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					                                                          HRIS Change Request Status

                  Subject                                    Short Description                           Type        Primary Contact   Submitted

                                            Replace the existing Change Request Form (in
                                            MS Word format) with an electronic version that         WR – HR
CR351-Electronic Change Request Form        can be edited and submitted online.                     Applications    Nancy Neild          9/5/2007
                                            Modifications requested to PRMS in support of           WR – HR
CR447-PRMS Modifications                    the HireTouch implementation.                           Analysis        Nancy Neild         8/12/2008
                                            Modify TIGER to implement UA web standards              WR – HR
CR452-Tiger Redesign                        and enhance functionality.                              Applications    Nancy Neild         8/13/2008
                                            Provide a scheduled report to be sent to
                                            Departments upon the close of an Academic,
                                            Faculty or Other Academic job in HireTouch,
                                            Urbana Enterprise. Report would include EEO             WR – HR
CR492-Diversity of the Pool Report          data from the Candidate pool.                           Reports         Heidi Johnson       1/14/2009
CR513-Configuration of Reclassification and Urbana SHR would like to use the
Employee Requisition Forms in HireTouch for reclassification and employee requisition forms         WR – HR
Urbana Civil Service                        within HireTouch.                                       Applications    Amy Glenn           2/27/2009
                                            Urbana Academic office would like to include
CR521-Urbana Academic Retiree Rehire and the Retiree Rehire and Hiring forms to be                  WR – HR
Hiring Form Configuration                   included in HireTouch with a new workflow.              Configuration   Deb Stone           3/10/2009

                                              Urbana OEOA and AHR HireTouch users are
                                              interested in obtaining an estimate for new
                                              Search Committee functionality to be added to
                                              HireTouch. Detailed specifications need to be
                                              written for ImageTrend to provide an estimate of      WR – HR
CR543-HireTouch Search Committee              cost to build this functionality into their system.   Analysis        Leslie Alexander    4/20/2009
                                              Create a stylesheet to be used on the UHR site        WR - HR
CR555-UHR Print StyleSheet                    to allow users to print off content.                  Content         Sarah Musselman     5/20/2009

                                              These reports will assist the University with the
                                              initial process of E-Verifying the appropriate        WR – HR
CR560-E-Verify Reports                        employees hired after November 6, 1986.               Reports         Sarah Musselman     5/29/2009

CR569-A date field in PTR for deactivating an Including a date field in PTR for deactivating an     WR – HR
Employee                                      Employee like we have to reactivate employees.        Applications    Nancy Neild         6/26/2009
                                              References have the ability to upload                 WR – HR
CR574-Reference Functionality                 documents to an applicant‟s file.                     Analysis        Heidi Johnson        7/6/2009
                                              Add security to the New Hire statuses in the          WR - HR HR
CR578-Front-End New Hire Form Statuses        Front-end.                                            Front-End       Nancy Neild         7/23/2009
                                              To review the impact of changing the New Hire         WR – HR
CR582-Analysis for New Hire Logon             Logon to be something other than a UIN.               Analysis        Nancy Neild         7/28/2009
                                              New Front End report that will display all items      WR – HR
CR587-Front End Outbox Report                                           1 outbox.
                                              in the group and personal of 7                        Reports                              8/6/2009
                                                        HRIS Change Request Status

                                            Create a new web form to allow UHR
                                            employees to make security requests via the       WR – HR
CR590-UHR Security Web Form                 web.                                              Applications   Mary Combs      8/20/2009

                                          Would like a method for employees to subscribe      WR – HR
CR598-HR Subscription Application         to emails regarding subjects they can choose.       Applications   Cindy DeBrock    9/9/2009
                                          Various reports requested for HireTouch data        WR – HR
CR603-HireTouch Reports for OEOA          for OEOA.                                           Reports        Heidi Johnson   9/14/2009
                                          In the HR Front End many screen refreshes
                                          have the Data Loading box display more than
                                          once, takes too long. Have it only once and         WR - HR HR
CR606-HR Front End data loading           shorter.                                            Front-End      Cindy DeBrock   9/24/2009
                                          In the HR Front End roll up orgs are not routing
                                          as expected, they are routing to the roll up not
CR607-HR Front End Routing College        actual org. College designation needed for          WR - HR HR
designation and org rollup issue          partial colleges.                                   Front-End      Cindy DeBrock   9/24/2009
                                          In the HR Front End the user cannot go „back‟ to
                                          a previous page or section. For instance, if they
                                          leave an employee record they must re-select
CR608-HR Front End General Navigation     that record through the Home page or                WR - HR HR
Back capability                           Employee Select                                     Front-End      Cindy DeBrock   9/24/2009
                                          In the HR Front End allow user to re-review the
CR609-HR Front End Routing College        transaction before answering the eclass             WR - HR HR
EGC/ECC prompt                            decision prompt                                     Front-End      Cindy DeBrock   9/24/2009
                                          Provide the user the ability to choose the
                                          position number they want to use earlier in the     WR - HR HR
CR610-HR Front End Add job                add job process                                     Front-End      Cindy DeBrock   9/24/2009
                                          In the HR Front End add a return button to the
                                          Separation transaction just like ERV: change
                                          the return button to three options: Return-
CR611-HR Front End Separation transaction Previous Stop, Return to Org ######, Return to      WR - HR HR
return button                             Person ID #####                                     Front-End      Cindy DeBrock   9/24/2009

                                            In the HR Front End change the return button to
                                            three options: Return-Previous Stop, Return to    WR - HR HR
CR612-HR Front End return button            Org ######, Return to Person ID #####             Front-End      Cindy DeBrock   9/24/2009
                                            In the HR Front End a rule allows a 30 day
CR613-HR Front End Routing College PCM      overlap when refilling a postion. Propose to      WR - HR HR
refilling single position                   change to 120 days..                              Front-End      Cindy DeBrock   9/24/2009
                                            In the HR Front End the route administrator       WR - HR HR
CR614-HR Front End Route Administrator      header needs locked                               Front-End      Cindy DeBrock   9/24/2009

                                                                   2 of 7                                                        3/3/2010
                                                        HRIS Change Request Status

                                            In the HR Front End the profile administrator
                                            header needs locked and need to be able to
                                            show/not show fully expired profiles. Also add
                                            grid lines and improve display of data (hard to       WR - HR HR
CR615-HR Front End Profile Administrator    read)                                                 Front-End       Cindy DeBrock       9/24/2009
                                            In the HR Front End display only the profile
                                            name and CCCDO in My Security, and lock               WR - HR HR
CR616-HR Front End Security                 header                                                Front-End       Cindy DeBrock       9/24/2009
                                            Need to review and clean up inactive records in       WR – HR
CR620-HireTouch Inactive Records            HireTouch.                                            Configuration   Mary Combs          9/25/2009
                                            To add some language to the NNH email that
                                            goes out to new hires from HRFE regarding, the
                                            first letter of the last name of the password will    WR - HR HR
CR622-Add text to NNH email from HRFE       normally require a capital letter                     Front-End       Cathy Menacher      10/1/2009
                                            AITS work request - Allow updates to individual
                                            records; specifically the Hourly Rate field (both
                                            old and new rates). Also, check the current
                                            calculation logic for when an existing original
                                            rate is changed, the values are not updating          WR – HR
CR623-Retro Pay Enhancements                correctly                                             Analysis        Becky Smith         10/6/2009
                                            In response to Executive Order 12989, in which
                                            all federal contractors are required to participate
                                            in E-Verify, a new Termination Reason Code is
                                            needed to track employees who are terminated
                                            after receipt of a Final Nonconfirmation in E-        WR – HR
CR625-E-Verify Termination Reason Code      Verify.                                               Configuration   Sarah Musselman     10/8/2009

                                            Due to timing/routing issues, ineligible
                                            deductions for specified b-cats and manual
                                            processing, employee statutory deduction
                                            records are not updated in time prior to a calc.
CR626-HRFE Enhancement – EGC                This often results in retro collections and/or        WR - HR HR
Deduction Maintenance                       refunds of SURS, Medicare and OASDI.                  Front-End       Larry Hanyzewski    10/9/2009
CR627-HR Front End New Hire Required        Many of the new hire required forms are not           WR - HR HR
Forms                                       indicated as required in the Front End.               Front-End       Nancy Neild        10/12/2009
                                            Run vulnerability scans on all UHR supported
CR630-Vulnerability Scans for UHR Web       web sites including NESSIE, New Hire, PANDA,          WR – HR
Sites                                       and Tiger.                                            Applications    Tony Kerber        10/14/2009
                                            Need a utility refresh the aconfig on HRnet to        WR – HR
CR631-Utility to Refresh aconfig on HRNet   alleviate restarting service due to errors.           Applications    Tony Kerber        10/14/2009

                                                                     3 of 7                                                               3/3/2010
                                                        HRIS Change Request Status

                                             There has been a desire by central HR to allow
                                             units and departments to view selected
                                             documents for unit and department employees.
                                             With the maturation of BXS and other
                                             techniques it appears that a security model
                                             could be develop to restrict a unit or department   WR – HR
CR632-Analysis of BXS Security               view to only their own employees.                   Analysis        Tony Kerber       10/22/2009
                                             The primary goal of this request is to expand the
                                             Communication/News Application that is used
                                             within the UHR site so that it can also post news   WR – HR
CR633-HR Communications/News                 items in NESSIE.                                    Applications    Sarah Musselman   10/22/2009
                                             Add address line 2 to UIC HireTouch CS
                                             Application and Exam Request. This should           WR – HR
CR634-UIC CS Application                     also feed to PRMS.                                  Configuration   Joanne Neris      10/22/2009
                                             Modify logic of how ethics training is being        WR – HR
CR635-Modify Ethics Training Update Logic    updated.                                            Applications    Nancy Neild       10/27/2009

                                          The current HRFE on-line training program
                                          needs to be modified to better capture users           WR – HR
CR636-HRFE Training Validation            who have accessed and completed the training.          Applications    Tanya Wood        10/28/2009
                                          AITS has developed a report that identifies
                                          discrepancies for employee records were
                                          employee is enrolled in an after tax health and
                                          dental codes. The records appearing on this
CR639-After Tax Deduction Discrepancy and report should be identified in the “Benefits Audit     WR – HR
Benefit Audit Database                    database”.                                             Applications    Tim Gavin          11/4/2009
                                          For VET-100 reporting, we need to capture if           WR – HR
CR641-US Veteran Medal Recipient          US veterans are medal recipients.                      Applications    Becky Smith        11/4/2009
CR643-Move Batch Processes from hrnet1 to Modify batch process on hrnet1 to be directed to       WR – HR
hrnet                                     hrnet whenever possible.                               Applications    Tony Kerber        11/5/2009
                                          Add the E-Verify Case number to the Front-End          WR - HR HR
CR645-Add E-Verify Case Number to HRFE application.                                              Front-End       Tony Kerber        11/6/2009

                                             Create a new application for the University
                                             Administration Distinguished Employee       WR – HR
CR650-DELTA Online Application               Leadership and Team Award (DELTA) program. Applications             Sarah Musselman   11/17/2009

                                        This report will identify employees who have
                                        been terminated in Banner (using Banner
                                        activity date vs. term date) during a specific time
                                        period (i.e., monthly) in order to provide regular       WR – HR
CR653-403(b) Monthly Termination Report termination information to 403(b) vendors.               Reports         Cheryl Murzyn     11/24/2009
CR654-Automate LTD December 1st Annual Work with AITS to develop a process for the               WR – HR
Salary                                                              of SSA table.
                                        extract, FTP and load of4the 7                           Analysis        Becky Smith        12/3/2009
                                                          HRIS Change Request Status

                                              A report of new hire employees that have a hire
                                              date less than 30 days and have not completed WR – HR
CR656-30 Day ethics report                    ethics orientation.                             Reports             Nancy Neild        12/9/2009

                                              Employees must fill out a paper Card
                                              Agreement Form prior to receiving their first i-
                                              card. In it, they‟re notified of the T&Cs. I want
CR657-Add i-card Terms & Conditions           to get the T&Cs added to the New Hire task list     WR – HR
(T&Cs) to the Nessie New Hire task list.      and eliminate the paper Card Agreement Form.        Applications    John Ealy         12/11/2009
                                              When duplicate records exist, check BDMS to
CR658-Duplicate Person Utility – BDMS         see if the “bad” UIN has records in BDMS that       WR – HR
Query                                         needs to be moved to the “good” UIN.                Applications    Becky Smith       12/17/2009

                                              Create email to send to Shaker advertising with
CR659-Create email to Shaker via HireTouch HireTouch job information so departments can           WR – HR
information                                   post jobs to external job sites.                    Configuration   Sarah Musselman   12/17/2009
                                              Review list of pages that are using the nessie,
CR660-Review list of pages that are using the newt, dart, panda, and tiger email addresses to
nessie, newt, dart, panda, and tiger email    determine if content needs to be updated or if      WR - HR
addresses                                     email is still valid.                               Content         Nancy Neild       12/17/2009
                                              Create reports for internal usage on Clarity        WR – HR
CR661-Clarity Reports                         statistics.                                         Reports         Nancy Neild       12/23/2009
                                              Ethics data should be maintained for the current
                                              year plus the previous two years. All other data    WR – HR Data
CR663-Ethics Data Maintenance                 should be purged.                                   Management      Nancy Neild         1/4/2010
                                              Create new reports that would allow colleges or
                                              departments to view information regarding the       WR – HR
CR664-Reports for Furlough Information        impact of furloughs.                                Reports         Nancy Neild         1/6/2010
                                              Include users HRFE LDAP permissions in the          WR – HR
CR665-HRFE Security Report LDAP Update current HRFE Security report.                              Reports         Tanya Wood          1/6/2010
                                              CFGRID will provide enhanced functionality to
                                              our report output. It will allow users to sort
                                              directly on the page and view the data in a page
                                              format rather than one large list (to name a few    WR – HR
CR666-CFGrid Phase II                         benefits)                                           Reports         Karen Greenwalt     1/6/2010
                                              HR offices would like the selected output on
CR667-Display selected criteria on all output Front End Reporting forms to be displayed           WR – HR
on Front End Reports                          output screen.                                      Reports         Mary Combs          1/8/2010

                                              Job suffixes are supposed to be limited to a
                                              certain range of values with specific meanings; WR – HR
CR668-Job Suffixes not meeting standards      however there are no Banner edits on this field. Reports            Ron Hazen          1/14/2010

                                                                      5 of 7                                                             3/3/2010
                                                           HRIS Change Request Status

                                               By law, the union is to notify an employee about
                                               the differences between fair share and dues
                                               paying membership prior to the deduction of any
                                               dues. Fair share should be deducted no earlier
                                               than the third regular paydate after the job begin
                                               date for new visiting academic professional          WR – HR
CR669-Visiting AP Fair Share                   employees.                                           Reports        Sharon Reynolds   2/12/2010
                                               Identify and modify FMLA reports due to FMLA
                                               table changes that will occur with the April         WR – HR
CR670-FMLA Table Changes                       Banner upgrade.                                      Reports        Becky Smith       2/19/2010
                                               Need interface to enter paper transactions into      WR – HR
CR671-VPR Interface                            VPR database.                                        Applications   Nancy Neild       2/24/2010
                                               Analysis of whether the current HR training
                                               application could be used for OCP.                   WR – HR
CR672-OCP Training Application                 Modifications to performed as needed.                Applications   Nancy Neild       2/24/2010

                                               Check all new child relationship deductions,
                                               check to make sure Unicare HMO is no longer          WR – HR
CR673-Benefit Choice 2010                      available, include other issues as needed.           Applications   Becky Smith       2/24/2010
                                               Implement requested enhancements to the              WR – HR
CR674-PTR Enhancements                         positive time reporting application.                 Applications   Nancy Neild       2/24/2010

                                               The HRFE report takes a long time to run. This
                                               request is to investigate how implementing
                                               caching will improve processing time. We
                                               would create a main query that is run at the
                                               beginning of the day and then have the security      WR – HR
CR675-HRFE Security Report Caching             report to query the cached query.                    Reports        Karen Greenwalt   2/24/2010
                                               The current HRFE website was primarily design
                                               as a communication tool for the project. Since
                                               the project has been completed, the HRFE
                                               Steering Team feels it is more appropriate to
                                               move relevant content to the UHR website in
CR676-Migrate HRFE Website Content to          order to reflect the current state of support for    WR - HR HR
UHR                                            HRFE.                                                Front-End      Tony Kerber       2/25/2010
                                               To provide clarity and eliminate confusion over
                                               the Physician Surgeon and other practicing
CR677-Eliminate the Physician Surgeon          faculty titles (such as Dental Surgeon) that can
job/title for use on the Academic Professional only be held in conjunction with a percent time      WR – HR
P-class                                        faculty rank.                                        Applications   Angela Yudt       2/26/2010

                                                                       6 of 7                                                            3/3/2010
                                                                                                                               HR ITPC Templates

                                                                                                                          Current    Current     Baseline                                                                                  Baseline     %
                                  Project Name                              ITPC Functional Area          Manager          Start      Finish      Start       Baseline Finish            Status         Actuals     ETC     Total Effort    Effort   Expended ITPC Template
ITPC-0317 Electronic I-9/E-Verify Solution RFP                           Human Resources              Kerber, Tony        8/10/2009    3/5/2010 8/10/2009             3/5/2010 1                           69.50     742.00       811.50      807.00      8.6%
ITPC-0318 HireTouch Implementation for Chicago Academic/Faculty Groups   Human Resources              Kerber, Tony        9/21/2009  5/28/2010 9/21/2009             3/25/2010 1.7                         78.00     616.67       694.67      695.00     11.2%
ITPC-0324 Calendar Year 2010 HR Front End Support                        Human Resources              Gorrell, Cheri       1/1/2010 12/31/2010                                 1                        1,262.00   6,387.00    7,649.00                  16.5%
ITPC-0325 Planning, Analysis and Implementation of Furloughs             Human Resources              Dable, Stephanie    12/1/2009  6/30/2010 12/1/2009             6/30/2010 1                          534.50     570.50    1,105.00     1,105.00     48.4%
                                                                                                       Final Approval    Functional              Current
                                  Project Name                                    ITPC Stage                 Date         Priority  Total Effort  Start       Current Finish     Project Sponsor(s)
                                                                                                                                                                                   Dave Stewart, John
                                                                                                                                                                                Loya, Elyne Cole, Wes
ITPC-0267 Compensation Statement Implementation                          Approved - To Be Scheduled          4/11/2008         4.00      977.00    1/3/2011        12/31/2011             Weisenburn

                                                                                                                                                                                Dave Stewart, Laurie
                                                                                                                                                                               Pitner, Jack McEnery,
                                                                                                                                                                              Debi Stone, Jim Davito,
ITPC-0268 Implementation of Payroll Calculator for “What-if” Scenarios   Approved - To Be Scheduled          4/11/2008         3.00    2,770.00    1/1/2011        12/30/2011       Wes Weisenburn
                                                                                                                                                                                Elyne Cole, Elizabeth
ITPC-0269 Academic NOA Rewrite Implementation                            Approved - To Be Scheduled          4/11/2008         1.00    4,538.00    4/1/2010         10/6/2010       Bunte, Patti Sims

                                                                                                                                                                                   Cheryl Hahn, Jami
                                                                                                                                                                                    Painter, Maureen
                                                                                                                                                                               Parks, Patricia Sims,
                                                                                                                                                                                     Deb Stone, Wes
ITPC-0320 VSL Integration to Banner Development                          Approved - To Be Scheduled          12/2/2009         2.00    1,090.00    1/1/2011           1/1/2011            Weisenburn

                                                                                                                                      7 of 7                                                                                                              3/3/2010

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