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                                My Professional Development Center
         An Online Professional Development Program for Managing Professional Development

MyPDC – Instructions for login and course registration
Registration for all professional development must be completed at the RUSD Web site using MyPDC. Please follow the instructions below to
register for all workshops.
                  MyPDC is now accessible from outside the district network - http://mypdc.rusd.k12.ca.us/pdexpress/login.aspx

    Start Internet Explorer. From the RUSD home page, http://www.rusd.k12.ca.us, select the Employee Portal Icon                           on the
     bottom left side of page.
    Select the MyPDC link.

This link will bring you to the login page. The Staff ID and password are identical the first time you use this program. Please change your
password after you login. The login is not case sensitive. Use the following format to log in the first time:

                                       Staff ID:   last name, first initial, last four digits of SS#
                                     Password:     last name, first initial, last four digits of SS#
                                      Example:     Staff ID: smithf2094       Password: smithf2094

    You are now at the HOME PAGE screen. To change your password, choose the MY PAGES tab at the top of the screen, from the drop
     down list, select CHANGE PASSWORD. Once you have changed your password, click on the CHANGE PASSWORD button located at the
     top right of the page to save the changes. To enter your SCHOOL E-MAIL address, once again, choose the MY PAGES tab at the top of
     the screen; from the drop down list select PROFILE. You can then enter your SCHOOL E-MAIL address. Be sure to click on SAVE (in the
     upper right corner) after it is entered. All communication regarding courses, confirmations, reminders will be sent via District email
     ONLY, so entering this information accurately at the earliest opportunity helps you to get the information you need in a timely
    The Course Catalog displays an alphabetical list of district courses or workshops currently offered. Select Course Catalog from the
     COURSES tab at the top of the screen. While in the alpha list view, you may filter the course catalog according to Strand, Course,
     Audience, Topic, etc. by clicking on the Filter the Course Catalog link in the gray title bar. Click on the Calendar tab to view the courses
     in calendar format.

     To view the course details, click on the course number (displayed below the title). Read the description and all other course information. If
     you wish to register, click the Register button at the top of the page. You will receive an enrollment confirmation notice. If the Register
     button is not displayed, this means: 1) you may already be enrolled in the course, 2) you may have completed the course, 3) there is a
     scheduling conflict with another workshop, 4) you have not completed a prerequisite course, or 5) the course does not have an open seat. .
     If the course has met or exceeded the enrollment capacity, you may add yourself to the Wait List (button at the top of the page).

     A few days prior to the beginning of a course, you will receive an automatic email reminder about the course, the time it starts and where it
     will be held.
     You can easily withdraw from this course by following these directions:
         Login to MyPDC
         Select My Pages from the tab near the top of page
         From the drop down list, select Courses
         Select Enrolled (you will see all the courses you are enrolled in)
         Click on the   icon to withdraw from the course (this will allow another to have your spot)

                   If you have a problem, please contact Tracy Arner at tarner@rusd.k12.ca.us or phone 788-7135 x 80210
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