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Dear Student

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					Dear Student

Re: University Accommodation Arrival Information

Please find enclosed details for moving into University of Salford Student Accommodation. If
you could take 5 minutes to read this email before your arrival it will make the process much
quicker and easier.

Arrival Dates and Times
Directions and travel information is available at If you are
arriving by taxi the address is :

           Castle Irwell Student Village, Cromwell Road, Salford M6 6DB.

Direction and travel information is available at

What Time Will You Arrive ?
Where possible we advise you to arrive between 10.00am and 4.00pm from Monday 4th
January until 5th February and a full check in service will be available between these times.

If a flight or other travel arrangements mean you cannot arrive between these times our
Resident Life Support Officers will be pleased to assist you and give you your keys. If you will
be arriving at the weekend or from 4.00pm to 10.00am it would be helpful if you can email us
at with your expected arrival time so we know when to expect

Collection of keys
Please go to Castle Irwell to collect your keys from the site reception. There is only one
entrance and security staff are present 24 hours a day so there will always be someone at the
entrance regardless of the time you arrive. Please bring a form of ID with you, as indicated on
our web pages at We will need to
take your photograph when you arrive.

What is provided in my bedroom?

                             A single bed
                             Washbasin
                             Wardrobe
                             Desk and chair
                             Desk lamp
                             Bin
                             Data cable
                             Bookcase
                             A pillow and mattress cover are provided but you may wish to bring
                              additional pillows and cushions

What is provided in the kitchen ?

                             A fridge and freezer
                             Electric oven
                             Microwave
                             Bin
                             Tables, chairs or breakfast bar

Bedding Packs
You can buy a bedding pack when you arrive for £20. A bedding pack includes a pillowcase,
single duvet, sheet and duvet cover. If you are arriving outside of the above hours, you can
obtain a bedding pack from our Resident Life Support Officers and pay for it when you check
Your room inventory will be given to you with your keys when you arrive. Your inventory is a
list of all the items provided in your accommodation and your chance to tell us if anything
requires attention – we will use the inventory to check your room‟s condition when you move
out. We recommend you complete this before you begin unpacking as it will be easier for you
to check everything. Please bear in mind that if students have arrived before you, the
communal areas will already have been used by other residents

Connecting Your PC
Unlimited broadband access is included for all students moving into University
accommodation. A data cable is provided in your welcome pack.
Get Prepared ( is your essential
starting point for connecting your computer to the internet in Halls of Residence.

Check Our Website
Don‟t forget to check our “Move In” section on our website regularly - a copy of our Resident Handbook will be
here too.

Welcome Programme
The Welcome Programme which is aimed at International Students runs from 27th January to
31 January, to help you settle into a new country and ensure you have time to be fully
organised before your course starts. We recommend International Students book an airport
welcome available to all students from 4 th January until 5th February- this is a free transfer
from the airport to your accommodation. The University‟s Get Ready website is extremely
useful for all new students

Swine Flu Advice and Prevention
As a precaution to all students we recommend that you check the information on the
University of Salford website It is also extremely important
that you register with a GP as soon as you can, especially if you are considered to be at high
risk – this will ensure you can access medicine and prescriptions if you need them. Please
see our swine flu information page and for further details. If you become ill
shortly after arriving please telephone one of our Customer Service Officers who will be able
to assist you.

Payment of Your Accommodation Fees
If you have received your accommodation fee payment schedule please ensure that the bank
account details are correct. If you need to change the account details or have not received a
schedule, please contact the Finance Officer at the Accommodation Office in Room L223
Allerton Building or telephone +44 (0) 161 295 6037, once you have moved in to your
accommodation. Your rent payments are taken from your UK bank account – you will need to
complete a form called a „‟direct debit‟‟ to make this happen. You can get a form from the Site
Reception. If you are only staying for a short period of time and do not wish to use this
payment method, please note your full accommodation fees will be due within 14 days of your

Once you have moved into your accommodation we will contact you via your University of
Salford email address – please ensure you check this email account regularly.

Due to the Christmas holidays the Accommodation Office will be running a limited service
            th                     th
between 24 December 2009 and 4 January 2010. If you have an urgent enquiry during this
time, please email as these emails will be checked on a
regular basis.

We look forward to seeing you very soon.
The Accommodation Services Team