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					                                     Chibardun Telephone Cooperative / CTC Telcom
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                                                        Phone: 715-458-5400, Fax: 715-458-2112

                                                    CTC Wireless ~ Cellular Terms
3-Way Calling Allows you to conduct a conference call between three parties. (network and subscription dependent feature -- not available in all areas)
Airtime The time elapsed between the start of a call achieved by connecting to your service provider's network and the termination of a call achieved
by pressing the end button. Network connection time includes signals received prior to voice transmission, such as busy signals and ringing.
Alarm Clock Your pager alarm can be set for a specific time and date or can used as a daily alarm.
Alphabetic Directory Allows storage of names and phone numbers in alphabetic order for easy retrieval.
Alphabetic Scroll Similar to a built-in phone book, this feature allows scrolling alphabetically through the names in the directory for easy retrieval.
Alphanumeric Directory Allows storage of names and phone numbers for easy retrieval.
Analog The technological basis for most current cellular systems. Primarily designed to transmit sound waves, as in conversations.
Analog Only A digital feature allowing the sending of voice channel operations (i.e., fax machines, personal computers with modems, etc.) without
having to manually seek an analog channel each time.
Answering Machine The phone's internal memory allows callers to leave a personal message.
Audible Keypad Tone Confirms that a key has been pressed properly. Helps avoid airtime charges to incorrect numbers.
Authentication Capable Your phone is equipped with an A-Key which acts as a PIN number that offers you and the cellular service provider an
additional level of security against cellular fraud.
Automatic Answer Allows call answering without pressing the SND button. After a brief ring, simply lift the unit to your ear and begin the conversation.
Automatic Backlighting Touching any key will illuminate the display and keypad for viewing ease.
Automatic Display Timer Set On to automatically display the Last Call Timer at the end of each phone call.
Automatic Hands Free When this feature is enabled, simply hang up the phone to begin a hands free conversation.
Automatic Lock When activated the phone will automatically lock each time it is turned off to help prevent unauthorized use.
Automatic Redial (on system busy) Upon a System Busy signal, simply press the SND button and the phone will redial the call.
Auxiliary Alert When activated, incoming calls will cause the vehicle horn to sound or (installation option) headlights to flash to alert the user to return
to the vehicle.
Battery Indicators Audible...Tone "beeps" to alert that the battery is running low. Visual...A "LoBat" message in the display indicates that the battery is
running low.
Battery Meter/Dedicated Battery Meter A visual indicator of the estimated time remaining on the battery helps avoid dropped calls due to insufficient
current voltage.
Blocking The effect that causes a user to get a busy signal indicating there are no free channels.
Built-in Fraud and Cloning Protection Inherent in the multi-service phones, protects your calls from being intercepted from outside factors.
Built-in Microbrowser* Your phone provides an Internet browser.
Call-in-Absence Indicator If the unit is left active and an incoming call is not answered, the message "Call" will be displayed to inform the user of a call
Call-in-Progress Protection If the unit is wired to turn on and off with the vehicle ignition, calls will not be terminated when the ignition is turned off.
Call Alert Privately page an individual by sending an audible tone.
Call Alert Stacking With Call Alert Stacking, you can either clear a Call Alert or save it to the queue for later recall.
Call Barring Allows you to set your phone to prohibit certain incoming or outgoing phone calls. (network and subscription dependent feature -- not
available in all areas).
Call Continuation Allow the user to go from UltraSaver™ accessory operation to battery operation without ending the call.
Call Forwarding Allows you to set your phone to forward all calls to an alternate phone number. (network and subscription dependent feature -- not
available in all areas).
Call Holding You can put callers on hold. (network and subscription dependent feature -- not available in all areas).
Call Line Identifier Phone numbers with Calling Line ID information are displayed, so you can choose which calls to answer.
Call Timers Allows tracking of airtime usage to monitor phone expenses

        Resettable Like a stopwatch, timer will accumulate until the user resets it.
        Cumulative Not resettable. Displays total time since the unit was first activated.
        Individual Each call's duration can be displayed either during or after the call.
        Audible Ten seconds before the end of each airtime minute, a tone is heard. (Can be turned off.)
        Automatic Display Displays accumulated airtime during and after each call.
        Programmable Programs the phone to signal; Once during each call after a programmable number of seconds (one-time beep), and/or at
        intervals of programmable number of seconds during each call (repetitive beeps).

Call Waiting While making a call, the phone will alert you that another person is trying to call you. You can choose to answer the call or it will forward to
your voice mail. (network and subscription dependent feature -- not available in all areas).
Caller ID A network/subscription dependent service that allows you to see your caller's number before answering.
CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) CDMA separates communications by code. Voice is broken into digitized bits, and groups of bits are tagged with
a code. Each code is associated with a single call in the network. Groups of bits from one call are randomly transmitted along with those of other calls.
Then they are reassembled in the correct order to complete the conversation.
Cell The area controlled by one cell site. All calls made within the cell go by radio waves to that cell site. Cells are usually hexagonal and can be
anywhere from 0.4 miles up to 15 or more miles in radius.
Cell Broadcast You can receive general messages broadcast to a group of phone numbers such as weather or financial updates. (network and
subscription dependent feature -- not available in all areas).
Cellular Carrier One of the two competing companies in a given geographic area that owns and operates a cellular system.
Cellular Messaging Service This feature combines paging and voice mail into one convenient message center. (Network and/or subscription
dependent feature. Not available in all areas).
Cellular Service A Personal Communications Service that provides two-way voice and data communications through handheld, portable, and car-
mounted phones through wireless modems incorporated into devices such as laptop computers and electronic notebooks. Cellular service can offer
enhanced features such as voice mail and call waiting. Geographic coverage areas for cellular service are very large and can cover cities, counties, and
entire states.

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entire states.
Cellular Service Provider A company affiliated with a cellular carrier that provides cellular service to its customers.
Cellular Signal The radio waves that carry information between your cellular phone and the cellular system.
Cellular System The cellular equipment in a given geographic area that relays signals to and from individual cellular telephones and the landline
telephone system.
Clear Last Digit/Clear All To clear the entire number, press and hold Clear button. To clear the last digit, press Clear button and release quickly.
Credit/ Calling Card Dialing You can store credit or calling card access numbers in the phone's memory separated by pauses for recall later.
Dedicated Message Key Allows quick access to digital messages.
Delayed Call Placement Programs the unit to place a call after a user-designated number of minutes have passed. Helps user remember to place
important calls.
Detailed Billing Gives you a detailed account of each month's expenditures. Calls are listed by date the call was placed or received.
Digital The general term for communications technologies that digitize transmissions into binary code.
Digital Advisor Receive voice mail notification, numeric pages and canned messages.
Digital Indicator A visual indication that the phone is operating in the digital mode.
Digital Voice Caller™ Operation Allows standard phone operation with the sound of the user's voice.
Display Own Phone Number This feature will display of the phone's currently active phone number.
Displays A variety of display types are available within Motorola's cellular product line

        LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Easy viewing in all lighting conditions. Uses dark segments against a lighter background.
        Color LCD Reverses the display image, making it possible to create colored, luminous segments. Provides clearer, crisper, bolder-looking
        characters that are easy to read.
        LED (Light Emitting Display) Light emitting displays are big and bright. They provide excellent visibility in direct sunlight and in darkness.
        VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) This display retains visibility in direct sunlight and is highly visible in darkness. It can be seen without
        distortion over a wide range of viewing angles and remains fully operational over a broad temperature range.

Distinctive Ringing Calls from a designated list of phone numbers will ring in a special way (network and subscription dependent feature -- not
available in all areas).
Dual Battery Capability Allows you to use a main and auxiliary battery on your phone for extended talk times.
Dual Mode Capability The phone is capable of accessing digital or AMPS channels to provide a better chance of obtaining cellular service (network
and subscription dependent feature -- not available in all areas).
Electronic Lock When activated the phone will automatically lock each time it is turned off to help prevent unauthorized use.
Electronic Scratchpad Acts as a message pad and allows storage of a number during a call. Numbers can also be stored in permanent memory if
Electronic Serial Number (ESN) A unique unchangeable number that is built into the phone and is transmitted by the phone as a means of identifying
itself within the system.
Emergency One-Touch Dialing A memory location reserved for storing an important number. The number can be accessed and called even if the
phone is locked.
Family Freedom Total rate plan minutes shared by all phones. All phones must be on the same account. After shared minutes are used, primary plan
post-package minute rates apply.
Feature Menu Allows easy access and activation of frequently used features. User can utilize numerous features accurately and easily.
Fixed Dialing With this feature activated, your phone will only allow calls to numbers you have programmed on your Fixed Dial list.
Function Keys The non-numeric keys on your phone used to access and navigate menu features, as well as perform memory functions.
Glass Mount Antenna Mobile antenna type usually mounts on the rear window without drilling any holes.
GSM is the pan-European standard for digital cellular telephone service. It is also one of the
technologies available in the Americas. GSM was designed for markets to provide the advantage of automatic, international roaming in multiple
countries. The SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card is a vital component in GSM operation. The user can store all relevant data for the phone on
a removable plastic card. The card can be plugged into any GSM compatible phone and the phone is instantly personalized to the user.
Hands-Free Operation Allows you to conduct a conversation without holding the cellular phone.
Headset Jack Capable When used with the headset/microphone accessory, hands-free conversations can take place.
Hearing Aid Compatible Provides hearing impaired persons with the convenience and flexibility of wireless communications through their t-coil
compatible hearing aids. (Not compatible with all hearing aids. Hearing aids must contain a t-coil. T-coil must be activated when using the phone.)
Home Only Mode With this System Mode selected, your phone will only operate within range of your home cellular system.
Home System The local cellular system where you obtain your cellular service.
Ignition Sense The phone automatically turns on and off with the vehicle's ignition to protect against draining the vehicle's battery.
Illuminated Keypad Allows keypad viewing in the dark.
Incoming Call Screening Program the unit not to receive calls, but to signal when they occur.
Internal Rapid Charging Capable Your phone has a built-in battery charger. You can plug the phone directly into a power source to charge any
attached batteries.
Last Number Backup Remembers the last number called, allowing for faster redialing.
Last 10 Number Backup The phone remembers the 10 most recent phone numbers called even after it's been shut off.
Last Number Recall A little "notepad" built right into the phone automatically remembers the last (1-10) phone numbers called.
Last 10 Received and Sent Call List The user can view, dial, and store phone numbers from the last 10 calls sent and received.
Locks A variety of locking options are available

        Automatic Lock For enhanced security, the telephone can be programmed to automatically lock each time you turn it off.
        Display Unlock Code Refers to the Unlock Code in case it's forgotten.
        Electronic Lock Prevents unauthorized use of your phone. Only entry of the 3-digit Unlock Code will unlock the phone.
        Programmable Unlock Code Enables the user to change the 3-digit Unlock Code should the code become compromised.

Low Battery Warning A visual and/or audible indication that the battery is approaching discharge.
Memory Linking Automatically recalls and sequentially sends numbers stored in different memory locations. Combines with the Pause in Memory
feature to benefit credit card calling or computer access.
Memory Location A space in the internal Phone Book where you can store a telephone number.
Memory Overwrite Protection Prevents the accidental overwriting and erasure of existing names and/or numbers in memory.
Memory Pause A pause command can be entered at the end of a stored number to allow for a system response when using credit card numbers or
alternate long distance system ID numbers.
Memory Protect Prevents accidental overwriting and erasure of existing names and/or numbers in memory.

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Memory Protect Prevents accidental overwriting and erasure of existing names and/or numbers in memory.
Memory Scroll Allows sequential viewing of numbers and/or names stored in memory, starting at a chosen point. A fast and easy means of scanning
memory locations.
Message Mail™ Can be either a numeric or a text message of up to 140 characters. Multi-service portables can receive and store 16 mail messages at
any time.
Message Waiting Indicator At one quick glance you can find out if you have any new unread messages to view (network and subscription dependent
feature - not available in all areas).
MHz (Megahertz) One million hertz or cycles per second. Used to measure radio frequency.
Missed Call Indicator The user will be notified that a call was received and not answered.
Microcell A very small cell used in densely populated areas where traffic volume is high. (There is no official definition of what cell radius distinguishes a
small cell from a microcell.)
Microbrowser See Minibrowser
Minibrowser Also called a Microbrowser. Software built into a wireless device that allows you to access and display specially-formatted Internet content,
such as stock reports, news, and sports scores, using only your handset.
Mobile Phone Usually refers to a car phone.
Mode Key On multi-service phones press the mode key to change between Phone, Group, and Private modes.
Mr. Rescue Instant access to roadside help when you're stranded. Available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
Multiple Key Answer Allows phone to be answered after one ring by pressing any digit key. A faster, more convenient way to answer than searching
for a specific key.
Multiple Ringer Tones Help distinguish the phone's ring by choosing one of several ringer styles.
Mute Control Mutes the handset or speaker to allow private conversations without the called party overhearing.
Name/Number Order Preference The phone can be set to scroll the directory by name or number according to user preference.
Name Tags Identification of incoming Group or Private call ID.
Network Connection Time The time elapsed between the start of a call achieved by connecting to your service provider's network and the termination
of a call achieved by pressing the end button. Network connection time includes signals received prior to voice transmission, such as busy signals and
No Answer Transfer Forwards calls when you can't answer your wireless phone. It also lets you decide either to answer an incoming call or let it
forward to the number you've selected.
Noise Canceling Microphone A technology that screens out unwanted background noise to allow clearer conversations.
On-Hook Call Processing Allows the user to leave the handset in its mount until the called party answers for safer operation.
One-Touch Call Back On multi-service phones, you can respond to pages with just the touch of one button.
One-Touch Private or Group Call Access Allows you to communicate with several people at once or have one private conversation with the touch of
one button.
Outgoing Call Restrictions and Service Levels Programs the unit for different levels of restriction on outgoing calls to control security and/or costs.

         Dialing from memories 1-10 only.
         Dialing from memory only.
         Dialing from keypad only.
         Full service.
         7-digit dialing only.
         NO storage in memories 1-10.
         Memory Lock (5 specified decades-total lock).

Pause Dialing/Memory Linking By including pauses between linked memory locations the phone can dial a telephone number and then wait for user
response before continuing to transmit. This feature is useful for accessing voice mail system, banking via phone, accessing credit card information, etc.
Personality User Interface Personalize your phone's menu by choosing which features you want readily available.
Phone Book The collection of telephone numbers you have stored into your phone's internal memory.
PIN Code/Authentication Capable The service provider may require a personal identification number (PIN) for use with outbound calling to help guard
against cellular fraud.
Portable A category of cellular telephones that have an attached rechargeable battery and can be held comfortably in the hand.
Postscripting Allows recalling a number and adding more digits from the keypad before placing a call to keep repetitive number dialing faster.
Priority Dial Allows you one touch dialing from memory location 01 even when the phone is locked. (See Emergency Dial also.)
ProductGuard Protects your wireless phone against damage and theft.
Programmable Talk Groups A predefined set of individuals who share a common communication need. Talk groups appear on display as names or
Quick Access Menu Tailor your phone by programming your most frequently used features into your personal menu. Access these features with just
two quick key presses.
Quick Battery Change Capability Allows changing of batteries or switching to a Travel Battery Saver during a call.
Quick Disconnect Control Unit (mobiles and transportable); The control unit is easily removable to reduce the risk of theft.
Quick Store Phone Numbers This features allows you to quickly store a received Private ID or Phone Number without having to enter a programming
Recall by Name/Number Location This feature allows scrolling through the directory by name or by number according to user preference.
Reminder Beeps If the service provider offers Digital Message Access the phone can be set to remind you that there are messages waiting to be
Resettable Timer You can track in one minute intervals the approximate amount of network connection time elapsed. Use this feature to view the time
elapsed, and follow the instructions in the user manual. Note, the amount of network connection time you track on your resettable timer may not equal
the amount of time for which you will be billed by your wireless service provider. For billing information, please contact your service provider directly.
Roamer A subscriber to one cellular system who is "roaming" in (visiting) another market. The switch in the market being visited will allow the subscriber
to use his or her phone provided the switch operator has a roaming agreement with the home operator (and also provided the subscriber is current with
his/her bills).
Roaming A service offered by most cellular service providers that allows subscribers to use cellular service while traveling outside their home service
area. When they are outside their home service area and come within range of another cellular system, the ROAM indicator on the cellular phone will
light to show that they are in range.
Scratch Pad Memory An automatic memory features that allows entry of a number into the keypad during a conversation for recall after the
conversation has ended.
Scroll Keys Allows user to scroll forward and backward through menu options and lists.
Seamless Power You can switch power sources while a call is in progress without losing the call.
See Through Flip™ Cover Lets you view incoming caller ID or message mail without opening cover of phone. Initiate and receive calls with cover

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See Through Flip™ Cover Lets you view incoming caller ID or message mail without opening cover of phone. Initiate and receive calls with cover
closed or open.
Service Level/Call Restriction Service levels can be set to restrict call placement (such as when lending the unit to another person).
Short Message Service You can receive alphanumeric messages on your phone. (network and subscription dependent feature -- not available in all
Signal Strength Meter/Dedicated Signal Strength Meter The Signal Strength Meter is a visual indication of the relative strength of the cellular signal to
help ensure that quality calls can be placed.
Silent Keypad The phone can be set to silence the tones heard when pressing a key.
Silent Ringer When this feature is activated the phone alerts an incoming call by flashing "CALL" in the display.
Silent Scratch Pad The phone can be set to silence the tones heard when pressing a key.
Sleep Mode Allows the user to conserve battery power when the phone is waiting for a call (network and subscription dependent feature -- not
available in all areas).
Smart Button One button that can be used to recall information from memory, place and end calls and toggle features on and off.
Smart (SIM) Card A credit card-like device capable of storing and transferring information regarding the card's user to communications devices such as
handheld and car phones, notebook computers, and personal digital assistants. This information could include how the user would like their phone calls
handled, method of payment, and the user's personal number. On some phone models, you can copy this information to the phone's memory.
Speechless Messaging Speechless is an advanced messaging service that allows you to send and receive text messages from your wireless digital
Speakerphone Enables you to receive calls hands-free or conduct conference calls.
Standby Time The time a battery can power a phone in the standby mode, ready to make or receive a call, without being used for an actual call. The
longer a phone is in standby mode, the less standby time remains in the battery.
Standby Timeout Reduces current draw on the unit to allow the user to leave the phone on.
Super Speed Dialing The touch of one or two memory locations and the Send key provide safe and rapid call initiation.
Switch-Hook Operation Handles call transferring, three-way calling, and other services the service provider may offer.
Talk Time The total time a battery can power a phone for cellular calls. As the phone drains the battery during a call, the talk time left in the battery
diminished until the phone is turned off or the battery is recharged.
TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access); TDMA is a digital format that divides a sequence of
conversations into packets of data according to time.
Theft Alarm Phone can be activated to make a call to a preprogrammed number if the unit is not unlocked within a specified time.
Time and Date Stamp Automatically displays the time and date of an incoming message.
Tone Dialing from Keypad Allows calling of numbers requiring tone dialing, just like a conventional phone.
Tone Dialing from Memory Allows storage and recalling of frequently used tone numbers.
Transceiver A radio transmitter and receiver combined into a single unit.
Transportable/Carry Phone General term given to cellular phones that are capable of three-watt output but can be used either as a portable unit or
temporarily installed in a vehicle. Motorola's transportable phone is an excellent choice for people who need the power of a mobile phone combined
with the flexibility of both in-vehicle and portable use.
Unanswered Call Indicator When the phone is on it will alert and then keep track of calls not answered.
Vehicular Speaker Phone (VSP) Hands-free operation that allows conversation to take place without using the handset. Enhances safety and
VibraCall™ Alert For situations where ringing may not be appropriate, or in noisy places where ringing may not be heard, the phone can be set for
discreet vibration.
Voice Mail A feature that allows you to capture voice messages.
Voice Mail Indicator Your phone will indicate when you have received messages in your voice mail box.
Volume Control Adjusts volume levels (depending on model) for the earpiece, ringer, and speaker to personal preference.
Volume Meter Easy review of the volume levels for the earpiece and ringer are displayed when either is adjusted. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)
By working on top of standard data link protocols, WAP provides a complete set of specifications to support Internet protocols. Simply put, it's a special
way of formatting content so that it can appear on small screens, like those on wireless phones or PDAs. WAP is becoming a global standard for
developing and delivering Internet content to wireless devices.
Web-Unwired Customized support from your wireless phone to the Internet. Access to real-time stock quotes, sports scores, news and more.
Wireless Application Protocol See WAP
Wireless Markup Language See WML
WML (Wireless Markup Language) Open language that allows the text from Web pages to be displayed on wireless phones and handheld devices.
WML is part of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). With a device that has a WML-compliant microbrowser, you can browse Internet and intranet
sites written in HDML. (01)

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