Introduction to ArcGIS Server Image Extension

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					                             Introduction to ArcGIS
                             Server Image Extension
Overview                                                      Topics Covered
ArcGIS Server Image Extension provides fast access to file-
                                                              •    Basics of raster data
based geospatial imagery, allowing organizations to dis-
                                                              •    Getting started with ArcGIS Server Image Extension
tribute their imagery to a variety of clients and leverage
their investment in the data. This course teaches how to      •    Authoring image services
manage and serve image data using ArcGIS Server Image         •    Setting mosaic methods
Extension. You learn about different raster formats and       •    Applying geometric processes to image services
ArcGIS Server Image Extension raster types, how to author     •    Applying image processes to image services
image services and deploy panchromatic and multiband          •    Serving image services on the Internet
imagery. You also learn how to generate derivative
rasters, tiles, and service overviews; apply compressions;
access geometric and image processing techniques; and         Software Used in Course
access image services through Image Server Viewer,
ArcMap, and ArcGIS Explorer.                                  This course is designed to work with the following software

Who Should Attend                                              ArcGIS Desktop*                 Version
This course is designed for those new to ArcGIS Server Im-     ArcEditor                       9.3
age Extension who want to learn about its architecture
                                                               ArcInfo                         9.3
and functionality. You do not need to know image proc-
essing or other remote-sensing techniques. This course         ArcView                         9.3
does not cover image analysis.
                                                               *Only one of the listed licenses will be used in the
Goals                                                          classroom.

Those completing this course will be able to
 • Work with different raster formats and ArcGIS Server        ArcGIS Server*                            Version
   raster types.
                                                               ArcGIS Server Advanced Edition            9.3
 • Enhance imagery using techniques such as pan sharp-
   ening and contrast stretching.                              ArcGIS Server Standard Edition            9.3
 • Describe the ArcGIS Server Image Extension architec-        Server Image                              9.3
                                                               *Only one of the listed licenses will be used in the
 • Author and serve an image service.                          classroom.
 • Create image service metadata.
 • Edit and maintain an image service.
 • View an image service within ArcMap, Image Server          Duration         2 Days (16 Hours)
   Viewer, and ArcGIS Explorer.


Students should have completed ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools
and Functionality or Learning ArcGIS Desktop or have           For More Details Contact:
equivalent knowledge                                           Tele: +91-11-46694888