Bomb Threat made by Phone by fionan


									           WIMS LOCKDOWN
   Remain Calm
   Clear Halls
   Check classes beside for missing teachers
    or sub
   Lock doors/cover windows/lower blinds
   Cut off lights
   Move students to the least visible area of
   No one enters or leaves.
   Take note of any missing students.
      WIMS Lockdown Classroom Procedures

Announcement over the PA system-Code-LOCKDOWN
(Drill Code is Lockdown Drill)

Teachers should quickly, but calmly do the

     Clear students from the hallways immediately and have them
      come into the nearest classroom. Make note of any students
      missing from your classroom.
     Check to see if the classroom next to yours has a teacher
      present. If not, or if a sub is present, instruct those students to
      quickly come into your classroom.
     Close and lock all windows and doors.
     Lower blinds on windows. 8th grade teachers cover small door
     Do not allow anyone to enter or leave the classroom once you
      have locked down until the all-clear announcement is given.
     Instruct students to move away from windows and doors to a
      designated area of the room previously discussed with students.
      (8th grade science students into supply room).
     Account for all students and turn off classroom lights. Each
      teacher should place a copy of all class rosters into folder on
      back of door.
     Teachers should tape green or red communication card on
      outside their classroom door. Also tape to window. Green card
      indicates that everything is safe in the classroom. Red card
      indicates that emergency assistance is needed as soon as
      possible. If no card is displayed, emergency personnel will
      assume that the intruder is in the classroom.
     If the intruder gains access to the room and starts shooting,
      instruct the students to leave the building or run to another safe
      area by school personnel outside the building.
     Remain calm and wait for further instructions from the
      administration or emergency personnel.
     Student cell phone use is not allowed.
Special Classroom Situations:
     Students at lunch - first 4 rows of tables move into the kitchen
      of the cafeteria - last 4 rows exit to the locker-rooms.
     PE students inside the gym - students go to far corner of gym on
      side of bleachers, lock the gym doors, and follow the same
      procedures as above.
     PE students outside the building - teachers take the students to
      an area previously designated as a “safe” area by the
     Lockdown occurs during a teacher’s planning - buddy-up with
      other teachers on hall and go to a secure classroom area
      (unless administration or emergency personnel directs the
      teacher to help in some manner.)
     If your door will not lock, move students to a classroom nearby
      whose doors will lock, if safety and timing permits. If not,
      barricade the door and move students out of the line of vision of
     Teachers in the 7th grade rooms with non-locking, connecting
      doors need to:
          o Lock hallway doors and exterior door.
          o Put something in front of the connecting door to block it in
            case the intruder gains access into the adjoining room.
     Lockdown code given early in the morning - all students should
      be instructed to get into their 1st block classes without going to
      lockers, breakfast, etc. Teachers then follow procedures above.
      Students on incoming buses will be routed to West Iredell High.
     Lockdown code given during a class change - students should go
      to the nearest classroom. Teachers immediately instruct the
      students in classroom procedures.
     Students in the library when code is given - students will be
      taken into the library office area, doors locked, and secured.

Decisions by Administration:
  o Doors to be unlocked by Administration or appointed Staff.
  o PE teachers need phones/radios to communicate if outside.
         (Phone Calls)

Have the person who answers the phone
during the day trained on bomb threat

Remain calm.

Ask the caller the following questions:
 1.    When is the bomb set to explode?
 2.    Where is the bomb right now?
 3.    What kind of bomb is it?
 4.    What does it look like?
 5.    What will cause it to explode?
 6.    Why did you place the bomb?
 7.    Where are you calling from?

After the phone call ends Press Star 57 to
trace the call

 Log the Time of the Call and inform the
   **Do not use Cell phones or Radios**
              WIMS Bomb Threat Plan
  -   Mrs. L. Findley will call for an administrator.
  -   At this time, Ms. E. Garrett will go to the vault and get school blue
      prints and Critical Incident Response Box.

Threat Assessment Team Leader
      Garry Moore – Principal
      Gayle Ballard – Assistant Principal
      Billy Thompson – Assistant Principal
             o Administrator will call central office.
             o SRO will call police department.

Threat Assessment Team
      Lynn Findley – Secretary
      Glen McCoy – TIMS
      Elinor Garrett – SAP Co-Coordinator
      Jay Hamilton – Counselor
      Henry Shepherd – Counselor
      Trudy Wooten – Data Manager
      Barbara Morrison – Bookkeeper
      Joann Raby – Nurse

Command Center
      Conference room/Principal’s Office
      Optional – Counselors Office
       Once we are together we will make a decision to evacuate the

Search Teams
      Garry Moore/Henry Shepherd – 8th grade classrooms/halls/bathrooms
      Gayle Ballard/Jay Hamilton – 6th grade classrooms/halls/bathrooms
      Billy Thompson/Ms. Garrett – 7th grade classrooms/halls/bathrooms
      Trudy Wooten/SRO – commons/wheel classrooms
      John Stroud/Joann Raby – Cafeteria
      Lynn Findley – Runner
      Glen McCoy – In charge of buses incase of evacuation to WIHS
Search Technique
    Get flashlight
    Tape to be used when room has been searched.
    Start in center of room and go out.
             WIMS Bomb Threat Plan

Evacuation Plan
     Pull the alarm – Follow Fire Drill Procedures.
     Teachers bring your attendance rosters.
     8th grade - football field
     7th ,Wheel, and ISS - bus lot hill (cow pasture)
     6th - upper soccer field

     If necessary, we will relocate to WIHS.

Glen McCoy – call WIHS to notify administration that we need their
buses and facility.
     Christine Miller
     Michael Burgess
     Crystal Harris
     Dan Roseman
     Barbara Sharpe
     Anita McMillan
     Trudy Wooten
     Clarke Phillips
     Susan Schultz
      Alberto Hernandez

Glenn McCoy takes bus and team to WIHS. Bus drivers go on buses
and leave students with colleagues.

Nancy Loftin will take TMD class on special education bus.

Christine Miller/Michael Burgess/Anita McMillan/Barbara Sharpe - pick
up 7th grade students in bus lot.

Clarke Phillips/Trudy Wooten/Dan Roseman - pick up 6th grade, wheel,
and ISS students in upper soccer field.

Susan Schultz/Alberto Hernandez/Crystal Harris – pick up 8th grade
students from football field on Watermelon Road.

Glen McCoy stays at WIHS and works with administration.

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