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					                     Chinley, Buxworth and Brownside Parish Council

                        Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
   held on Thursday 27th May 2004, 7.50pm (following immediately after the APCM)
                     at the Parish Office, 3 Lower Lane, Chinley

Present:       Councillor T Jones(Chair), Councillors , K Buckley, Mrs C Eddie, R Hobson,
               Mrs S Holgate, Mrs J Lowe, J Peet and Mrs C Rofer and Clerk Mrs B Wise.

Apologies:     Councillors N Bridge and P Manford.

There were 5 members of the public and 1 member of the press present.

04/05/14     PC Simon Townsend

             PC Townsend reported that since 1st May 2004 there had been two
             crimes reported in both Chinley and Buxworth. In Chinley there had
             been a burglary at the Crown and Mitre on 12th May and a vehicle theft
             from Ash Grove. The latter had been resolved. In Buxworth the
             Memorial Club had been the scene of an attack and there had been a
             theft from a vehicle.

             Members of the Belgrade Avenue Neighbourhood watch continue to be
             concerned about speeding traffic on the avenue. They had tried several
             ways of approaching the county and borough councils to take action to
             counter this problem, but the highways department were averse to
             signage and added street furniture. Public pressure was now being
             planned to request signs to make drivers aware of where they are. The
             council agreed to write to the highways department, with a copy to Tom
             Levitt MP, supporting this initiative.

             PC Townsend also reported that he was aware of football being played
             on the Station Road car park, but it was the responsibility of the railway
             police to deal with this.

04/05/15     Open Forum

             One member of the public, acting on behalf of all those present, spoke
             to represent the Junior football club in support of their request for a
             donation from the Parish Council towards remedial work, to be carried
             out in the next few weeks, costing £1000 - £1200.

04/05/16     Apologies for absence

             Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Bridge and Manford.

    27th May 2004                                                                         4
04/05/17   Declaration of Members Interests

           There were no declarations of interest by Members present.

04/05/18   Minutes of the previous meeting:

           RESOLVED: the minutes of the meeting held on 22nd April 2004 were
           approved for signature of the Chair as a true and correct record.

04/05/19   Finance

           RESOLVED: to allocate the current quarters' S137 budget of £500 to the
           junior football club towards remedial work on pitches.

           A date was set for the next finance meeting: Wednesday 9th June at 7.30.

04/05/20   Clerk’s Report

           The Clerks report was received. It was further noted that the clerk had
           attended the first meeting of the Derbyshire branch of the Society of Local
           Council Clerk’s which had included a presentation on Financial Procedures.

04/05/21   Correspondence

           The following items of correspondence were received:
           1.   Highways Agency – information re widening of the M1 jnctns 21 –30.
           2.   Peak District NPA – update on issues of concern regarding:
                Membership of the Authority; Planning and Development Control;
                Working with Parishes and Communities.
           3.   Clerks & Councils Direct newsletter May 2004 issue 33.
           4.   Derbyshire Pension Fund - Local Government Pension Scheme
                Employer’s Newsletters number 36, number 34, number 35.
           5.   The Countryside Agency – changes to Vital Villages Programme
           6.   Derbyshire Rural Community Council – Rural Matters Spring 2004.
           7.   HPBC – notification of Annual meeting of HPBC (Tuesday 18th May
                2004 at 7.15)
           8.   HPBC – copy of newsletter produced on receiving ‘Excellent’
                rating following Comprehensive Performance Assessment.
           9.   Peak Park Parishes’ Forum – invitation to Liaison meeting between
                parishes and the National Par Authority to discuss Planning
                Development Control on Tuesday 15th June 2004 at Aldern House,
                Bakewell at 7.00pm (No representation)
           10. Letter from Faith Gunter confirming change of booking of the Green
                from June 12th 2004 to June 27th 2004.
           11. HP Community Arts – living here now posters (copy enclosed)
           12. Severn Trent Water – reply to correspondence re: Water Service
                Charges, requesting further information (system error)

    27th May 2004                                                                        5
       13.   ER Morris – letter of complaint: Closure of footpath used for over
             forty years and issues connected with allotment refurbishment. (copy
             enclosed)(Reply – allotment access only, not RoW)
       14.   Ringmaster e-mail – re: attempted auto theft. (copy enclosed)
       15.   Tom Levitt – letter of thanks for offer of use of Paris Room for a
             Surgery and suggesting possible use on Saturday 25th September 2004
             at 11am instead of Safeway in Chapel. (Respond YES)
       16.   Cllr Buckley – e-mail report from May surgery, four issues raised.
             Road junction Hayfield Road/Peep ‘o’ day (Change to STOP?)
             Obstruction Maynestone Road stones from wall at Stoodley’s(The
             Naze?). Removal of debris at Chinley Lodge.
             Chip paper litter at bottom of Maynestone Road.
       17.   HPBC – minutes of Ordinary meeting Tuesday 11th May 2004.
       18.   Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service – informing that the final
             Integrated Risk Management Plan was formally approved at the end
             of March. Accessible on website
       19.   DCC – notification of temporary bridleway closures, of Roych
             Clough and Beet Lane, from 4th May 2004 to 24th May 2004 and
             extension 25th May 2004 to 27th May 2004. Also temporary road
             closure A624 Hayfield Road from 7th June to 11th June.
       20.   Helen Towne – letter complaining about increased use of Beet Lane
             by motorised vehicles causing damage to lane, noise pollution, danger
             to other users and disturbance to wildlife.(Fwd to DCC)
       21.   DCC – Rights of Way Minor Maintenance Scheme 2004/2005
             including for to reclaim up to £565 on eligible works. (reply before
             30th June 2004)(Reply unable to find contractor)
       22.   HPBC – copy of letter to Clerk of Chapel Parish Council requesting
             dates for a meeting to discuss the Parish Boundary Review.
       23.   HPBC – Playground inspection & maintenance report sheet.
       24.   Inland Waterways Protection Society – 2004 membership (£12)
       25.   Allotments Regeneration Initiative – seeking regenerated sites willing
             to host visits from others wishing to learn more about allotment
             regeneration to be include in a Good Sites Guide.
       26.   Plus Publishing Services – ‘Thinking about a new guide for your
             council ?’
       27.   Inter action – Issue 9 May 2004
       28.   DALC - Circular No 27/2004 - Employment relations bill published
                       Circular No 28/2004 - General Circular.
                       Circular No 29/2004 - DALC President 2004/2005
                       Circular No 30/2004 - General Circular.
                       Circular No 31/2004 - Training
                       Circular No 32/2004 - General Circular.
                       Circular No 33/2004 - Training Matters
                       Circular No 34/2004 - DALC Office
             (Clerk to Fwd e-mailed DALC Circulars to members)
       29.   DCC – Derbyshire Local Transport Plan: Accessibility Audit for
             completion. (Copy already completed by Cllr Lowe)

27th May 2004                                                                         6
           30.   Letter requesting support in funding the much-needed work on the
                 football pitches in Chinley. Copies received from the following:
                 Carolyn Richardson, Harper Cottage, Whitehough, Chinley; PG
                 Neilan, 24 Belgrade Ave; Judith Rothwell, Ashfield, Maynestone
                 Road; Phillip Rothwell, Ashfield, Maynestone Road; Howard &
                 Therese Beswick(No address supplied); Sheila Arnfield, Richard
                 Arnfield(No address supplied, Chinley juniors U13); SE Wheeldon
                 (No address supplied), Gill Cossee(No address supplied, two sons
                 members aged11 + 9);one other(No address supplied)
           31.   Royal Society for Nature Conservation – SEED report request
           32.   Standards Board for England – Bulletin:18
           33.   Sally Fuller – e-mail asking when the planter is due to arrive, the
                 guides are hoping to plant it with a ‘sensory’ garden.(Not due yet.
                 Check with Sean Twyford, what next?)
           34.   Home Office – Forthcoming changes to the law on preventing illegal
                 working, short guidance for UK employers (2 copies)
           35.   HPBC – letter re review of Service level agreement – Children’s
                 playground inspections.(Will provide critique of draft when issued)
           36.   DCC – letter outlining High Peak Summer Youth Arts Festival on
                 Saturday 10th July 2004 in Chapel Memorial park.
           37.   Notice of application for transfer of licence – Oddfellows Arms,
                 Whitehough, Chinley
           38.   HPBC - Derbyshire Dales and High Peak Local Strategic Partnership
                 – invitation to choosing health consultation event.
           39.   HPBC – notification of ordinary meeting of HPBC on Tuesday 11th
                 May 2004.
           40.   Ringmaster – Notification to Neighbourhood Watch members of DCC
                 seminar on Saturday 12th June at the Pavilion Gardens, Buxton.
           41.   Letter from John Arnfield, Hollinwood Cottages – raising issues
                 regarding the low bridge at Buxworth creating problems with lorries,
                 football pitch drainage and fencing, the tennis court and skatepark.
                 (Fwd bridge to DCC highways/tennis court to Youth Club)
           42.   Peak Park Parishes Forum – News and Annual subscription form.
           43.   SEED – Interim Quarterly Report for completion.(Complete+Send)

04/05/22   Planning Applications

           The following recommendations for planning applications were received:
           HPK/2004/0209 dated 2 April. Application by Mr Tom King to erect one
           new bungalow at The Workshop, Chapel Milton Chapel en le Frith.
           Recommend refusal
           HPK/2004/0378 dated 28th April Application by Mark Wheeldon to erect
           rear conservatory at 92 Lower Lane, Chinley. No objection.
           HPK/2004/0382 Dated 28th April. Application by Mrs Vernon to erect rear
           conservatory at 52 Buxton Road, Chinley. No objection.
           Also received: Enforcement notice regarding boundary dry stone wall
           NP/HPK/0598/076 Peep-O-Day, Maynestone Road.

    27th May 2004                                                                       7
04/05/23   Playground Inspections

           Copies of an invoice for repairs to recreation areas (Summer 2003) and the
           e-mail to which it referred together with the playground inspection &
           maintenance report sheet dated 13th May 2004 were received.

           It was agreed to further defer payment of the account until the exact nature
           of works carried out and charges made was ascertained.
04/05/24   Office Telephone

           A report giving details concerning the repeated disconnection of the office
           telephone by British Telecommunications was received.

           It was agreed that a claim for a total of £124 should be made against BT to
           cover costs incurred and compensation for results of their actions.

04/05/25   Football Club

           It was noted that a meeting had been arranged with the football club for
           Tuesday 8th June at 7.30pm in the Parish Room to discuss the way forward
           regarding work required to pitches.

04/05/26   Accounts for Payment

           Details of 32½ extra hours worked by the clerk from 25th March 2004 to
           25th April 2004 were received and it was agreed that payment for these
           should be recovered in blocks of 10 hours per month.

           RESOLVED: That the accounts listed below be accepted for payment.

            Chq no.   Payee                   Description                Amount

            SO        JacksonCarpets Ltd      Rent 3 Lower Lane          £230.00
            DD        Npower                  Light/power 3 LL             £5.00
            001268    Mrs B Wise – Clerk      Clerks Account             £458.58
            001269    HPBC                    Rates (May)                £114.00
            001270    Cornhill Insurance      Insurance                 £1118.79
            001271    British Telecomm.       Office Telephone            £88.20
            001272    IWPS                    Subscription                £12.00
            001273    HPBC                    Rates (June)               £114.00
            001274    Peak Park P’shs Forum   Annual subs                 £10.25
            001275    Chinley JFC             Donation – remedial wrk     500.00

                                                             TOTAL      £2650.82

04/05/27   Report – General Purpose committee

           It was noted that the kitchen cupboard had not been forgotten.

    27th May 2004                                                                         8
04/05/28   Parish Seats

            It was agreed that a report without photographs of the 25 parish seats and 2
           benches would be adequate for this year.

04/05/29   Police Liaison

           Cllr Jones reported that a Police Liaison meeting held at Hayfield church
           hall had been well attended. A CCTV vehicle is now in operation and
           Chinley Buxworth and Brownside is a safe area. Inspector Pat Walker has
           received promotion and will be replaced by a new inspector shortly.

           Cllr Jones read details from the Operational Policing Policy outlining the
           commitment to local based policing services. It was agreed that a letter
           defining the success of a police presence be sent to the Chief Constable.

           The next meeting will be in September.

04/05/30   Allotments.

           It was reported that it was hoped that the work on the allotment site would
           be finished during the next week and the council was invited to visit the site
           when it was handed back for use. Cllrs Holgate and Rofer expressed an
           interest in attending.

04/05/31   Newsletter

           It was noted that the newsletter was scheduled to be issued on 14th June
           2004 after the election.

04/05/32   Councillors’ Saturday Surgery

           A complaint about the Hayfield Road junction at the Crown & Mitre and
           request for upgrading to a stop junction had been passed to DCC.
           Cllr Chris Pearson had agreed to follow up safety problems regarding
           removal of rubbish from the former Chinley Lodge.

           There being no further business, the meeting was concluded at 9.30pm

           Signed as a true and correct record of the meeting.

           Chairman …………………………………………………………


    27th May 2004                                                                           9