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Facility request form


                            First Baptist Church in Newton, 848 Beacon Street, Newton, MA 02459
                                                                                                                              Member      member         Fee
Names of those to be Married: _______________________ Facility to be Used:
____________________________________________                           __ SANCTUARY (includes rehearsal time)                   $ 0        $1,000

Date of Wedding: ___________________           Time:_____________
                                                                       __ CHAPEL                                                $   0      $ 500
Set up to clean up times (Wedding day): _______________

Rehearsal Date:______________________          Time:________________   __ FELLOWSHIP HALL/KITCHEN                               $ 0        $ 250

Set up to clean up times (Rehearsal): _________________
                                                                       __ MINISTERIAL SERVICES*                                Hono-       $ 500
Contact Person: _______________________________________________

Phone(s): _____________________________________________________        __ ORGANIST SERVICES (Wedding)*                         $ 300           $400
                                                                       __ ORGANIST SERVICES (Rehearsal)*                       $ 100           $100
E-Mail ________________________________________________________
                                                                       __ SEXTON SERVICES (four-hour minimum)*                  $ 60           $ 60
Street: ________________________________________________________       __ Additional SEXTON SERVICES ($15/hour)*

City: ___________________________________State: ______ Zip_______      __   TRASH REMOVAL FEE

Other Contacts: ________________________________________________
                                                                       __ OTHER FEES
Phone(s): ______________________________________________________
                                                                       __ OTHER FEES
Number of Attendees: ________________________(approximate)

Refreshments: Yes/No
                                                                       TOTAL FEE
Certificate of insurance:    Required Yes/No    Attached Yes/No

Equipment required:                                                    __ SECURITY DEPOSIT (50% of room rental -- lines 1-3 -- total)

No. of chairs ______                   No. of tables _______           AMOUNT ENCLOSED (Make checks payable to First Baptist Church in Newton)

Arrangement _____________________________ (Attach diagram)             BALANCE DUE ((Make checks payable to First Baptist Church in Newton))

Special Requirements: __________________________________________

                                                                       * Fees to be paid directly to the provider.

                                                 PLEASE READ AND SIGN THE REVERSE SIDE
                               First Baptist Church in Newton – Facility Use Terms & Conditions -- Wedding
1.   Use of the First Baptist Church in Newton is subject to the approval of the Board            20. A proof of Certificate of Insurance is required for all groups, unless specifically
     of Trustees and the Senior Minister.                                                             exempted by the Board of Trustees.

2.   Children of members and supporting friends of the church shall be treated as                 21. If minors are to be present, special arrangements must be made prior to the event to ensure
     members.                                                                                         they are adequately supervised.

3.   For members, the Ministerial Honorarium is at the couple’s discretion                        22. The facilities must be left in the exact same or better condition as at the beginning of usage.

4.   In the event that the wedding is canceled, $75 will be forfeited for services                23. The renting party is responsible for any damage to the building during its use and for or
     rendered.                                                                                        extra cleaning required as a result of its use. The Church, in its sole discretion, may
                                                                                                      use such amount of the Security Deposit to defray such costs. Additional costs must
5.   Use of the church’s property is restricted to the areas defined by this approved                 be paid by the renting party.
     Facility Request Form and the restrooms on the first floor of the Fogg Building
                                                                                                  24. Before the premises are vacated, the responsible person must check that:
6.   The church property is not to be used for purposes that promote a particular                      All non-essential lights are turned off and all windows are locked.
     political party or candidate.                                                                     Restrooms are clean and no water is left running
                                                                                                       All rooms used by the renting party are left clean. Any equipment used is returned clean to
7.   Smoking in the buildings or in the surrounding property is not permitted.                           its designated location.
                                                                                                       Tables/chairs are put away properly
8.   Use of alcoholic beverages is subject to prior approval of the Board of Trustees.                 Doors are locked.
                                                                                                       Garbage and trash have been put in plastic bags and sealed and placed in the
9.   Food and beverages are not permitted in the Sanctuary without the prior                             dumpster outside.
     approval of the Board of Trustees.
                                                                                                  25. The security deposit, less any withholding for damage or clean-up costs, will be deducted from
10. Sexton services are required for all functions with more than 25 people, unless                   the final cost of the event.
    other prior arrangements are expressly made.
                                                                                                  26. The renting party agrees to indemnify and hold the church harmless for any damages that may
11. The Sexton is to be paid directly for services BEFORE the start of the room time.                 occur in connection with the event.
12. The fees for the sexton include one hour of regular set-up. If additional                     By signing this agreement, the undersigned agree to comply with all of the terms and conditions set
    services/set-ups are required, they will be determined before setting the final               forth therein. Failure to adhere to such terms and conditions may result in immediate loss of the
    Sexton fee.                                                                                   renting party’s privileges to use the church facilities and loss of the renting party’s security deposit.
13. The church building will be unlocked at the starting time of the function, unless
    otherwise arranged.                                                                           Signature(s):_____________________________________ Date:____________
                                                                                                  Name of Bride/Groom-to-be:
14. The renting party is required to supply its own linens, dinnerware, silverware,
    pots, pans and other utensils, unless expressly agreed to prior to the rental.                Signature(s):_____________________________________ Date:____________
                                                                                                  Name of Bride/Groom-to-be:
15. The renting party must not engage in any illegal or inappropriate behavior.

16. All functions must end and the church be vacated by the designated time.                      Approved: _____________________________________                 Date:____________
                                                                                                            (Senior Minister)
17. Visits to the church in advance of the event must be coordinated through the
    church office and should be limited to the extent possible.                                   Approved: _____________________________________                 Date:____________
18. Use of the church office phones, copier, or other equipment is not allowed.
                                                                                                  First Baptist Church in Newton                                                             617.244.2997
19. The throwing of confetti, rice or birdseed is not allowed anywhere in the church              848 Beacon Street, Newton, MA 02459                                                 (fax) 617.969-2484
    building or on the church grounds.
                                                                                          For Church Use Only

DATE CONFIRMED:                                                                      SEXTON CONFIRMED:


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