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                              Bulletin # 1/03

Effective 1/1/03 the Surplus Lines Association will utilize an Electronic Filing
System for recording monthly reports of all surplus lines producers.

Who has access to the system? All surplus lines licensees and any person they
elect to share the data with. Please remember that the decision to share your
data is your responsibility.

How is the system accessed and utilized? Every surplus lines licensee will
receive an E mail with a link that allows them to register in the system. The
registration page requires that you select and confirm a password.
 Once the licensee is logged in a year to date statement will appear showing
the current activity entered into the system. This data will be able to be viewed
but not edited (see comments below). The licensee will have the choice of
entering their monthly report in one of three ways:

  1) Enter No Premiums. If the licensee has no premiums to report they can
     select this option. A screen will appear that will allow them to
     electronically sign a declaration to the effect that they have no premium
     to report.
  2) If the producer has premiums to report then they should select either the
     “Enter Monthly Report” or “Upload Monthly Report”

      The “Enter Monthly Report” is intended for those licensees who are
      going to enter their data manually into the system. A reporting form will
      appear that consists of several fields:
      Produc Line: This is a single digit code that identifies the class of
      Business. There is a drop down box (arrow next to field) that will allow
      you to select a class of business.
      Policy #: This is the policy number field. It will accept all forms of data.
      Policy Year: This is a two digit field that identifies the policy year
      Ie 03. This is an important field as it governs a tax calculation.
      Named Insured: Insured name. It will accept all forms of data.
Insurer: This is a numerical field that identifies the Approved Non
Admitted Insurer writing the risk. There is a drop down box that
identifies the list of approved insurers. If an insurer has been approved
in the past but is not currently approved for new or renewal business
they will appear as a “shaded” entry and the selection when made will
appear as a yellow number. This will alert you to the fact that this
insurer can only be used on endorsements to policies that were issued
while the company was approved.
Premium: This is the gross premium appearing on the policy.
P & I Fees : These are any fees that the insured is required to pay in
addition to the premium. They do not include surplus lines tax or the
stamping fee.
Once the premium and fees are entered the surplus lines taxes and
stamping fee will be calculated . This procedure is repeated until all of
the entries for the month have been entered. If you need additional
space use the “Enter More Policies” feature. The available space is very
large .If you have more than 20 entries you should consider entering
your data on an Excel Spreadsheet and using the “upload monthly
report” system since long reports tend to take a long time to enter. You
can download this spreadsheet from the Transaction part of the website.

3) Upload Monthly Report This feature allows licensees who have their
data organized in disk form, excel spreadsheet or can convert data from
their accounting system into the format of the monthly report to
automatically load their data into the system. You should contact us if
you wish to use this method.

Once the transaction forms have been completed the system will identify
any problems that it encountered by Record # and discrepancy. You will
be able to view and edit the item(s) in question.

The system will now give you the option of “Submitting Affidavit”. The
system incorporates an Electronic Affidavit. The language appearing in
this document is approved by the Colorado Division of Insurance. At the
top of the document the totals for the month appear with the option to
edit or correct. If the figures are acceptable the Affidavit should be
“signed”. Once the Affidavit is signed you will not be able to reopen a
month. By signing the Affidavit you are confirming that you have
complied with the Colorado Statutes as respects placement of the
policies included in the report. In Colorado an Electronic signature has
the same effect as a “wet” signature.

At the end of the year the system will produce an Annual Statement that
will reflect all surplus lines transactions, the surplus lines tax due and
payment instructions. This document should be signed and a copy

      accompany your payment. Payment of taxes for the prior year must be
      made no later than March 1st of the following year. If you determine
      that figures need corrected then you may contact this office and we will
      re open the month in question.

 Stamping fees are collected monthly if they exceed $25. If less than that they
will be accrued. Please attach your check to a copy of the Affidavit so that we
may be able correctly assign payment.

 If you have any questions with this system please do not hesitate to call us.

John Wethey