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									Report to: Cabinet

Date:        28th November 2007

Portfolio: Councillor Brian Roberts - Deputy Leader of the Council (Community Services)

Report Author: Ian Halliday, Environmental Health

Neat Streets Initiative in Scaitcliffe Area

1.      Purpose of Report

1.1     This report updates cabinet on the progress made by the Council and its partners
        following on from the Neat Streets initiative held in the Scaitcliffe area during
        October/November 2007.

2.      Recommendations

2.1     Cabinet is requested to note the information

3.      Background

3.1     Neat Streets initiatives were previously called Crime & Grime initiatives. Their aim is to
        work in partnership to improve the local environmental quality of a targeted area
        concentrating on certain issues such as accumulations of refuse, litter, dog fouling,
        graffiti, abandoned vehicles as well as other forms of anti social behaviour.

3.2     The Scaitcliffe area initiative was designed to coincide with Lancashire Fire & Rescue
        Services ”Bright Sparx” campaign in the run up to bonfire night in an attempt to avoid the
        problems experienced in the area 12 months ago. Last year the fire service attended 20
        fires in the Scaitcliffe area in a 24 hour period over bonfire night accounting for 26% of
        call outs on November 5th.

3.3     The two week Initiative targeted approximately 650 properties in an area including the
        following streets: Richmond Street / Pendle Street / Fountain Street / Garbett Street /
        Ormerod Street / Hopwood Street / Major Street / Perth Street / Higher Antley Street /
        Richmond Hill Street / Holden Street / Medina Close /Jannet Close / Glebe Close /
        Hannah Street.

3.4     Partners/Agencies involved:
        Hyndburn Borough Council - Environmental Services
        Community Safety Partnership
        Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service
        Hyndburn Cultural Association (Scaitcliffe Community Centre) Hannah Street
        Lancashire Constabulary
        Magistrates Courts fines enforcement
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      Youth Offending Team
      Neighbourhood Management

3.5   Local leaders and councillors were involved from an early stage and they were fully
      supportive of the initiative. During the first week ( week commencing 22nd October)
      information packs were hand delivered to residents at the start of the initiative to make
      them aware of the campaign. The packs contained information and advice relating to
      community involvement, fire safety, waste management and anti social behaviour. This
      was followed up by an Environmental Visual Audit conducted by representatives of the
      partner organisations when problems were noted. The resultant information was collated
      by the Community Safety Partnership Team and then allocated to the relevant agency for
      further action as necessary.

3.6   A clean up campaign took place during week two. HBC Waste Services provided skips to
      enable local residents to dispose of refuse/bulky items. These were situated at various
      locations in the area and emptied daily. Environmental Health Enforcement Officers
      increased patrols in the area and carried out a “bin raid” targeting households who do not
      comply with the Council’s recycling scheme. Where accumulations of combustible
      materials were found officers instructed the Rapid Response Team to remove them
      immediately. In addition, teams of Fire and Police Officers patrolled the area during the
      late afternoon and evenings of Saturday 3rd November, Sunday 4th November and
      Monday 5th November enforcing a strict no – burning policy. The Council’s refuse
      removal vehicles were fully utilised during this time in removing accumulations.

3.7   Residents were encouraged to attend the Rotary Club Community Bonfire at Accrington
      Cricket Club and free transport was provided from Scaitcliffe Community Centre.

3.8   A summary of incidents noted in the area by Environmental Health is shown below.

                            INCIDENT                 NUMBERS NOTED
                 Dirty Back Yards                         54
                 Accumulations of Refuse                   2
                 Flytipping                                1
                 Side Waste                               24
                 Graffiti                                 14
                 Blocked Drain                             1
                 Commercial Waste                          4
                 Insecure Properties                           1
                 Nuisance Vehicle                              2

      Follow up actions to date are 50 Warning letters sent and 26 Statutory notices issued.

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      The Fire Service report that there was a marked decrease in the number of incidents
      reported in relation to inappropriate fire settings in the run up to and on bonfire night this
      year. They attended 2 callouts for the corresponding 24 hour period which were advisory
      only and did not involve burning.

3.9   Other Neat Streets initiatives during 2007 have been carried out in the following areas:
      Wordsworth Close, Oswaldtwistle (January); Spring Street Area, Rishton (February);
      Church Area (April); Peel Ward (July); Scaitcliffe Area (October). Additional resources
      which include two Environmental Health Enforcement Officers has enabled a much more
      proactive approach to be taken than has been possible previously.

4.    Reasons for Recommendations

4.1   Not applicable – the report does not seek a cabinet decision.

5.    Alternative Options considered and Reasons for Rejection

5.1   Not applicable – the report does not seek a cabinet decision.

6.    Implications

       Issue                         Comments

       Financial (including          None
       Legal                         None
       Assessment of Risk            None
       Equality                      None
       Key Decision                  No

7.    Consultations

7.1   None

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8.     Links to Corporate Priorities

        Priority                              Comments

        Corporate Governance and              -
        Community Leadership
        Community Safety                      Contributes to improving environmental
                                              quality which is recognised as a positive
                                              factor in terms of Crime and community
        Housing and the Environment           The Housing and Environment theme places
                                              the Clean, Green, Safe and Local as a high
                                              priority. The improvement of targeted areas
                                              will make a positive contribution in this
        Economy and Employment                -
        Culture and Leisure                   -
        Other priorities with partners:       -
        Health and Social Care
        Education and Lifelong Learning

9.     Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985:
       List of Background Papers

10.    Freedom of Information

10.1   The report does not contain exempt information under the Local Government Act 1972,
       Schedule 12A and all information can be disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act

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