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					                                     EXHIBIT B
                                  Scope of Services
                              Robert B. Atwood Building
                                  Security Services

The intent of this RFP is for the responder to provide a program of security service for
the Robert B. Atwood Building and the following is the minimum standards that will be
adhered to.

1. General
      a. The Contract Administrator/Officer of these specifications is the
         Building/Facility Management or his/her designee.
      b. To facilitate contract administration and inspection by representatives of the
         Contract Administrator, the Contractor shall provide the following:
             i. The Contractor shall supply the names of at least two (2)
                 representatives able to represent the contractor in every aspect
                 pertaining to the work required by these specifications within twenty-
                 four hours of any resulting contract.
            ii. The representatives, their location, and their availability must be
                 satisfactory to the Contract Administrator.
           iii. The Contractor shall maintain phone service twenty-four hours a day
                 for the purpose of receiving call-out notices. The appropriate phone
                 numbers shall be supplied to the Contract Administrator within
                 twenty-four hours of award of any resulting contract.

2. Performance Inspections
     a. Authorized PTP Inc representatives will periodically conduct on-the-job
         inspections to determine the overall quality of contract performance, the job
         knowledge of individual guards, and effectiveness of training, and to observe
         and determine the conduct and appearance of guard personnel.

3. Contractor Duties
     a. The Contractor shall furnish all supervision, labor, tools, equipment,
        materials, supplies, and transportation to satisfactorily perform the security
        and patrol services in the manner and at the frequencies set forth in the
        contract specifications, and in established post orders.
     b. Contractor will provide, operate, and maintain a protection force to perform
        all necessary guard functions and such other related functions as specified
        herein. Such service expressly includes the provision of management and
        administrative services sufficient to operate a comprehensive security
        program. Management and administration means that the Contractor will
        provide a complete supervisory framework; i.e. "chain of command," for the
        routine reporting of and response to any and all security-related matters as
        specified in the contract and established Post Orders.
     c. The Contractor's authorized representatives, the primary being the Lead
        Security Officer, shall act as liaison to the Contract Administrator and shall at
        all times attempt to minimize the incidents requiring PTP staff approval of
     d. Post Orders will (to the maximum extent possible) be defined in writing as a
        part of a "Post Order" to be published by the building/facility management
        and provided to the Contractor.

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4. Electronic Security Systems
      a. The Contractor shall provide trained, qualified personnel as outlined
          elsewhere herein, to man the Card Access, CCTV and Fire Panel Systems
          installed at the Robert Atwood Building Security Desk.

5. Minimum Qualifications for Security Personnel assigned to the Building
      a. Each Security Officer ….:
              i. Shall be U.S. citizens or have a valid resident alien status.
             ii. Be fully literate in the English language (i.e., be able to read, write,
                 speak understand and be understood) Oral command of the English
                 language must be sufficient to permit full communication, particularly
                 in times of stress.
           iii. Capability to move quickly, if necessary.
            iv. Present a neat appearance.
             v. Able to maintain long periods of staying on their feet for the majority
                 of the shift.
            vi. Have good verbal communication skills.
           vii. Able to perform frequent and regular patrol of specific buildings and
                 parking areas.
          viii. Able to follow the procedures set forth in the approved security guard
            ix. Able to handle stressful situations and deal with verbal and physical
             x. Have a valid drivers license.
            xi. One-year experience in a responsible security position.
           xii. High school diploma or equivalent.
          xiii. Successfully completed contractor training in the following: technique
                 and patrol, first aid including CPR public relations, safety, proper use
                 of telephones and radio, proper use of written report forms, sight hours
                 on site training by supervisor of the Contractor verified and
                 documented by the Contractor.
          xiv. Shall not be considered for this contract if they currently or in the past
                 been involved in: (a) any felony or sex conviction, (b) military conduct
                 resulting in dishonorable or undesirable discharge, (c) any pattern of
                 irresponsible behavior; including but not limited to unreasonable
                 driving, or a problem employment record.
           xv. The Security Officers must successfully pass a medical examination,
                 conducted at the Contractor’s expense, prior to any duty assignment.
                 The minimum requirements are as follows:
                      1. Freedom from any communicable disease.
                      2. Binocular vision, which is correctable to 20/20 vision.
                      3. Ability to distinguish shades of colors.
                      4. Ability to hear ordinary conversation at a distance of 20 feet,
                         without the use of artificial hearing devices.
                      5. Freedom from drug use, except prescribed medication as
                         evidenced by urinalysis test.
                      6. Freedom from disease or condition that results in indistinct
                      7. Free from any physical or emotional disorder, or any hindrance
                         that may inhibit or preclude meeting the professional standards
                         required by the contract.

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                      8. Blood pressure and other vital signs must be within normal
           xvi. In addition officers experience shall include direct working
                  experience with the following equipment and applications or similar
                  equipment and applications used for Security, Fire and HVAC
                  monitoring purposes:
                      1. Card Access Operator Interface Software
                      2. IBM Compatible Personal Computers
                      3. Microsoft Windows Applications
6. Standards of Conduct
      a. The Contractor shall be responsible for maintaining satisfactory standards of
         employee competency, conduct, appearance, and integrity, and shall be
         responsible for taking such disciplinary action with respect to his employees
         as may be necessary.
      b. The Security Officer is expected to be in frequent contact with his employees
         and customers.
      c. A Security Officer is expected to be effective in establishing and maintaining
         good relationship between the security organization, individuals in the
         Municipality, and customers.
      d. An improper attitude on the part of the Security Officer can seriously damage
         the cooperative relationship that must exist between the security organization,
         employees, and customers.
      e. A Security Officer is to be well trained in being courteous, acting with
         restraint, and using judgment and common sense. Security Officers will fill
         out all required reports and forms for each shift in a legible and concise
      f. Security Officers will be familiar with and able effectively assist in
         implementing emergency procedures for bomb threats, fires, medical
         emergencies, power outages and other emergency situations.
      g. Security Officers will inform building management of any hazardous
      h. Security Officers will present a neat, clean and professional appearance and be
         dressed in the prescribed uniform at all times while on duty in the building;
         with the exception of the relief Security Officers who may wear standard
         Security Officer Uniforms.
      i. Security Officers will use proper radio procedure when operating their FM
         radios within the building.
      j. Security Officers will perform any reasonable duty which building
         management may designate from time to time.

7. Personnel: The following outlines the various levels of supervisory personnel and
   their involvement in the work as specified:
       a. Supervisor:
                i. Establish a level of service that meets or exceeds the standards set by
                   Building Management.
               ii. Regularly schedule communication with Building Management
                   personnel in order to anticipate and eliminate problems.
              iii. Regularly schedule review of the daily log for the Robert B. Atwood
              iv. Regularly communicate with Building Management with regard to
                   systems, equipment, personnel and overall quality of program.

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                 v. Check monthly invoice for accuracy.
                vi. Supervise hiring and training of all new and replacement personnel.
               vii. Advise Building Management on security and emergency procedures
                     and policies.
          b. On-Site Supervisor:
                  i. Oversee and direct the operation of the building security staff.
                 ii. Develop annual objectives, programs and projects that will improve
                     efficiency and effectiveness of the security staff.
               iii. Be responsible for the performance of on-site personnel.
                iv. Be responsible for all reports, summaries and correspondence required
                     by Building Management.
                 v. Be responsible for a program promoting and maintaining good
                     relationships with Building Management, tenants and visitors.
                vi. Establish proper equipment usage procedures.
               vii. Be responsible to the supervisor for evaluation of performance of
              viii. Communicate on a daily basis with Building Management to insure
                     mutual currency on building status, needs and problems.
                ix. Provide Building Management with copy of weekly work schedule.

8. General Description of the Work: The successful offeror will provide uniformed,
   unarmed Security Officer Services in accordance with 13 AAC 60, this RFP, and Post
   Orders and any other documents developed as a result of this RFP. This RFP does
   not address all the requirements pertaining to application and certification of Security
   Officers. Offerors are strongly encouraged to review 13 AAC 60 for specific
   requirements and qualifications of Security Officer Agencies and Security Officer.
   State of Alaska regulations are available on the Internet at:
       a. Contractor to provide the following:
               i. Personnel:
                       1. All employees hired and trained on the basis of a thorough and
                          demonstrable knowledge and understanding of the work they
                          are to perform. Each employee has an itemized list of daily
                          duties and general guidelines as to attitude and priorities.
                       2. Names, addresses, phone numbers and photographs of all
                          employees will be submitted to Building Management, prior to
                          entrance in the building. Building Management reserves the
                          right, at any time, to reject an employee submitted by the
                       3. All employees will be aware of and agree to the building policy
                          of no alcoholic beverages, drugs or illegal substances permitted
                          on the premises. Additionally, it is agreed that any employee
                          showing signs of having used any of the above substances will
                          be removed immediately from the building and will not return
                          to work there.
                       4. Building Management has the right to request transfer from the
                          premises any employee it feels to be incompetent, careless,
                          insubordinate or otherwise objectionable and contrary to the
                          best interest of the building and its owners.
                       5. No guns or other force type weapons will be permitted on
                          the premises.
              ii. Insurance and Indemnity

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                      1. Contractor to provide insurance and indemnity coverage’s as
                           outlined in the Contract Provisions.
              iii. Uniforms
                      1. Contractor shall supply, insure and maintain in clean and
                           serviceable condition the following pieces of uniform clothing
                           for each guard: gray blazer, black slacks, white shirt, black tie.
                           Guards will wear black shoes and black socks, shoes to be
                           other than athletic-type shoes.
9. Specific Description of the Work - Security Officers performing under this contract
   represent the State of Alaska and must conduct themselves in a courteous and
   professional manner. On duty Security Officers must always maintain an imposing
   presence to the public. Proper utilization of the Robert B. Atwood Bldg’s various
   Security Systems requires well trained, skilled individuals. In addition to the Security
   Officer requirements of 13 AAC 60, specific requirements of Security Officers
   performing under this contract include:
       a. Security Officer hours:
                i. Sunday-Saturday (24 hours daily)
                      1. One (1) guard per following shifts:
                               a. 0000 to 0800 (midnight to 8:00 a.m.)
                               b. 0800 to 1600 (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)
                               c. 1600 to 2400 (4:00 p.m. to midnight)
               ii. Relief Schedule:
                      1. 1- 30 to 45 min – 7 nights a week 7-9:30 p.m. for onsite guard
                           check 20th fl, perimeter and garage.
                      2. 1- 60 to 90 min – 7 nights a week 2-3:30 a.m. for onsite guard
                           to do complete walk of premises.
                      3. 1- 60 to 90 min – 10:20 a.m.-1p.m. Weekends and Holidays.
                           Of onsite guard to do complete walk of premises.
       b. Security Officers are prohibited from performing duties under this contract for
          more than twelve (12) consecutive hours in a 24-hour period without a non-
          duty break of a minimum of eight hours.
       c. Security Officers will be stationed in the first floor lobby, at a guard desk to
          be provided by Building Management. Security Officers shall maintain
          security through sign-in procedures and other procedures as established by
          Building Management. When relief Security Officer is present, Security
          Officer shall make thorough check of the entire building as established by
          procedures set by Building Management.
       d. Whenever possible public relations, rather than law enforcement techniques,
          will be used.
       e. Security Officers shall be familiar with and responsible for unlock and lock up
          of the property, lighting schedules, access procedures and any other operating
          procedures which Building Management may designate.
       f. Security Officers shall be completely familiar with and able to operate and
          respond to all alarm systems in the building. The main office or dispatch
          vender of the Contractor shall monitor the building alarm panel and elevator
          emergency phones through their dispatch center.
       g. Security Officers will work in cooperation with janitorial staff to assure a
          clean and safe condition in the building.
       h. Security Officers will fill out all required reports and forms for each shift in a
          legible and concise manner.

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10. Key Control
    Contractor shall be responsible for securing all building keys issued to the Contractor.
    Contractor shall be responsible to maintain, issue, and control keys issued to
    authorized vendors on a daily basis. Vendors include: general construction
    contractors, janitorial contractors, etc.

11. Automated Lighting System
    The Robert B. Atwood Building is equipped with an automated lighting system
    controlled through the phone system. Contractor shall be responsible for education
    and training its staff on the operating procedures and provide support, as required, to

12. Automated Card Access
    The Robert B. Atwood Building is equipped with an automated card access system
    controlled through the computer system. Contractor shall be responsible for education
    and training its staff on the operating procedures and provide support, as required, to

13. Record Keeping
    The on duty Security Officers shall maintain a duty log for each shift noting all
    activities that occurred during the shift, when each facility was inspected during the
    shift, and confirmation that the Security Officer completed the required tasks outlined
    in the Post Orders and/or as assigned by the Contracting Officer for that shift. The
    Contractor and the Contracting Officer will work together to establish a format for the
    duty log. The duty logs for each shift shall be submitted at the end of each shift to the
    Contracting Officer. The Contractor must maintain copies of the duty logs for the
    term of the contract.

   In addition to noting any hazardous conditions or physical damage to buildings and
   parking areas in the duty log, Security Officers shall report in writing any such
   damage to the Contracting Officer or the Contracting Officer designee. Such
   conditions include, but are not limited to, nonfunctioning lights, leaky faucets, toilet
   stoppages, broken or slippery floor surfaces, graffiti, vandalism, etc.

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