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									                                                   CASUAL EMPLOYMENT FORM (ITAS TUTORS)
                                                   Yunggorendi, First Nations Centre for Higher
                                                   Education and Research
                                                   HR/YCE (effective 03/09)
  This form is to be used for the employment of casual academic staff          Payroll Use Only
   under the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS). Parts A, B
   and C must all be completed and authorised.                                  Job No

  Submit the original of this form to Payroll Services together with a Tax
   File Number Declaration Form. (Note: ATO regulations require the             Payroll No
   University to submit ATO Tax File Number Declaration forms within
   2 weeks of commencement of employment).                                      CLevel Code
  Casual Tutors must sign on page 3 to accept this employment. A copy of
   this form is to be provided to the employee and one copy retained by
   Yunggorendi.                                                                 P/N
  Do not use this form for current full-time academic staff members as
   such employees are not eligible to be paid to do casual teaching.            JOB           SUPER      TAX     APPRVD     BANK        RETRO


Offer of casual employment

Flinders University offers to engage the services of                                                                          (the employee)
as a casual Tutor under the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS).

Conditions of employment – for the information of the casual employee
    The conditions pertaining to casual academic employment are included in the prevailing Flinders University Collective Workplace
     Agreement (CWA), which is available at:
    Important employment information for casual academic staff is included on pages 5 of this form.
    Guidelines for the use of Electronic Timesheets for casual academic staff are included on page 7.
    The Occupational Health & Safety Induction Checklist must also be completed at the commencement of new employment or if OH&S
     procedures have changed since you last worked in Yunggorendi. The OHS Induction Checklist can be downloaded at url:

Employment Details – to be completed by the supervisor of the casual employee


Start Date:                                                     Expected End Date:

NB: A student can receive up to two hours per subject per week to a maximum of 5 hours overall, plus up to an additional five hours in total
per subject during examination preparation periods.

Student(s) to be tutored:

Name:                                                           Subject:

Name::                                                          Subject:

Name:                                                           Subject:

Major Cost Centre:                                              Department/School:

CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION                                          YUNGGORENDI
Salaries Account Number to be charged (including on-costs applicable):

HR/YCE 03/09                                                                                                                           Page 1 of 5
PART B – EMPLOYEE DETAILS - to be completed by the employee. All sections to be completed in full.

Personal Details

Title:       Family Name:

Given Name(s) in full:                                                       Preferred Name:

Home Address:


Postal Address (if different from above)


Home telephone: (         )                     Mobile No                       Email:

Male         Female                                 Date of Birth (dd-mm-yyyy): (must be completed)


                                                                                                              If yes, Payroll No (if known):
Are you currently, or have you ever been, employed at Flinders University in any capacity?         YES / NO

                                                                                                              If yes, Student ID No:
Are you currently, or have you ever been a student at Flinders University?                         YES / NO

Please indicate your residency status (pls tick relevant box):         Australian Citizen                     Visa Holder

If holding a visa, please indicate type and sub-class of visa

If holding a visa, what work rights do you have?
Note: If you are not an Australian citizen, your visa must be sighted by the University and a copy of this and your passport photo
page attached to this form

Financial Institution Details for Deposit of Pay – to be completed by the employee

Institution Name:

Branch Location:

Branch (BSB) Code:                                                     Account Number:

                                                                                                                   Max (9 digits)

Name(s) in which account is held

Signature of employee: ________________________________________________                        Date:

Pay Advice
Your payslips and your Payment Summary can only be accessed on-line. These can be printed or viewed online via the Employee Self Service
link at: :

HR/YCE 03/09                                                                                                                     Page 2 of 5

Declaration by Employee – please tick each box to confirm your response
     This employment does not contravene visa restrictions about paid employment in Australia that apply to me.
     My present physical and mental health would in no way prevent me from satisfactorily performing the duties for which I am engaged.
     I have completed the OH&S Induction Checklist with my supervisor.
     I accept my obligation to submit electronic timesheets (see page 5) reflecting hours actually worked.
     I have read the attached instructions on how to enter electronic timesheets on the Employee Self Service.
     I will comply with University polices and procedures as they exist from time to time.
     I have read and accept the duties and conditions that apply to my employment as a casual academic employee and hereby declare
     that the details supplied by me on this form are true and correct.
     I have retained a copy of this Casual Employment Form.
     I have attached the following (please tick)
      •   my completed Tax File Number Declaration Form
          NB: If you are a new employee you must complete and attach your TFN Declaration otherwise the
          University is obliged to deduct tax instalments at the highest marginal rate and your superannuation
          contributions may be affected. If you have previously been employed at the University and have
          completed a TFN Declaration within the last 12 months, you do not need to forward a new form, unless
          the information contained in your previous TFN Declaration has changed

      •   a copy of my visa and passport photo page (where not an Australian citizen)

Signature: ___________________________________________________________ Date:

Supervisor Declaration and Authority – please tick each box to confirm your response
     I am satisfied that this employee has the necessary qualifications/ability to carry out the duties for which funds have been committed.
     As the supervisor of this ITAS tutor, I am responsible for ensuring that all the information on the form is completed and that the duties
     are performed as agreed.
     I confirm that I have completed the OH&S Induction Checklist in respect of this casual employee and that I have retained a copy.
     I confirm that this casual employee does not have a relationship (financial, familial, sexual or otherwise) with me.
     I acknowledge my responsibility to approve the casual employee’s electronic timesheets in a timely manner
     I undertake to advise Payroll Services at of any negative variation to the casual employee’s electronic
     timesheet entry at the earliest opportunity to avoid overpayment of salary.
     I am satisfied that this employee is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or has visa authorisation allowing employment.
     I have made arrangements for this employee to be given access to the University’s electronic communications systems, including
     email and internet for carrying out her/his University tasks.
     I understand that this authority is valid only until 31 December in the year in which it is completed.
     I undertake to provide the employee with a copy of this completed form.
     (Where applicable) I authorise                                                  (print name)                                   (payroll
     number) to approve electronic timesheets on the Employee Self Service for this casual employee.

Signature:_________________________                Name:                                                      Date:

Electronic Timesheet Approver
▪   I confirm that I am responsible for approving the casual employee’s electronic timesheets in a timely manner and for advising Payroll
    Services of any negative variation to the casual employee’s electronic timesheet entry at the earliest opportunity.

Electronic Timesheet Approver’s signature:_____________________                Name:                                        Date:

HR/YCE 03/09                                                                                                                                   Page 3 of 5
                            TUTORIAL ASSISTANCE SCHEME (ITAS)

1     Proof of Identity
Once selected, a prospective Tutor should provide evidence in relation to: identity; permanent resident status or eligibility to work if on a visa.
2     Duties
ITAS tutors are responsible to the Director of Yunggorendi. ITAS tuition may be provided to eligible students in small groups or as individuals.
In the interest of efficiency, group tuition should be pursued as far as possible.
To be eligible for tutoring under the ITAS scheme, tutors must be academically qualified either though formal education or relevant experience.
Tertiary students eligible for ITAS assistance may request another tertiary student as their tutor provided that the tutor:
•     is studying a major sequence in the subject area in which the student needs tutoring;
•     is at least two academic years ahead of the student;
•     is able to show evidence of sound academic progress; and
•     is not himself/herself receiving ITAS tuition in that subject area.
Tuition under ITAS must directly relate to the formal educational program in which the student is enrolled. ITAS tuition may not take place
during the hours of scheduled lectures, classes or tutorials. Furthermore, tutorial assistance under ITAS is not available for subjects outside the
student’s formal course.
Tuition in the skills required to participate effectively in the formal course may be approved. Examples include study and research skills and
academic writing techniques.
3     Tutor Responsibilities
All tutors must be sensitive to, and be able to relate to, the educational needs of Indigenous Australian students.
Tutors must not be members of the student’s immediate or de facto family and/or the student’s regular class/subject lecturer.
New tutors may be required to undergo cultural awareness training before commencement.
4     Work Programs
Tutors should develop work programs according to the needs of the student. The student must agree with the work program developed.
At the end of the first two weeks of providing tutorial assistance to a student, the tutor will submit a progress report to indicate if the expected
tuition outcomes have been realised. That is, the report should indicate if the desired student performance objectives have been met.

5     Remuneration
Casual tutors are paid on the basis of work undertaken and completed and do not receive paid leave nor payment for public holidays. Rates are
specified by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. If the student neglects to attend a pre-arranged tutorial
appointment made with the tutor, then the tutor is eligible to be paid for one hour tutorial assistance. The ITAS tutor may tutor more than the one
student at a given time (e.g. group tutoring) but the rate of pay shall remain the same as that paid for one student.
The timesheet code to be used by ITAS tutors is: Y1: Individual or small group tutoring.

6       Payroll Procedures

Casual tutors must record the hours worked via the Employee Self Service (ESS) and these will be approved electronically by their supervisor.
Guidelines for electronic timesheet recording can be found overleaf.
Payment, which is taxable, is based on the number of hours recorded on the ESS and is processed through the University’s payroll system at
designated fortnightly intervals. Fortnightly deadlines for submission of hours worked can be found at: The first salary payment after commencement may be delayed by up to 4 weeks
depending on the point in the pay cycle that the casual tutor commences work. Early payment will depend on prompt submission of the Casual
Employment Form to Payroll Services prior to commencement of employment Taxation legislation requires every casual academic employee to
submit a Tax File Declaration Form (and Tax File Number).
7     Superannuation
In accordance with legislation the Superannuation Guarantee Levy is paid for casual employees to UniSuper’s Accumulation Super 1
(previously called the Award Plus Plan). No contribution is required from the casual employee. The University’s contribution to this scheme will
appear on the casual employee’s payslip where applicable on the last payslip of each calendar month. Further enquiries can be made to the
Superannuation Office telephone 8201 2018. At the completion of employment with Flinders University, casual employees should contact the
Superannuation Office to make arrangements for either payment or roll-over of their superannuation benefit, if any.
8       University Policies and Procedures
Casual tutors are required to observe University policies including human resources and student–related policies and procedures and policies
on Occupational Health & Safety and Equal Opportunity. Copies of the relevant policies are available via the Flinders University Web home
page at:
9       Email/Internet
Casual staff will be given access to the University’s electronic communications systems, including email and internet for carrying out their
University tasks. Either the employee or the employee’s supervisor can arrange with either Payroll Services (ext 12501 or 13872) or the Cost
Centre’s local computing support staff for a Flinders Authentication Name (FAN) which will give the employee access to a number of University
electronic services. These include electronic mail, network services and course materials. Generally FAN details will be created and available
for casual employees from the date they commence their employment.
It is important that casual employees ensure that their FAN is activated so that they can receive all University emails, including those
generated by the Employee Self Service. To activate your FAN, go to:
10      Notice Period
A casual ITAS tutor who is unable to complete the contractual arrangements as agreed should notify in writing the Director of Yungorendi at the
earliest opportunity.
Either the University or the casual academic employee may provide one day's notice of the termination of the casual employment.

HR/YCE 03/09                                                                                                                                Page 4 of 5
                                    GUIDELINES FOR USE OF ELECTRONIC TIMESHEETS
                                                         BY CASUAL ITAS TUTORS
General Information
All casual academic teachers are required to submit electronic timesheets reflecting sessions/hours worked. This should be done via the
Employee Self Service (ESS). If there is any reason why you cannot use the electronic timesheet please contact stating
your reason(s).

As the pay is run on a fortnightly basis, timesheets need to be submitted and approved by our fortnightly deadlines if timely payment is to be
made. Deadlines may change during the year and should be checked from time to time. Full payroll deadline details can be found at:

More information on casual timesheets is available at:

You can also use the ESS to view and print your payslip and payment summary. You can also change your personal details when necessary.
Go to to find out more.

Logging into the Employee Self Service
Use these instructions if you have not logged into the Employee Self Service before:

Go to: - Add this to your ‘favourites’.
Click ‘Login to Employee Self Service’ under the ‘Important Notices’ section.
User id – your 6 digit payroll number (if you don’t know this, call Payroll Services on 12501 or 13872)
Password – your initial password is your date of birth in the format of ddmmyyyy e.g. 0105195
Getting to your timesheet
Once logged in:
     Click ‘Casual Timesheets’
     Click ‘Academic Staff T/S’

Note: Any pending timesheets can be accessed at this point.
Entering and submitting a timesheet
     Click ‘Add new record’.
     Enter the week ending date for the timesheet by selecting a date from the calendar.
     Select the job number using the lookup facility – click on the job number that corresponds with the salary account no. shown on the
      Casual Employment form.
     If you have more than one casual academic teaching job you will need to record these on separate timesheets
     Enter the hours per week.
     Enter the topic number.
     Select the paycode Y1
     Under the Number of Repeated Timesheets facility, enter 0 to generate one timesheet only
     Submit to your approver by selecting ‘submit’ from the pull down menu.
     Click ‘Insert’ at the bottom of the page:
          o    An email will be sent to your approver prompting them to approve it.
          o    If your approver does not approve it within 1 day, a daily email reminder will be sent to both you and your approver until it is
               approved. It is therefore important that you activate your FAN to enable you to receive all University emails.
Delete your timesheet before it is approved
     Select ‘Pending Requests’ from the left menu.
     Select the timesheet record you wish to delete, by clicking in the delete box beside the record.
     Click the delete button at the bottom of the page and confirm the delete.

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