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    Baby strollers are one of the first things that new parents start shopping for, because they are such a basic yet
     important need. Baby strollers often have devices that make travel possible despite the weather conditions.
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                                     Travel Systems For Your Baby - 2-in-1 Convenience
                                                               By David Cummings

   Baby travel systems include a baby stroller and a car seat/carrier all in one package. The stroller
and the car seat/carrier are usually coordinating and are from the same manufacturer. Purchasing
them as a set can save you money and time hunting for just the right one of each.

 Let’s start with the baby stroller. Baby travel systems include a single stroller made of high quality
materials that are durable and can take a lot of use, because parents usually keep them through
multiple children. The fabric is a woven, washable, tear-resistant material and is almost always quilted
in some fashion as to protect the baby from bumps and jostling around during rides on uneven
pavement and such.

 The stroller usually has a sun hood cover and sometimes they have a clear plastic ‘moon roof’ built in
so that you can peak down on the baby to see if they are sleeping or playing. The wheels are usually
double and are on ball bearings so maneuvering the stroller is very easy to do, especially in a crowded
mall or on a walk along a bumpy trail. There are often one or two cup holders and a small tray on the
back near the handle for your keys or other small items. And underneath the stroller is usually large
mesh basket to carry your diaper bag or some shopping packages.

 The second piece of the baby travel systems is the car seat/baby carrier. This item can be used as
either a car seat or a carrier for the baby. When used as a car seat, this is an infant car seat which is
used for babies under 20 lbs and rear-facing. There are specially made groves in the car seat for the
seatbelt strap or frequently bases you install and leave in your car and you lock the car seat into the
base when car riding. If you are not sure how to install the car seat, you can go to any fire station or
insurance agency and they can show you how to properly install the car seat. If your car seat has the
base and you are going to use the base, make sure you have installed the base correctly as well.

 The car seat can frequently double as a carrier, which means the car seat has a handle so you don’t
have to transfer the baby into another piece of equipment to carry him or her around the store or
wherever you are going. The handle adjusts back when the carrier is being used for a car seat and
adjusts to the center of the carrier when being used as a carrier. Because they tend to be heavy, they
are not as comfortable to carry your baby around for long periods of time, like a wraparound carrier or
wraparound sling carrier might be, but they do provide a comfortable place for baby while in a
restaurant, and you can adjust the handle so that the baby is sitting up and you can feed them.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Finally, the carrier can be mounted in the stroller and used in this way as well. If baby falls asleep in
the car and you have reached your destination, all you have to do is take the car seat out and lock it
into place in the stroller and you are on your way. Baby travel systems provide great convenience for
parents on the go.

Learn about travel systems and see why many parents are choosing travel systems for their child: David Cummings is General Manager
of Bustling Baby, a business devoted to providing baby mobility, comfort, and convenience to familes.

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                                       How to Choose the Best Baby Travel System
                                                          By Maria Cummings

Some people prefer to carry their babies in baby carriers, while others prefer the convenience of
strollers in order to get around with their children. There are some people who prefer both, however.
Many parents purchase both a separate baby carrier with a handle, and a stroller, since they think of
them as separate objects. Baby travel systems take the best of both worlds and bring these items
together for parents who like to have the convenience of both a baby carrier and a stroller for moving
baby from place to place.

 Baby travel systems merge the baby carrier / car seat with a stroller. Each item can be used on its
own, or they can be used as one unit as well which allows you to put your sleeping baby in his or her
carrier directly into the stroller and wheel the baby carrier around in the stroller. The baby carrier locks
into place in the stroller for safety.


 Security is incredibly important for those who are looking at baby travel systems. As a parent, you
want to make sure that the removable piece and attachment does not malfunction. Make sure you read
product reviews online before making a purchase to help you decide if the baby travel system you are
considering has any great features or has some design flaws that other parents have noted. By doing
this research, you will develop a better understanding of the product and allow you to be more
comfortable with the sturdiness and security of the overall baby travel systems that you find.


 The accessories that can be found on baby travel systems are important, but are often more important
for the person who is pushing the stroller than the baby in the stroller. Are there brakes on the stroller?
Is there a spot for you to store the diaper bag or your purse comfortably? Is there an apparatus that
can shade the baby when you need it to? All of these are questions to ask when looking at each of the
baby travel systems to choose what one is best for you.


 Cost is always important when you are planning on a large purchase. Baby travel systems will vary in
cost depending on the manufacturer. By looking at the cost of all of the baby travel systems that you
like, you can know exactly what you can afford, and which baby travel system is right for you and your


 Style is still important when looking at baby travel systems. You want to have something that appeals
to your taste, looks good, and does not look like it will fall apart quickly. By taking the style of the baby
travel system into consideration as well as the safety aspects, you can find which one will make you
completely happy for every different reason imaginable.

Many parents only think of security when they are trying to select one of the many baby travel systems

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available for purchase. While it is incredibly important to keep your child safe and be comfortable that
the unit will not malfunction, it is not the only thing to think about when purchasing the system. By
looking at accessories, cost, and style while thinking about security, you can easily find the best baby
travel system for your family.

Maria Cummings is a devoted parent, wife and expert author on family matters and parenting. She is
devoted to helping children's organizations and activities. Maria is the Sales Manager for

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