EERE Web Development Process

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					              EERE Web Development Process
See                                                                                                                        for the complete EERE Web Development Process.

Phase I - Concept Development
 Kickoff Meeting                    Write Charter                    Identify Content                    Draft Architecture                  Create Mockups                     Determine URL
                                                                                                                                             All sites will go into one of      All new EERE Web sites
                                                                                                                                             the approved EERE                  must be located on EERE's
                                                                                                                                             Templates                          servers

                                          ✔   Submit project charter to EERE Web Manager                 ✔    Submit the following to DOE Project Lead and Web Team Client Rep:
   ! Checkpoint

Phase II - Content
 Write Content                      Optimize Content                 Select Images &                     Finalize Architechture
 Use EERE Style Guide and                                            Documents
 Content QA Checklist

   ! Checkpoint                           ✔

Phase III - Production
 Create & Prepare                   Prepare Content for              Code the Site
 Graphics                           Coding                           Web Team Client Rep will
 Web Team Client Rep will                                            help determine whether
 help determine whether                                              NREL, EES, or contractor
 NREL, EES, or contractor                                            does coding
 creates navigation and
 header graphics

   ! Checkpoint                           ✔

Phase IV - Approvals & Publishing
 Schedule QAs                       Make Changes                     Coordinate Pre-                     Program Review
 Allow 5 business days for          Make changes based on            Go-Live Tasks
 these QAs:                         the results of QAs
                                                                        Client Rep of any
                                                                        bookmarks or redirects

                                          ✔                                                         ✔    Obtain approval to go live through Web Team Client Rep
   ! Checkpoint                           ✔   Obtain review and approval from DOE                   ✔

Phase V - Maintenance & Ongoing Refinements
 Write Maintenance                  Consider Further                 Stay Informed
 Plans                              Analysis                         Subscribe to standards
                                                                     updates and read the
                                                                     Communication Standards

   ! Checkpoint                           ✔   Submit maintenance plan to DOE Project Lead, EERE Web

EERE Web Contacts                                                                       Web Team Client Reps
Role                     Contact          Phone          Email                          Program                                    Contact                    Phone          Email
EERE Web Manager         Sarah Kirchen    202-586-1893       Homepage, front office, and corporate sites Drew Bittner, DOE         202-586-7562
EERE Template Coor-      Leslie Gardner   303-275-4239        News, Consumer                             Allison Casey              303-275-3656
dinator                                                                                 FEMP
Web Corporate Content    Allison Casey    303-275-3656
EERE Web Project         Drew Bittner     202-586-7562      Wind/Hydro
                                                                                        Buildings                                  Leslie Gardner             303-275-4239
                                                                                        BA, PBA                                    Wendy Littman, EES         703-842-9595