Welcome to the Marymount University Conference Center by fionan


									         Welcome to the Marymount University Conference Center.
  Our job is to provide a comfortable and safe environment for our guests
  throughout the summer. Each staff member is expected to be responsible,
   reliable, and flexible. Your job has a lot of varied responsibilities from
 covering the desks to making up beds. You are expected to be pleasant and
courteous in all situations. This guidebook should present a general idea of
                             what your job entails.

Building Hours
Rowley Hall, Butler Hall, and Gerard Hall are open 24 hours a day unless otherwise
noted. The desk in the University Center is covered only when groups are utilizing any
of the spaces in the University Center. The Conference Center Staff cover the desk from
8am until Midnight. Campus Safety covers the desks from Midnight to 8am.

Bulletin Boards
All the bulletin boards should be decorated and include information pertinent to the
groups. Information should include: a welcome sign, campus map, shuttle schedule,
lost ID and key fines, meal times, pool hours, Bernie’s hours, chapel hours, and other
relevant information necessary for the current group. Please make sure the boards on
your floor stay neat and current. Supplies can be found in the Conference Center Office
and the Office of Student Activities Workroom. Each employee will be designated to a
floor or floors to decorate.

Campus Safety
The Office of Campus Safety will receive a list of rooms to be locked and/or unlocked in
advance. If there are any last minute scheduling changes contact the Main Guard
House (x1600) to relay the request. Please treat all security guards with respect and
courtesy. Communicate any problems with security procedures to the Conference
Center immediately. Report any malfunctioning equipment to the Office of Campus
Safety (x1601) or the Conference Center.

Chapel Hours
During the summer, mass is held daily at 7:30am and Noon. Sunday mass is at 10am.

Conference Center Staff Guidebook                                               1
Check In/Out
During check-in of a group please be pleasant and helpful. For many of the groups, the
Conference Center staff will have to distribute keys and IDs. Please have the groups
form two lines (if two workers are present). Be sure to record the name of the guest in
the log-in section of the binder in order to keep a detailed account of who is in the
building (this is extremely important for billing purposes). Record the date they
arrived and the date of their departure in the space provided. Explain how the security
system works and that they need to carry their key and ID with them at all times to gain
access to certain areas of the campus. Inform the guests that there is a $50 fine for
losing the key and card. In the case of a lockout explain to the guests that they must
come to the appropriate lobby desk and the Conference Center staff will be happy to
assist them. During check-out be sure that all the keys have been returned. If there are
any missing, record the missing key numbers so the group can be properly charged.
There are forms in each binder, please fill it out and return it to the office.
Classes and Other Jobs
In scheduling desk coverage, first priority will be given to students taking classes and
Internships for credit. You may NOT have any other job except the Conference

Desk Schedules
Desk coverage schedules will be made on a bi-weekly basis unless otherwise
determined. Submit any requests for time off as early as possible. All schedule
changes must be approved by Alexis.

In case of emergency it is important to remain calm. For medical emergencies call 911
IMMEDIATELY—then notify Campus Safety (x1600) and call Liz at home. Make sure
a counselor is aware of the situation and accompanies the injured party to the hospital.

Floor Plans
There will be floor plans in each binder located at the desk along with other helpful
information. Please familiarize yourself with everything in the binder often. The
contents are updated regularly.

Conference Center Staff Guidebook                                                 2
Food Service
The food service manager is Orlando Wright and the Executive Chef is Luis Herrara.
For meals, staff members are not entitled to any special menu. Conference Center Staff
should proceed with dining the same as during the school year. You will be issued a
card for your meals. It entitles you to 3 meals a day, seven days a week. You may not
pay for guests to go through the line with your meal card.

Group Information
There will be information on each group in the office and at the desks. Please read
about them so that you know a little about them. Feel free to come in to the office for
further information.

Shirlene Proctor runs the housekeeping department and can be reached at extension
2200. Housekeeping is responsible for the linens and other supplies in the halls. If
there are any housekeeping problems with the rooms, or if a guest leaves something in
their room after they check out, please inform Housekeeping and Liz. If a room is not
made up and it is after 2:00pm or on a weekend you have to make up the room. Toilet
paper and paper towels can be found in the maid’s closet. Linens, towels, and blankets
can be found in the studies/rooms designated at a later date by Housekeeping. The
following should be in each room: 1 blanket per bed, 2 towels per person (4 per room), 1
cup per person, and 1 bar of soap per person. To make up a bed you will need 2 flat
sheets and 1 pillowcase per bed.

ID Card and Key Information
Each bedroom is assigned a key and corresponding ID. Issuing keys and ID’s is an
extremely long and frustrating process. It is important that the key and ID not be
separated. See Check-In/Out information on distributing keys and IDs. You will be
held responsible for any lost keys/IDs that are not reported.

Lost Keys and IDs
If a key or ID is lost it must be replaced. Do this by filling out the appropriate form
located in the binder. Be sure to fill out all the information, as it will be important later
for deactivating the card. It is crucial that this form be brought to the office. The cards
are deactivated when lost to prevent them from being used after we cannot account
from them. This is for your security and that of the guests. If a key is lost, please
remember never to take the last key out of the key box.

Conference Center Staff Guidebook                                                     3
Maintenance (Physical Plant)
Report maintenance requests as soon as you hear of them to the office. They must go
through the office to be reported to the Physical Plant office. Maintain familiarity
through routine inspections with the condition of hall facilities such as: vending
machines, telephones, laundry units, fire extinguishers, and exit signs. Report repairs in
a timely manner. If a maintenance emergency arises, please make sure it is truly an
emergency. Use the On-Call list in the desk binder to contact the maintenance person
on duty (after hours/weekends). If he cannot be found, call Security (x1600) to beep

Master Keys
The master keys must be signed out on the sheet in the key box. Keys must be
accounted for AT ALL TIMES. Never leave any keys or cards or unattended at the
desk—take them with you at all times. If you are working until Midnight make sure
that you give the master keys to the person whom is on duty that night. The on-duty
staff worker should return the masters to the desk at the 8am the following morning so
that person for the day shift has them. If there are no groups in the residence halls the
masters are to be in the key box. The keys are never to be used by unauthorized
personnel or non-staff members.

Meal Times
Breakfast                  7:30am-9:15am
Lunch                      11:30am-1:15pm
Dinner                     4:30pm-6:15pm

Telephone messages can be taken at the lobby desk phones covered by the Conference
Center Staff. Inform the guests that they can pick up messages and mail at the lobby
desk. We are able to take messages only. Please make sure that is explained during the
check in process. In cases of emergency, please do your best to locate the person(s). If
not found in their room; simply tape the message to their door.

It is imperative that you read and understand all memos that are given to you by the
office because they are important. If you have a questions about a memo feel free to call
or stop by the office.

Conference Center Staff Guidebook                                                 4
Night Duty
Every night one person will be “on duty” in each hall. This person must keep the
building beeper with them and be near a phone at all times. They may NOT leave the
campus. The on-duty person will take care of lockouts or other problems that arise
within those hours courteously and VERY promptly. If you switch duty nights with
someone inform the office and the guards so they may change all duty schedules in the
binders in order to avoid a mix-up. There should always be a duty schedule in the

Other University Offices
We do not borrow anything from other offices such as Residence Life. If you need to
borrow something call Liz at the office or at home first. The Conference Center works
with Campus Safety, Instructional Media Center, Food Service, Housekeeping, and
Physical Plant. If you need to contact any of these offices, call the office first!

Overnight Guests
Let Liz know in advance about anyone you may have in your room as an overnight
guest. Then, she can contact Campus Safety and Housekeeping so they are aware of the
guest. Please remember that you are to follow all guidelines in the Residence Life
Guidebook. This includes not having members of the opposite sex in your room
overnight. During the summer, you abide by the Guidebook through the honor code.

Before starting work go to the Payroll office and make sure all the appropriate forms are
filled out. The Conference Center will provide you with a bi-monthly timesheets. Keep
track of your hours and turn in your timesheet into the Conference Center before the
deadline. All employees will be paid on a bi-monthly time cycle. It is important that
your timesheet be turned in on time or else you will not be paid until the next pay
period. The timesheets should be in the office by the 14th and 30th of each month so that
they can be signed and turned into the Human Resources Office.

Phone Numbers
All phone numbers will be located in the binders at the desks.

Conference Center Staff Guidebook                                                5
Residence Hall Rules
As mentioned in the Overnight Guests section, you abide by the Residence Life
Guidebook. No staff member under 21 should have alcohol in the residence hall or on
campus. Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited.

Guests staying at the Conference Center will generally have their own rules regarding
visitors and alcohol. It is important to make sure different groups respect the privacy
and rights of other groups. You are there to mediate and prevent any possible conflicts.
If problems arise with guest’s behavior, inform the counselors immediately. Call Liz if
any serious problem occurs.

Responsibilities at the Desk

You are expected to be prompt for desk coverage. Call ahead if you will be late. When
you are scheduled to work at any of the desks, the Conference Center covers at any
given time, you are expected to remain at that desk for your entire shift. You are not
allowed to venture away from that desk at any time except for meals or to assist our
guests. If is crucial that you remain at the desk in the event that a problem or
emergency arises. You need to be by a phone at all times so you can be reached for such

While you are at the desk, you may bring things with you to occupy your time such as:
books, magazines, homework, and radios with headphones played at a reasonable
level—televisions are not allowed. Visitors are NOT allowed, this includes other
Conference Center Staff members who are not scheduled to work or are assigned to
another desk. With the flow of guests that we have coming in and out, Conference
Center Staff must be visible and accessible at ALL times. Also, it is very important that
personal phone calls are kept to a strict minimum; this includes conversations with
other Conference Center Staff who are not scheduled to work or are assigned to
another desk. The phone lines must be kept free in the event of an emergency. Guests
should be instructed to use pay phones located in each building. Except in an
emergency situation, they should NOT be using the desk phones. Finally there is no
smoking allowed in any building at any time.

Your primary duty is to assist guests with any problems they might have. This includes
taking messages, giving directions, answering questions, assisting in lockouts, and
anything else necessary to ensure our guests are comfortable.

Conference Center Staff Guidebook                                                6
Switching of Hours
Alexis must approve any schedule changes for desk hours. You are expected to change
the schedule only in cases of extreme emergencies. You will be held responsible for any
unapproved schedule changes in the event that a desk is not covered. Please remember
that switching without permission will NOT be tolerated and failure to have a desk
covered can result in an immediate dismissal.

Shuttle Information
If there are any problems with shuttle service or if a group needs a shuttle, call Liz first.
In cases of emergency, contact Transportation at x1601. Schedules are to be placed at
desks and distributed to guests.

Telephone Etiquette
It is imperative that you answer the phone politely and always state which Residence
Hall you are working in as well as your name. A good way would be “Good
Morning/Afternoon this is Rowley Hall Desk, Liz speaking.” Often times you must
explain that you can only take a message for a guest and that they cannot be reached
directly unless it is an emergency.

Each staff member will receive Conference Center shirts to be worn at the desk and be
visible at ALL TIMES. You must be identifiable as Conference Center Staff. You are
expected to wear appropriate clothing: skirts, nice shorts, or pants. Cut-offs, mini-
skirts, spandex, and shorts are not acceptable. Please be neat in your appearance and
dress appropriately.

Vacations/Time Off
No one may have more than three consecutive days off for vacation. If you need
additional time off you must clear it with Liz. Please notify the office immediately, in
advance if at all possible, in the event that you are unable to work as scheduled.

Conference Center Staff Guidebook                                                    7

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