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                                                      Unique Birthday Gifts For Dad
                                                                      By Qing Gu

    What do give a man who has everything? One of these unique birthday gifts for dad, of course!

Grilling for Golfers

 Is your dad the king of the golf course and the grill? If so, here's a gift worth taking a swing at! Not only
will the PAR-B-QUE 3-piece grilling set help him show off his golfing prowess right there on the back
yard bar-b-que, but the extraordinary design is like no other. Each of the three pieces offers the perfect
combination of function for the grill and love for the game of golf.

 He's guaranteed a hole-in-one with the spatula putter and golf ball tongs, and the grip on the meat fork
is fit for a champion! Every grill master needs his tools, but take it one step further by giving him
something he can be passionate about!

 The PAR-B-QUE 3-piece grilling set is an unparalleled choice of unique birthday gifts for dad. After all,
nothing brings out the caveman in a guy quite like standing over raw meat with a club in his hand -- is
there any better gift than that? This one is an ace for sure!

Engraved Cuff Links

 If your dad has that certain "distinguished gentleman" allure, then the set of personalized silver cuff
links just might be the ideal gift. Each stunning silver cufflink in the pair arrives engraved with one, two,
or three initials of your choice, offering a handsome nuance to his professional wardrobe.

 Even if your father is more casual than collected, personalized silver cuff links still make a great gift. If
dad only dresses up on special occasions, your touching gesture will mean that much more. In fact,
he'll pull your gift out for all of the most important moments in his life, and that makes for an
exceptional birthday gift he won't soon forget.

Business Card Sculptures

 Almost everyone has business cards these days, and now you can turn them into truly unique birthday
gifts for dad! Even a man who seems to have everything isn't likely to have one of these unusual items

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on hand, so you can bet on this one being an instant hit!

The golfer card sculpture is the ideal desk accessory for a father who loves the game of golf.

 All you need is to send off 20 of your dad's personal business cards and you'll receive a perfectly
posed three-dimensional figure with one heck of a golf swing! Your dad can admire the stance and
show off his business all at once, and it's the ideal distraction for those days when he'd rather be
anywhere other than work.

 If you dad prefers the expanse of his executive office to the golf course, then the executive business
card sculpture is the better choice for him.

 He'll find it impossible not to smile when this hardworking cardboard figure catches his attention, and
you can be sure that it will! This little man sits at a desk that offers a great view of the face of the
business card as he takes an important call, and every detail has been meticulously crafted to create a
conversation piece that you can bet that he'll proud of.

 Both card sculptures arrive on a handsome walnut base and include a glass dome that offers a full 8"
of coverage. The classic presentation is the perfect finishing touch to this spectacular and very unusual

For more information on unique birthday gifts for dad, go to
http://www.coolest-party-ideas.com/unique-birthday-gifts-for-dad.html You can also find lots of last
minute birthday gift ideas at: http://www.coolest-party-ideas.com/last-minute-birthday-gift.html

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                                            How To Choose Unique Gifts For Women
                                                                By Glen Peebles

Most men will want to buy unique gifts for women sometime in their lives. Whether they are shopping
for their mother, daughter, or wife, men often feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing unique
gifts. There are 6 steps in choosing unique gifts for the female in your life.

 1. Pay attention. Notice what excites your woman friend or relative. You are sure to get plenty of great
unique gifts ideas by watching to see what she treasures the most. Consider details like what she
wears the most, items she has on display in her home, and decorations she has at work. All this will
help you when deciding upon unique birthday gifts or other gifts.

 2. Ask questions. One thing to find out is what unusual unique gifts she has gotten in the past. When
she is answering the question, it is important to note the answer. You can also learn from her attitude
about the special unique gifts. Did she like them or think they were hideous? Another thing to ask is
what she likes to get for unique Christmas gifts. Be sure to get plenty of answers so that you are not
just filling an order.

 3. Decide where to get the unique gifts for her. Shopping in bricks and mortar stores can get to be
time-consuming and frustrating. It is often easier to find unique gifts online. Compare selections. Notice
whether the online store has unique music gifts, jewelry, homewares, figurines, and other unusual
unique gifts.

 4. Look at all the possibilities in that store. You might find unique Mother's Day gifts, birthday gifts, or
unique gifts for Christmas in the most unlikely categories. Be sure to search them all to find just the
right present for your lady.

 5. Compare prices. When you look at price, consider the fine points. Think about how long the unique
gifts will last for that price. If you are getting unique personalised gifts, check to see how much
personalisation such as engraving or monogramming will cost. Check the shipping costs as well.

 6. Buy and send your special unique gifts. Most online companies make it simple to add items to a
virtual shopping cart until you have all that you want. Then, they will compute the full price of your order
and give you the shipping options for all your unique gifts for her. Then, they will send them where you

 Gifts are available in hundreds of different styles and in many different looks. Gifts for women should
be presented as personally as possible so try to make this as much a part of the occasion as the gift.
Gifts for her, that you can personalize with your gift message, will let her know how much she means to

 Gifts for the many stages of a woman's life --Celebrate each year with unique women's gifts designed
to address the special needs of every age. Unique Corporate Gifts is more than just gifts.

 It does not take a rocket scientist to choose and buy unique gifts for women. However, it does take
some thought, especially if you have not been in the habit of doing so before. When your loved ones
have gotten the most special unique gifts of their lives, you will be happy you took the time.

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Outstanding Service - find unique gifts for all occasions such as Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday and
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