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import DivX to imovie converter,import DivX file into imovie08/09


Best mac program divx imovie converter, importing/converting DivX files to iMovie, edit DivX with iMovie,divx to imovie converter,convert divx to mp4, mov, dv, m4v compatible with iMovie 08/09.

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									Divx to iMovie Converter

You've got a couple of DivX encoded .avi file and you'd like to edit them

with imovie but seems that they can't be imported into iMovie anyway.

So, is there a quick and easy way to get imovie read them, or will you

need an alternative program?

You might try DivX to imovie converter mac to convert/import DivX to

mov and edit DivX file in iMovie.

Converting and importing DivX file in an AVI container is incredibly easy

using DivX to imovie converter mac. For simple things like cutting DivX

file,joining DivX file, triming DivX file, DivX to imovie converter mac is the

most handy tool I've found.

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