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Date: 04.04.2008 - 12:28
Category: Science & Education
Press release from: Hiratech Software Solution (I) PVT LTD

Pomona, California, February 29, 2008- Hiratech Software Solutions (I) PVT LTD yet again brings in with
more innovations with inclusion of more scripts and articles relating to diverse programming languages. The company has its
head office in Pomona, California, United States. It is the best tutorial website for reference and regular studies. The owner of
this site, MR. T.S. Anand and Hiratech professionals have managed to develop an online guide for the young IT learners. is the online mentor to millions and millions of programmers and learners who are benefiting from this site in a
cost effective manner. In such cases serves as a harbinger that guarantees success to the learners who can now
get access to valuable resources. Even working professionals can update their knowledge or can refer any topic during website
development and designing. has been given a new design and cool blue color with more additional features and
script for reference. Apart from the prime reference articles and highest rated scripts of ASP, ASP.Net, XML, JavaScript, C
and C++, CFML, Flash, Database, Remote Hosting, Shipping Implementation and Payment Gateway the index page provides
direct access to free tutorials of, C#, Perl, PHP, Java script, C & C++, Ajax Tutorials, J2ee, J2Me, Java, Python &
Ruby Rail, Ecommerce, Internet and law, Search Engine Optimization, domain name registration, crystal report and many
more other important topics. T.S. Anand of speaks about this tutorial site as the online arena of unlimited I.T.
knowledge. He says, “ is an attempt to guide the learners in developing and designing websites. Not only this
even non IT professionals who have interest in computers or beginners in the I.T field can go through the online scripts as they
are written in simple English easily understandable by anyone.”

  Anyone seeking information on the above mentioned topics and more essential scripts can download free scripts as their
study material on a specific topic. It is totally free of cost however some can cost a bit which is nothing compared to the
knowledge gained. The scripts on display serve as tutorials that help programmers and students in understanding the essential
characteristics and functionality of a particular tool and its functions that are well arranged categorically. now
lists tutorial on ORACLE/D2K which is truly advantageous for those eager in pursuing database administration. They can
refer to database functionality of Oracle and Mysql, related articles, Faq’s etc. Get more insights on Oracle Application Server
10g - Grid Computing, Oracle Services, About Oracle Accelerate, Oracle Unbreakable Linux, Oracle Commands, advantages
and many more topics that will be beneficial for the long run.

 This site has become a landmark in educating IT aspirants in almost every field related to computers and web designing. The
topic on Domain name registration has valuable resources on Domain name, Domain name ending with .eu, .Tel Top Level
Domain, Linux Web hosting and Cyberweb Global Services. Explorers can check out more categories on this section. The
Interview question category introduces young aspirants to probable questions asked during interviews to face job interviews
for reputed software companies with confidence as this section prepares them with expected questions mostly on ASP, Perl
and PHP, Java Scripts, C and C++, Ajax Tutorials, J2ee, J2Me, Java, Python & Ruby Rail, Crystal Report, Sap, CGI
XML, Cold Fusion & CFML, HTML, DHTML & CSS, Dreamweaver FLASH Photoshop/Web Designing and SEO etc.
Additional facilities like voting for a script and Rating a script can be availed. For more info visit at or
talk to our customer care executive at 877-792-2075.

Hiratech Software Solution (I) PVT LTD
269 Pacific St. Pomona, Ca 91768
Tel: 1-877-792-2075
Fax: 775-295-0901
Contact Email:

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 Hiratech Software Solutions (I) PVT LTD. (HTSS) is the site which is behind the formation of the tutorial site
displaying web programming scripts for proper development of websites in an innovative manner and also for education of
e-learners in other fields related to computers.

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