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					British Parachute Association
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Development Committee
Minutes of the meeting held on
Tuesday 18 August 2009 at 1530
at the BPA Office, 5 Wharf Way, Glen Parva, Leicester

Present:                         John Horne                         Vice Chairman of Council - in the Chair
                                 Paul Applegate

In attendance:                   Adrian Bond
                                 Tony Butler                        Technical Officer
                                 Debbie Carter                      Treasurer
                                 Lesley Gale                        Editor, Skydive the Mag
                                 Jon Gretton                        Financial Administrator
                                 Martin Shuttleworth                Secretary-General

Apologies for                    Ray Armstrong
absence:                         John Hitchen                       NCSO
                                 Paul Ledden
                                 Paul Moore*
                                 Craig Poxon                        Development Chairman
                                 Grant Richards
                                 Weed Stoodley*

                              at a meeting of the Competitions Committee running concurrently.

Item    Minute
40/09   Chair
        Craig Poxon, Development Chairman, was currently on an BPA AFF Instructor course. In his
        absence, he had asked John Horne, Vice Chairman of Council, to chair the meeting.

41/09   Quoracy
        The Chairman noted that, because Adrian Bond was not a voting member of this Committee, the
        meeting was not quorate (quorum = 3 voting members present, per Form 174, Development
        Committee terms of reference). Therefore, no votes would be taken at this meeting.

42/09   Minutes
        The Committee noted that the minutes (circulated) of the meeting held on Tuesday 23 June 2009
        had already been approved by the Committee, ratified electronically by the Council and published
        on the BPA website

43/09   Matters arising

        43.1 Mag article (minute 30.2)
        Lesley Gale (Editor) confirmed she had been in touch with Chis Jones, Chairman of the Drop
        Zone Defence Fund (DZDF) about an article on DZDF that would appear in the February 2010
        issue of the Mag. This would coincide with the start of the membership renewal period. The
        renewal form offered renewing members the opportunity to make a discretionary donation to
        DZDF. The Mag article would help members better to understand the purpose of DZDF. The
        Chairman noted that members were also offered the opportunity, on renewal, to make a
        discretionary donation to the British Team Fund. He would mention this at tonight’s meeting of

               British Parachute Association Ltd. A company limited by guarantee. Registered in London no 875429.
              Registered office: 5 Wharf Way, Glen Parva, Leicester LE2 9TF. VAT registration number 239 4696 20
        the full Council, and suggest that the Competitions Committee might wish to include an outline of
        the British Team Fund in the same issue of the Magazine.
                                                                                      Action: Chairman

        43.2 Suggestion of a display skydive at the London 2012 Olympics (minute 30.3)
        The Chairman said there was no update yet.
                                                                 Action: Development Chairman

        43.3 BPA representatives to Sport England Regions (minute 30.4)
        No volunteer had yet come forward as a result of the Office’s request to Cornwall and
        Dunkeswell, the two Centres within the region. The Committee decided to ask again, this time
        simply for a member to act as a PO box to scan any relevant post.
                                                                                        Action: BPA Office
        43.4 Request for a sponsored link on the BPA website (minute 38)
        The Committee decided that the links page on the BPA website should continue to be reserved
        for official and not-for-profit organisations, clubs and societies. Commercial links were available
        through banner advertisements. The Office would advise the Member who had asked to place a
        sponsored link.
                                                                                        Action: BPA Office
        43.5 BPA Shop (minute 49.2.2)
        The Chairman said it remained inappropriate further to discuss the BPA Shop without Grant
        Richards, who was co-holder of the franchise, present.
44/09   Reports on areas of responsibility

        44.1 UK Sport / Sport England / BPA Regional Reps to Sport England
        The Chairman reported that a university skydiving club had drafted what appeared to him (as
        BPA liaison officer with the home countries sports councils) and the BPA secretariat to be an
        excellent application for funding under Sport England’s small grants programme. They did not
        know the outcome. He said that Sport England’s small grants programme was capped at £10K
        per applicant body. Applicant bodies had to be not-for-profit community sports groups.
        Therefore, university skydiving clubs appeared to be in a position to apply, and the Office had
        advised BCPA of this possible funding opportunity, asking them to spread the news to their
        member clubs.

        44.2.1 Liaison with CCPR
        Ray Armstrong and BPA staff had had a constructive meeting with James Stibbs, CCPR’s Head
        of Communications, at the BPA Office on Thursday, 25 June. A summary of points discussed
        had been circulated.

        44.2.2 BingoLotto benefiting sport through CCPR
        Adrian Bond reported the latest news was that BingoLotto was due to re-launch in September
        2009. It promised to be bigger and better than before, with tickets on sale from Tesco tills for the
        first time. It was hoped that this would, in turn, generate more funding for sports through CCPR,
        including for our sport.
        44.3 Insurance
        Tony Butler (Technical Officer) reported he had had a second meeting with a Member who was
        now working as an insurance broker. The underwriter who had accompanied the broker was part
        of a group, another part of which had last year quoted for the BPA’s insurance.

45/09   Update of Memorandum & Articles of Association
        The work-in-progress draft of the updated Memorandum & Articles of Association had been
        circulated before the meeting. There remained a number of points on which Weed Stoodley and
        Martin Shuttleworth were continuing to liaise with the specialist legal adviser at Co-operatives UK
        Legal Services.

        Arising from the legal adviser’s suggested updates, there were a number of issues on which
        clarification from the BPA was required, and these were discussed. The principal issue was
        whether to refer to the small company exemptions from statutory financial audit for which the
        BPA was eligible, as it came within the legal definition of a small company. Debbie Carter
        (Treasurer) said she believed that the BPA should continue to carry out an annual financial audit,
        which currently cost about £3K per annum, in the interests of transparency. However, as this
        was no longer a statutory requirement, the Committee agreed to suggest to the full Council at its
        meeting tonight to propose to the legal adviser that the updated Articles should be silent on the

        matter of financial audit, and that Council should make bye-law (which can be revoked by Council
        not requiring a approval general meeting) to hold an annual independent financial audit.

                                                                               Action: Refer to full Council
46/09   The Airkix Fund: CH/CP video
        The Chairman reported that Martin Soulsby had advised him that all jumps for this video had
        been completed, and the footage was now being edited. The Chairman had authorised a
        payment of £400 to cover the cost of the jumps. This would be paid pro tem from BPA funds,
        with the amount made good from the Airkix Fund with Airkix’s agreement once the project had
        been completed. The Committee hoped that the video could be showcased at the AGM at the
        Blackpool Hilton on Saturday 16 January 2010.
47/09   Safeguarding vulnerable groups
        The Chairman said he and BPA staff were continuing carefully to monitor developments as the
        Independent safeguarding Authority’s (ISA) new vetting and barring scheme (VBS) was phased
        in. Some 11.3 million people worked with vulnerable groups, so it was an enormous undertaking
        for the ISA. He said that advice he had received suggested that sport parachuting was unlikely to
        be classed as a ‘regulated activity’ under the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Groups Act 2006. This
        did not mean that the Act would not affect in our sport, but that its most onerous provisions for
        regulated activities would be unlikely to apply.

        The sports sector was currently awaiting publication of government guidance of the
        implementation of the new statutory provisions in sport. The Chairman said he planned to make
        a presentation at the DZ Owners & Operators’ meeting on Tuesday 27 October (minute 48) with
        the latest information then available. He said that because of the imperative of the timetable for
        phasing-in contrasted with the fact that official guidance for sport had not to his knowledge yet
        been published, it was a case of ‘hurry up and wait’.
                                                                                           Action: Chairman
48/09   BPA meeting for Drop Zone Owners & Operators
        This had now been arranged for Tuesday 27 October 2009 at Walcote Village Memorial Hall near
        Lutterworth in Leicestershire (M1 Jct 20), from 1030 until approximately 1600. The Office had
        sent a call notice by e-mail to Clubs & Centres. The BPA’s brokers, Mansons Insurance Brokers,
        had kindly agreed to meet the £65 cost of venue hire, together with the cost of lunch and
        refreshments for those attending. Agenda items to date included:

               European regulations (Tony Knight)
               Safeguarding vulnerable groups (see minute 47)
               Starter Mag (Communications Committee)
               Insurance (Mansons would be in attendance for at least part of this item)
               Discussion in principle of the idea of a possible BPA tandem agency (see minute 49.2).

        The Committee also suggested that Dr John Carter, BPA Medical Adviser, should be invited to
        give an update on parachuting declarations of fitness and other medical matters if he was
        available. The Office would check.
                                                                                    Action: BPA Office

        As was customary for such meetings, the Office would put out a note of agenda items to date and
        ask DZOs for any more before the agenda was formally issued.
                                                                                   Action: BPA Office
49/09   Development Action Plan: 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2010

        49.1 Implement stage 2 of the new BPA website and database
        The debrief on stage 1 had been held with Hcoms, the contractors, on Monday 27 July at the
        BPA Office. The Development Chairman had attended and the Office thanked him for having
        made a particularly valuable contribution to the meeting using the synergy between his technical
        expertise in computer programming and his knowledge of the BPA’s requirements. Notes on the

        debrief meeting had been circulated. A briefing meeting with Hcoms and BPA staff for the start
        of stage 2, online renewals, was due to be held at the BPA Office on Monday 21 September.


        49.2 Explore the viability of the BPA developing a tandem bookings agency as an arm’s
        length commercial activity
        This idea would be discussed with Drop Zone Operators and Owners at the DZOs meeting to be
        held on Tuesday 27 October 2009 (minute 48).
                                                                   Action: Development Chairman

        49.3 Support and encourage Clubs & Centres to run more safety events
        Tony Butler confirmed he had forwarded a copy of the USPA Safety Day pack to Weed Stoodley,
        who had signified her agreement to continue with this project even though she could not currently
        attend meetings of this Committee because they clashed with those of the Competitions
                                                                                Action: Weed Stoodley

        49.4 Keep up-to-date with developments in statutory safeguarding of vulnerable groups
        See minute 47.
        49.5 Take further initiatives in membership promotion and retention
        The Chairman reported he had spoken to Craig Poxon, who had been delighted with an excellent
        rate of response (over 500 replies) to his e-mail survey of lapsed members. Craig Poxon was
        currently analysing the replies, with a view to presenting them to the next meeting.

                                                         Action: Development Chairman / Next meeting

        49.6 Put updated Memo & Articles of Association to AGM 2010
        See minute 45.
50/09   Members’ affinity programmes

        50.1 Masons Insurance Brokers
        Mansons Insurance Brokers had expressed an interest for a speaker to make a presentation to the
        next meeting of this Committee about membership affinity benefits they could offer to BPA members.
        The Committee agreed to include this as an item on the agenda of its October meeting.

                                                                                           Action: Next meeting
        50.2 Sports Financial Services
        An e-mail from David Shirley of Sports Financial Services had been circulated in advance. Sports
        Financial Services offered life insurance at ‘normal’ rates to members of the British Mountaineering
        Council, and were interested in offering something similar to BPA Members. They sought a link on the
        BPA website, and had offered to pay the BPA a commission for each new policy sold through that link.

        The Committee noted the offer, but believed it to be important to maintain the BPA’s independence
        from recommending any particular provider of personal insurance. That said, the Committee gave its
        encouragement to Sports Financial Services to make known their service to the BPA membership
        through the normal commercial channels, such as advertising in the BPA Magazine and/or website (if
        the BPA website, subject to agreement by this Committee of the copy and URL link). It would also be
        open to them to ask for a free-of-charge space at the AGM day exhibition on Saturday 16 January
        2010. The Office would inform David Shirley of this.
                                                                                          Action: BPA Office
51/09   Date of next meeting
        Tuesday 13 October 2009 at 1530 at the BPA Office, Glen Parva, Leicester

The meeting closed at 1700.

Ratified electronically by the Council and published on 4 September 2009.