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					                  Streets Ahead
                                                                          AUGUST 2001
                                                                                                     • Make it a Date

                                MAKE IT A DATE                                                       • Fill Flash
                                                                                                     • Marketing
         Just a reminder that the lab will be closed on Wednesday 15th August
         for the Brisbane Show holiday.                                                              • 35mm Format
                                                                                                     • Lab notes

                                                           Back to Basics - Techniques
Its here - Metallic
   No it’s not the heavy metal band, but a new photo-         With the modern 35mm TTL systems in use today
graphic paper with a silver metallic finish and has a      there is an increasing reliance on using auto exposure
semi gloss surface.                                        with auto flash. Unfortunately these systems are not
 Pricing for Metallic Paper.                               perfect, and will require some overriding of exposures
        Off negatives is at custom pricing.                and/or flash exposure compensation in certain situa-
        Digital LED is +50% on LED prices.                 tions. The auto TTL flash systems will generally ex-
                                                           pose to between 1-2 stops under the available light
 A 13x18cm sample print is available upon request.         reading.
                                                              One of the main areas of concern is with the sub-
Fujifilm Professional -                                    jects standing in a strong back lit or middle of the day
                                                           situation, where the meter system will generally aver-
                Wedding Promotion                          age an exposure towards the brighter areas, but the
                                                           flash will not fill enough to balance the exposure, and
  Congratulations to Fujifilm Professional for the         there by causing underexposure of the subject, which
wedding competition it is promoting through “Bride to      when printed to skin tones will cause a light back-
Be” and “Australian Bride”.                                ground.
  We, at Street’s, are happy to ensure that if the win-        To achieve a saturated image/print, the available
ning bride is having her wedding photographed by one       light exposure needs to be set to the background read-
of our clients, we shall print the album on Fujicolour     ing and not over, the flash compensation should be
Crystal Archive Paper. As everyone is aware, Street’s      engaged to + 1/2 or + 1 stop. By doing this you will
stock and process Fuji NPH and NHGII professional          remove the over exposed/flared out background and
Film at competitive prices in 35mm, 120 and 220 film       this will enable us to print for the flash lit subjects
  If the winning bride has her wedding prior to the          The opposite is true for fill flash on very over cast
Announcement of the winner, Street’s will be happy to      days where only the faintest hint of flash is required
reprint the album on Fujicolour Crystal Archive paper      to lighten, brighten or add sparkle to the eyes etc. In
to ensure it complies with the rules.                      this situation the flash exposure needs to be only
   If you are going to be part of this promotion, ensure   slight, and the flash exposure compensation needs to
you read the conditions of the promotion carefully.        be set to –3 or –4 stops.

           38 Arthur Street (PO Box 402)         Ph: 07 3358 4000
             Fortitude Valley, Qld 4006          Fax: 07 3358 2823
Simple Marketing Tips
                                                                                Tamron SP LENS suit Nikon AF-D
1. Thank your clients for doing business with you.                              AF 28-105mm F2.8 Aspherical,
2. Send Anniversary cards.                                                      Front and rear caps, Lens Hood.
                                                                                1B filter, bag. 9 months old.
3. Thank your clients for prompt payments.                                      excellent condition.
4. Ask for feedback.                                                            New $1800 SELL $950 + post.
                                                                                Jim Cullen Mackay QLD 4740
                                                                                ph 07 4953 4438 fx 07 4953 0300
The winners in Photography are those who are constantly looking for   
ways to make improvements in styles, lighting, posing, locations,
backgrounds and of course; Sales.                                               FOR SALE
                                                                                Bronica ETRSI with 105 lens,
                                                                                back, prism. 18 months old $1450
The Magic Format                                                                Bronica Zo om Lens still under warranty
                                                                                and in box.$2500
                                                                                Cokin Large filter holder for lenses 88mm or
                                                                                larger, inc filters, sunset grad, blue grad and
 AH! Yes the magic of the 35mm format, it’s just great is it not?               ND
But I here you ask, why do my 13x18cm prints come back with the heads           Just arrived from USA with adapter for zoom
                                                                                lens listed above. $300
or feet cut off?                                                                Swing adapter for medium format camera,
The heads are on the Negatives, so why are they missing?                        rotates thru 90 degrees. $250
                                                                                Ron Letherin 07 3829 0804

 The reason for the differences being in the format ratios between the          FOR SALE
                                                                                Mamiya 645 Pro, AE Prism, Motor Drive, 120
35mm format (ratio 1:1.50) and 13x18cm prints (ratio 1:1.25).                   Film holder,
                                                                                80mm F1.9 lens, 55mm 2.8 lens,
                                                                                70mm 2.8 leaf shutter lens,
 With this being the case, then we must allow cropping room on both             Polaroid back. VGC $2900 inc GST
sides of the negative to avoid any cut off of the image.                        Ademco Hard Bed Heat Press, model 2226,
                                                                                56x66cm with steel stand. VGC $1300.
 If you require near full frame 1st run originals from your films, we sug-      Phone Les Hall 07 4157 9771.
gest that you order 13x19cm prints which will give you close to full frame.
                                                                                We welcome your adverts, please send an email
                                                                                  fax to David at Street’s on 07 3358 2823.
Lab Notes                                                                

                                                                                 Please let us know when you have made a sale
Cross Processed Film                                                                      so we can remove the advert.

  The lab preferred film for cross processing is Kodak EPP, which we rec-
ommend that you rate it at 100 ISO for best results. Over rated film cause
bleeding of the blacks in a print, as well as severe over exposed film which
                                                                               The Australian Copyright Council
is beyond our Printable range.
                                                                               are holding a copyright seminar in
Enlargements off Masked 35mm                                                   Brisbane for Photographers /
  There has been a great deal of confusion of late in relation to 20x30cm      Graphics Designers on the
prints, the actual size is 20.3x29.5cm (not 8”x12”).                           20/21 August 2001.
  If you are getting your matts cut for your album, you will need to check
to actual opening/window size to make sure they match.                         For more information phone
                                                                               Sydney (02) 9318 1788
Freight Charges                                                                or on the web
  There has been some confusion in regards to freight charges and invoic-
ing on accounts. When sending in orders please remember that prints lar-
ger than 20x25cm must go into a larger box and not with 1st run originals.     2002 APPA Awards :
Therefore you will incur an extra freight charge.
  For those customers allocated client numbers and who make freight pay-        Next years’ APPA / AIPP awards
ments with your orders, these payments are placed into open credit on your     will be held in Perth over the
account. At the end of the month we print out the freight list, write a tax    7,8,9 June 2002.
invoice, apply the invoice to your account and then we apply the open
credit payment towards the invoice. Any balance of freight owed will be        So start preparing now to give
shown on your account if applicable.                                           yourself plenty of time.