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									                               McMaster University Research Ethics Board

             Request for Ethics Approval of Course-Based Research Projects
Please complete this form if you are an instructor and you wish to oversee the conduct of course-based student
research, in accordance with the Guidelines for Ethics Review of Course-Based Research Projects Involving
Human Participants. < Helpful Hints > When you mouse over a hypertext link you may see helpful hints on
completing this form.

REVIEW THE GUIDELINES: Please use this link to review the Guidelines prior to completing this form.

INDIVIDUAL STUDENT RESEARCH: If the research under review is an individual student research project (i.e., an
independent study or thesis etc), the “Undergraduate/MBA Student Application Form” should be used rather than this

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please submit one signed copy of this form, together with all attachments to the Research Ethics
Secretariat, Office of Research Services, Room 305/H Gilmour Hall. ext. 23142. Or send an
electronic copy and just the signed page by campus mail later. Your application will be sent by the ethics office to the
appropriate Student Research Ethics Committee (SREC).

           COURSE NAME & NUMBER ( e.g., Sociology 3O03):
           COURSE TITLE ( e.g., Qualitative Research methods):
           NOTE: This form is to be completed by the course coordinator if more than one instructor is teaching the course.

           Cross-listed as:

           Name of instructor reviewing student research:
           How many students are enrolled (or estimated) in this course?
           How many separate projects are anticipated?

                 COURSE                   CAMPUS ADDRESS                   PHONE NUMBER                    E-MAIL address you
              CO-ORDINATOR                                                                                      regularly use
           (if course is team taught)

              INSTRUCTOR(S)               CAMPUS ADDRESS                   PHONE NUMBER                           E-MAIL

1.      Has an Approval for a Course-Based Research Project been obtained for this course on any prior occasion?
        YES     NO     DON’T’ KNOW

HOW TO FILL IN CHECK BOXES AND CORRECT SPELLING: You can “LOCK” the form to fill in the checkboxes.
If the “Lock” icon is not visible at the top of your screen, go to “VIEW”  “TOOLBARS” “FORMS”. Make sure “FORMS” is checked.
You will then be able to see the “LOCK” icon. The “SPELL CHECK” function operates only when the form is unlocked.

2.      If Yes, please provide the following:
        Name of Instructor who received approval:
        Name of course if different from the above:
        Was this a 3 or 6 unit course when clearance was previously obtained? 3 units                         6 units
        Name of McMaster Ethics Board that issued the approval:
        Date of the Approval and Approval Number if known:
3.      Parameters of Risk: Once your course application is approved, you will be able to review and approve
individual projects so long as all of the following are TRUE:

T     F              Projects are no more than minimal risk to the participants
T     F              The research participants will be drawn from the general adult population, capable of giving free and
                     Informed consent and will not include vulnerable participants such as children, persons who are not
                     legally competent to consent; mentally incompetent persons; legal wards or persons dependent upon the
                     researcher(s) for therapeutic care
T     F              The student projects will not involve any personal, sensitive or incriminating topics or questions which
                     could place participants at risk;
T     F              The student projects will not change or involve behaviour(s) of participants beyond the range of “normal”
                    classroom activity or daily life;
T     F              The student projects will not involve physically invasive contact with the research participants, for
                     example, taking blood or urine samples, cortisol, muscle biopsies, tissue for genetic testing;
T     F              The student projects will not involve deception.

If a student project falls outside ANY of these elements of risk, you and the student(s) must submit an individual
research ethics application form [] for review by the
appropriate Student Research Ethics Committee, or the McMaster Research Ethics Board. These forms should be
submitted to the Ethics Secretariat at Room 305H Gilmour Hall, or electronically to < >
for processing.

4.        ASSIGNMENT PURPOSE AND METHODOLOGY: Describe in the space below, the projects you will be
          requiring your students to complete (e.g., surveys, participant observation, interviews etc) and the purpose of
          these projects. You may write a description for the Ethics Committee or attach the written explanation that you
          will be providing to students. (To check spelling or use bolding etc see: “Fill in the boxes and Check Spelling” at top of page 1)

4b.       Describe how will you ensure that the methodology described for the research will be followed by the

5.        INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED TO YOUR STUDENTS: What written or verbal instructions will you provide your
          students regarding the following? You may write a description for the Ethics Committee or attach the written
          explanation (or handout) that you will be providing to students.

                    a.       Recruitment of study participants

                    b.       Obtaining consent from study participants

p:/ethics/forms/course.doc                                                               Revised June 03 Revised July 07
                    c.       Explaining participants’ right to withdraw from the research project

                    d.       Confidentiality of data

                    e.       Feedback for participants about the study (where applicable)

                    f.       Assessing and minimizing risk to participants

                    g.       Please describe how the subject of ethics in research involving human subjects will be
                             covered with in the course.

                    h.       Will the course outline include, minimally, a reference to the McMaster Research Ethics Board
                             (MREB web site? (

                    i.       Describe how you, as course instructor, will review and approve the course projects proposed
                             by your students, if they are not using the same standardized materials.

6.        SUPPORTING MATERIALS: Please provide copies of the following materials:
               a.    Full course outline
               b.    Handouts pertaining to the assignment
               c.    Sample Letters of Information/Consent Forms that students will be using

                    If applicable, please also provide copies of:
                    d.       Any standardized recruitment materials that you may be using (i.e., posters, email, telephone or
                             verbal scripts)
                    e.       Any standardized data collection instruments that you may be using (survey questionnaires, test
                             instruments interview guides.)
                     f.      Any standardized participant feedback/debriefing materials that you may be using
                    g.      Any standardized consent forms

p:/ethics/forms/course.doc                                                          Revised June 03 Revised July 07

          a) Effective January 1, 2006, it is the policy of MREB to post a list of approved protocols on the < Research
             Ethics website >. Posted information usually includes: title, name of supervisor/instructor,
             supervisor/instructor department, student name and department, type of project (i.e. undergraduate)
          b) You may request that the title be deleted from the posted information.
          c) Do you request that the title be eliminated from the posted information? Yes         No
          d) The ethics board will honour your request if you answered Yes to question 7c) above, but we ask you to use
             the space below to provide a reason for making this request for the information of the Boards.
          e) You may also use this box for any other special requests or additional information.

8.        Instructor’s Agreement

          In submitting this application, I acknowledge that:

          I have reviewed the McMaster Guidelines for Ethics Review of Course-Based Research Projects Involving Human
          Participants < > and I agree to comply with
          the requirements of those guidelines and to ensure that the design of all student projects will fit within the criteria
          for course-based student projects. I understand that I will need to reapply for a course-based ethics approval after
          3 years.
          I am familiar with and agree to abide by the ethical guidelines and policies of McMaster University, including the
          Tri-Council Policy Statement < > and of
          my profession or discipline.
          I will meet with the student investigators to actively monitor the research progress, and I will make myself
          available, should problems arise during the course of the research, to supervise the students and assist in solving
          such problems.
          If I have questions about the ethical conduct of this research I will contact the McMaster Research Ethics
          Secretariat, at X 23142 or x 26117 or < >.

       _____       _______________________________                                            ___        _________
       Course Instructor                                                              Date

p:/ethics/forms/course.doc                                                        Revised June 03 Revised July 07

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