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									      Erasmus in
In general: Looking for information about courses and programs, to be able to decide what lectures
to follow and write the learning agreement, can become sometimes difficult. From the University‟s
home page ( ) click on the link COURSE: there you can find the lectures
list and get general information about them and the link to the detailed program. Regarding any
kind of difficulty or help needed it is always better to contact your personal tutor, whose contact
will be given to you by the professor responsible, in my case, Professor Comini.
I would suggest being rather quick in sending the papers requested by the University, since it takes
time between mail and bureaucracy to get everything done, especially during summertime. For any
doubt, please contact
There is also a welcome service available at Heathrow Airport for students coming from abroad, if I
                         am not mistaking, you will get the necessary papers to ask for it together
                         with the TENENCY AGREEMENT.
                         The down payment for the lodging‟s rent can be paid trough telephone
                         giving the credit card‟s number or trough money transfer, but I would not
                         suggest this last solution since this service will cost you about 20 euros.
                         The University will prefer to be paid through the form of the “direct debit”
                         but you won‟t be able to do it till you get an English bank account. Rent
                         can be paid every three months: October, January and March. You can pay
                         directly with a credit card to the Cash Office. I suggest getting an Italian
bank account and since the money from the scholarship never arrives on the right day, it is better
not to depend on that to pay the rent.

Journey: To move from the airports I suggest the service of the National Express
( You can buy the ticket at the airport. I suggest
getting an open ticket that you can use within three months.

Other information: Life is rather expensive… but… as they say, you
will learn to save!
Uxbridge„s downtown is about 1, 5 km from the University. There are
some rather convenient supermarkets as TESCO. Usually, free time is
little, so it‟s better to go to do your groceries once a week.
I suggest visiting London, once you have settled down: public
transportation is rather expensive, but it‟s really worth it; of course, as
a future engineer, you can‟t miss the Science Museum.
…another experience
Before departure: Send through fax or mail the Student Application Form and Learning
Agreement. The address is: Brunel University, Uxbridge, UB8 3PH, Tel. +44 (0) 1895 203 076,
Fax. +44 (0) 1895 203 084.
Once you have done this, you should receive at home the ERASMUS/EXCHANGE STUDENT
RECORD FORM that you should fill in and send to the specified address. It is always useful to
keep in touch with the responsible office to know what‟s up with your papers.
Your own referent faculty (Mechanical Engineering in my case) will have to approve your learning
agreement. Once it is approved, you will receive at home a lot of papers, most of which are useless
for Socrates students. It‟s important to say that, at Brunel University, Socrates students are treated
as normal British students, so it‟s important to specify many times that you are a European
Exchange Student so you don‟t have to pay taxes.
The only real important paper that you will receive
is the TENENCY AGREEMENT: once you get this
paper you can be sure you were accepted. In this
paper you will find your student identification
number and the accommodation‟s specifications as
the room that was assigned to you.

Journey: The only cheap thing in London is the
airplane ticket to get there. University is very close
to Heathrow Airport, 15 minutes by car, 20 by bus
A10 and 25 with bus U3 that stops directly in front
of the University. Wherever you will land, my
suggestion is to take a bus to Heathrow (about 25 pound for both ways) and from there the bus to
the University (1 Pound). When you settle down it is easier to find better and cheaper solutions.

I suggest taking the room offered by the University (standard single room): to do so, you will have
to deposit 150 £ as a down payment (you can also do it with credit card by telephone). The total, (9
months) will be about 2200 £ all included. Kitchen and bathroom are shared with all the other
students of the same floor (about 10 single rooms for every floor). The students‟ residences are on
the University campus and it is possible to connect to Internet for free at 10 Mbps speed. There is
also the possibility to have a room with a private bathroom but the price is 20 £ more each month
and they are smaller.

Once you sent the Tenency Agreement you will not receive any confirmation or welcome letter:
don‟t worry, this is normal. Bureaucratic matters are managed by the General Office of your
faculty, and there are no contacts with the International Relations Office: practically, you will have
to go trough all the procedures as a normal English student of the first year. It is really important to
get there at the beginning of the so called ENROLEMENT/INDUCTION week, around the 20th of
September, since in this week you will have to subscribe to all kind of services and facilities as
gym, library, etc. Once you get to Brunel, it‟s better to meet as soon as you can your responsible
(mine was Louiz Wrobel) and define with him your lectures and solve any inconvenient.
Learning agreement
Brunel University started as an Engineering Department (Isambard Brunel was an engineer in the
industrial revolution era) so it is not so difficult to find courses that can be accepted by our
university once we get back home, not only for the contents but also for the credits‟ amount.
Detailed programs are available only for subscribed students, so you should ask for them trough
email at the General Office.

Other suggestions
I suggest to study some English before departure and to get some
practical experience with computer programs. Everything is done
with computer and many programs for drawing and simulations
are used. It is better to have your own laptop, but there is also the
possibility to use university computers. Sport is a main issue of
this University. Practical labs are very well organized and if you have any idea, you can ask to be
inserted in some official project, very useful to understand the way that English people work. On
the University campus you can find many facilities as canteen, shops, library, sport centre, design
centre, disco, pubs…). The cost of life is about 100 pound a week.

Filippo Doro

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