw on Campus
Log on to the network in the normal way then click on the internet Explorer icon from the
desktop, or from the menu bar.
Open the Library and Learning Services website at http://www.uel.ac.uk/lss

Select Finding Resources
Select Databases & E-Journals
From the Database A-Z list click on the letter W to access Westlaw
Enter your Athens Username and Password
Select Westlaw from the list of databases

Off Campus Access
You will need to have an ATHENS account to access this database on and off campus. If you
do not have an ATHENS account, you need to set one up on campus by following this link

If you have an Athens Account click on the Off-Campus link and enter you Athens Username
and Password

Click on Resources at the top of the page
Select Westlaw from the list of databases
At the bottom of the Westlaw UK Academic User Agreement click on the I Agree Button

The Search tool bar is at the top of the page

Click on Cases at the top left of the page
You can carryout your Search by using the following Search Boxes
Free Text box by entering Search Terms
Party Names Box by entering One or Both Party Names
Citation Box by entering the Citation of the Case

You can use the following connectors to assist with your search
and/& will search for terms in the same document corporate & crime
or will either search for either or both terms company or firm or corporate
“ “ will search for a phrase “speed camera”
/s will search for terms in the same sentence unreliable /s evidence
/p will search for terms in the same paragraph crime /p prevention
For more connectors click on the red link List of Connectors in the search area

Click on legislation at the top of the page
To search for legislation on a particular topic enter your search term in the Free Text box
To search for an Act or Statutory Instruments enter the title in the Act/SI Title box
In the Browse section you can browse the following by year and title - Public & General
Acts/ Local Acts/Church Measures/ Statutory Instruments and Jurisdiction by UK
Parliament and Scottish Parliament.
To search for Historic Law click on the red Advance Search link on the right of the search
Enter your search terms in the Free Text Terms box or the name of the Act or Statutory
Instrument that you require in the Act/SI Title box.
Click on the down arrow in the Provision box. Choose the provision you require and enter
the number required in the next box.
You can also indicate the dates required in the appropriate boxes.

Click on the Journals link at the top of the page.
You can search for Journal Articles using the following
Free Text box - enter your search terms
You can use the Connectors as shown earlier to assist with your search
Article Title box enter the title of the article
Author box enter the name of the person who wrote the article(s)
Click on the Search box or press the Enter key on the keyboard
You can carry out more indebt searches by clicking on the red Advance Search link in the
search area of the screen.
You will be able to add the Journal Title, Cases Cited by Party and Cases cited by
Citation and Date
In the Browse area you can browse Abstract Articles, Full Text Articles and the
Publication Index

European Law
Click on EU at the top right of the page.
You can use the following boxes to carry out your search
Free Text - enter search terms
Parties or Titles - enter names of parties or titles
Case or Document No. - enter Document Number
Publication Reference - add the year, the volume and page number in the appropriate
In the Browse section below, you can access Cases, Legislation, Treaties, Preparatory
Acts and Information and Notices.

Click on Commentary at the top right of the page.
You can search for materials using the
Free Text box – enter your search terms
For more advanced searches click on the red Advance Search button.
You can also retrieve Commentary documents by using the Browse option at the bottom of
the page.

Printing E-Mail & Downloading
You can print, download or email by clicking on the relevant icon at the top right of the

On screen help is available at all stages when using Westlaw. Click on Help at the top right
hand corner of the screen.
If you have further queries regarding Westlaw do ask Library and Learning Services staff for

July, 2009

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