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									An Introduction to ArcGIS Publisher &

              Steve Bratt
             Robert LeClair

                                    UC 2008 Tech Sessions   1

 • What are ArcReader and ArcGIS Publisher?
 • How can they benefit my organization?
 • How easy are they to use?
 • Questions
 • Remember to fill out survey

                                          UC 2008 Tech Sessions   2
Scalable ArcGIS Desktop Products

                ArcEditor                              Geoprocessing
ArcReader                                   Editing

                            Data Query
                            Editing            +
              Map Viewing   Customization
              Data Query

                                                         UC 2008 Tech Sessions   3
What is ArcReader?

 • Easy way to share spatial information within a
 • Desktop map viewing application
 • Designed from the beginning to be intuitive and
 • Reads Published Map File (PMF)
 • Free!

                                              UC 2008 Tech Sessions   4
What is ArcGIS Publisher?

 • Licensed extension for ArcGIS
 • Creates maps that ArcReader uses
 • Writes Published Map File (PMF)
 • Functionality and appearance - determines what
   Reader can do with the maps as well as what
   they look like

 • ArcReader + Publisher =
   Interactive mapping system available to anyone
                                            UC 2008 Tech Sessions   5
 ArcGIS Publisher and ArcReader
       System for Publishing and Sharing Maps


                                     Published Map File
1) Author MXDs in              PMF
   ArcMap, 3DDs in                       ArcMap
2) Publish Maps with           MXD        Publisher
   Publisher           Data
3) Read PMFs with                     Publish MXD or 3dd
                                            to PMF
                                                UC 2008 Tech Sessions   6
ArcReader – Key Functionality

 • All ArcGIS cartographic elements supported
 • All ArcGIS data formats supported
   –Local, Enterprise, Internet and Protected Data
 • Read-only maps protect cartography from
   unauthorized or accidental modification
 • High quality printed output
 • Tools for query, simple analysis and collaboration
 • 2D and 3D (added at version 9.1)

                                                     UC 2008 Tech Sessions   7
ArcReader – 2D

 • Map Navigation
   –Spatial Bookmarks
 • Map Query
 • Map Interaction
   –Multi-stop route-finding (ArcGIS Online)
   –Markup (Ink)
                                               UC 2008 Tech Sessions   8
ArcReader – 3D

 Same features as 2D plus …

 • 3D Globe navigation
 • Pivot
 • Fly
 • Animations

                              UC 2008 Tech Sessions   9
ArcReader - Availability

 • Part of ArcGIS Desktop install
 • Standalone CD in ArcGIS box
 • Web Download for ArcReader 9.3
   –Download section went live 6/28/08
   –As of 7/16/08 – 1,054 downloads & increasing…

                                                UC 2008 Tech Sessions   10
ArcReader - Customization

 • No VBA
 • No custom tools
 • ArcReader can use custom components
   –Custom layers
   –Custom renderers
   –Custom feature symbology
 • ArcReader template files provide a non
   programming way of customizing look and feel
 • Developers can use the ArcReaderControl to
   develop custom ArcReader applications
                                            UC 2008 Tech Sessions   11
ArcGIS Publisher - Overview

 • Create Published Maps (PMFs) for ArcReader
   with a single button click
 • Analyzes data to help with the publishing process
 • Publisher settings can be set for each map
 • Data packaging for map distribution

                                              UC 2008 Tech Sessions   12
ArcGIS Publisher - Map Authoring

 • Everything starts with authoring map in ArcMap
   or globe in ArcGlobe.
 • Leverage the functionality in ArcGIS Desktop
 • ArcReader honors your map properties:
   –Feature and raster symbology
   –Layer scale dependency
   –Map projection
   –Spatial Extents

                                             UC 2008 Tech Sessions   13
ArcGIS Publisher - Data Access

 • PMF does not contain data, references data
   possibly stored in another location

 • Publisher needs to take into account what type of
   network access ArcReader users will have
  PMFs reference data from:

 1)File-based data
 2)Local network (LAN) data
 3)Internet data
 4)Packaged data
                                              UC 2008 Tech Sessions   14
ArcGIS Publisher - File-based data

 • Relative
   –“4 blocks E of convention center”
   –Advantage: Easier to give to someone else

 • Absolute
   –”100 Park Blvd” (San Diego understood)

 • UNC
   –”100 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101, USA”
   –Advantage: Maintain only 1 copy
                                                UC 2008 Tech Sessions   15
ArcGIS Publisher – Network and packaged data

 • Network data
   –ArcGIS Server
   –Could also include file-based data with UNC path here

 • Internet data
   –If you have an internet connection ArcReader can view
    internet data from at ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS, WMS, etc.
    just like ArcMap

 • On a CD with packaged data
   –Always uses relative path

                                                   UC 2008 Tech Sessions   16
ArcGIS Publisher - Settings

 • Content
   – Specify layers and views to publish
 • Functionality
   – Disable/enable “permissions”
 • Security
   – Specify password which will be required to open PMF
 • Application
   – Open in ArcMap or only in ArcReader?
 • ArcReader
   – Embedded template options
 • Other
   – Document timeouts and comments

                                                           UC 2008 Tech Sessions   17
ArcGIS Publisher - Data Packaging Overview

 • Utility for preparing maps and data for distribution
 • Copy and/or extract PMF and associated data to
   a single location
 • Not a general data export tool
 • Accessible from ArcMap and ArcCatalog

                                                UC 2008 Tech Sessions   18
ArcGIS Publisher - Data Packaging Process

 • Pick target location
 • Select data export format
   – File geodatabase (FGDB)
   – Compressed FGDB
   – Compressed and locked FGDB
   – Copy

 • Select raster and
   vector extent

                                        UC 2007 Tech Sessions   19
ArcGIS Publisher - Data Packaging Limitations

 • Validation process detects potential conflicts
   – e.g. complex (non-simple) features like topologies can only be packaged
     with the copy option

 • Limitations exist
   – e.g. Joins and Relates lost during packaging

                                                                  UC 2008 Tech Sessions   20
ArcGIS Publisher - Summary

 • Ships with ArcGIS Desktop
 • Licensed extension
 • 60 day evaluation period

                               UC 2008 Tech Sessions   21
What’s New at 9.3?

 • ArcReader markup (ink) can be exported for use
   in ArcMap
 • ArcReader users can now access standard
   address locators.
 • Easier access to bookmarks.
 • New Clear Temporary Graphics command in
   ArcReader’s View pulldown.

                                            UC 2008 Tech Sessions   22
More Information

 • ArcReader

 • ArcGIS Publisher

 • User to user forums

                                                                    UC 2008 Tech Sessions   23
ArcReader at the UC

 ArcReader Technical Workshops
   ArcGIS Publisher and ArcReader – An Introduction
    Thu, August 7, 10:15 AM – 11:30 AM (Mezzanine Level – Room 14A)

                                                             UC 2008 Tech Sessions   24
Open to Questions

 Remember to fill out Survey

                          UC 2008 Tech Sessions   25
Get a free 45-minute hands-on lesson
                At the
  Hands-On Learning Center
 Topics include:
• Introduction to ArcGIS Desktop
• Creating a Map In ArcGIS
• Basics of the Geodatabase Model
• and more

      Location: ESRI Showcase
                                       UC 2008 Tech Sessions   26

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