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					                ERTICO eNewsletter: No. 21 – 31 March 2006

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    •     Start of SIMBA!
    •’s new and improved ITS calendar
    •     Steering London 2006 into shape
    •     Kapsch TrafficCom AG to set up truck toll system in Czech Republic
    •     3rd International Conference on Transport Research in Greece
    •     ERTICO Communications Task Force kicks off
    •     European Parliament’s Transport Committee adopts report on eCall
    •     Lord Robertson to lead new Road Safety Commission
    •     ARTEMIS launches Strategic Research Agenda
    •     Dutch Transport Ministry launches call for kilometre charging system
    •     Helping cars and infrastructure cooperate
    •     Sensor fusion experts meet in Brussels
    •     CONNECT consortium meets in Slovenia
    •     TMC Forum sees increased interest in activities
    •     Efkon wins innovation award, increases India focus
    •     Loquendo and TomTom to deliver navigation products with Loquendo


Start of SIMBA!

Date: 31 March 2006

New ERTICO-coordinated project focuses on international cooperation.

ERTICO will extend its activities further around the globe, thanks to the
SIMBA project. Supported by EC DG Research, SIMBA officially got its two
years of activities underway on 1 March.

SIMBA intends to increase road transport research cooperation between
Europe and the emerging markets of China, India, Brazil and South Africa.
Through the establishment of an international cooperation network, the

                     ERTICO – ITS Europe, Avenue Louise 326, 1050 Brussels, Belgium,             1
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project aims to increase road safety, mobility and transport efficiency using
ITS, automotive technological development, and enhancements to road
infrastructure. SIMBA will map the national and regional research activities,
policies and future requirements.

SIMBA has already planned a variety of meetings and events on each of the
four continents involved in the project. It will define specific priorities later
this year at meetings in Brazil (October), India (November) and South Africa
(December), along with the China workshop in May (see below). SIMBA’s
national events will discuss solutions, future strategies for EU cooperation
and involve both European and regional stakeholders in the three research
areas (ITS, automotive and road infrastructure).

A dedicated SIMBA website – - will be launched later
this spring which will provide project information and results, meetings
schedule and other relevant project information.

New approach to international cooperation
SIMBA differs from any international cooperation activities ERTICO has done
in the past. First, it is larger than anything that ERTICO has previously
undertaken in this area and includes new markets. SIMBA also extends past
ITS and involves automotive and infrastructure research, and therefore
teams up with organisations such as FEHRL and ACEA/EUCAR. It is also in
line with the wishes of the ERTRAC group and their views about
strengthening international road transport research. Although SIMBA revisits
China, it goes beyond the last 10 years of cooperation activities and reaches
a new level of interest.

ERTICO Director of External Affairs and Communications Jacob Bangsgaard is
thrilled to be a part of this exciting new initiative, adding, “We know that
we can learn a lot from others’ years of experience in the research field.
Now is the time to pool our knowledge and expertise and create common
new endeavours in the future”.

SIMBA Workshop in Shanghai, China
SIMBA will start its busy schedule of activities in Shanghai, China on 25-26
May 2006 with its first Priority Workshop. The Workshop will cover city
planning, ITS and the automotive industry – the first time all three of these
issues have been addressed at such an event – in order to define priorities.
High-level Chinese representatives have been invited to attend, as well as
ACEA and FEHRL from Europe. In addition to the workshop presentations and
discussions, the event will also feature a visit to the Shanghai Municipality
Transport Information Centre.

Representatives of industry, research institutes and public authorities are
warmly encouraged to participate in the Shanghai event, as well as get
internationally involved in SIMBA activities!

For more information, please contact SIMBA Project Coordinator Julia Wu,

                 ERTICO – ITS Europe, Avenue Louise 326, 1050 Brussels, Belgium,             2
    Tel: +32 (0)2 400 07 00, Fax: +32 (0)2 400 07 01,,
********************************************************************’s new and improved ITS calendar

Date: 31 March 2006

Keep your ITS agenda up-to-date all year long with event information.

The ERTICO website now contains more information about general ITS
events in Europe and around the world, thanks to its new and improved
calendar section. The new section not only features details about ERTICO
meetings, but also an extensive listing of other happenings of interest to the
international ITS community. Consult both calendars at

Your input is very welcome in order to keep this a useful resource. Please
send details about any relevant ITS event to and we’ll
add them to the calendar!


Steering London 2006 into shape

Date: 31 March 2006

UK Steering Group issues newsletter focusing on its ITS Congress

As the countdown to 8 October 2006 – the first day of the ITS World
Congress in London – continues, the organisations involved in bringing us this
year’s not-to-be-missed ITS event are hard at work in their preparations.
The UK Steering Group, made up of ERTICO Partners Department for
Transport and Transport for London, as well as UK Department of Trade and
Industry and ITS UK, is one of the key stakeholders busy with lead-up

To inform the ITS community of its own doings and welcome other
organisations in the planning process, the Steering Group has released its
own newsletter. Consult the first edition below to find out how things are
taking shape and catch the momentum of London 2006!

For more information, please contact Cathy Jenkins, or visit the Congress website,


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Kapsch TrafficCom AG to set up truck toll system in Czech

Date: 31 March 2006

ERTICO Partner’s contract reconfirmed by Czech Monopolies Commission.

A disputed €640 million / 10-year contract to operate the Czech truck toll
system has been reconfirmed to ERTICO Partner Kapsch TrafficCom. The
Czech Monopolies Commission announced 15 March that the decision to
award Kapsch the contract was still valid. Defeated rivals had challenged
the November 2005 decision, but these objections have now been declared

"We were always convinced that our bid would win final acceptance,"
explains Erwin Toplak, Director of Kapsch TrafficCom. “The objections
themselves had the sole objective of delaying the start of the project and
distracting from the shortcomings of the defeated bids.”

As a result of the delays, the target start date for the truck toll system, 1
January 2007, now hangs in the balance. Kapsch TrafficCom wishes to keep
to this date but stresses the need for close cooperation with the contract-
placing authority, e.g. in speedily implementing official procedures and
permits, if the system is to be implemented within 9 months rather than the
12 months originally projected.

For further information please contact or visit


3rd International Conference on Transport Research in Greece

Date: 31 March 2006

Event from ERTICO Partner CERTH to look at efficient solutions to
transport problems through research.

ERTICO Partner CERTH (Centre for Research and Technology Hellas), with its
Hellenic Institute of Transport will organise the third “International
Congress on Transportation Research in Greece: The contribution of
research in developing efficient and applicable solutions to transportation
problems”, 19-20 May.

Taking place in Thessaloniki, the Congress aims to establish itself as a
significant gathering point for researchers and professionals in the field,
promoting Greek research activities and disseminating knowledge, results
and best practice.

Major themes of the Congress are:

                  ERTICO – ITS Europe, Avenue Louise 326, 1050 Brussels, Belgium,             4
     Tel: +32 (0)2 400 07 00, Fax: +32 (0)2 400 07 01,,
•   Transport policy and management
•   Traffic modelling
•   Hazardous materials transportation and emergency response
•   Data collection and management
•   Public transportation quality evaluation, pricing and control systems
•   Intermodal freight transportation
•   Traffic safety
•   Innovative design of rail and airport infrastructure
•   Maritime transport and port operations
•   Human behaviour in transportation
•   Innovative technologies in traffic operations and management
•   Transport economics

Further information is available at and


ERTICO Communications Task Force kicks off

Date: 30 March 2006

ERTICO Partners and ITS nationals meet to discuss communication issues.

The ERTICO Communication Task Force met for the first time on 27 March in
Brussels. Some forty participants - including ERTICO Partners and members
of the Network of National ITS Associations - gathered to discuss
communication issues in the ITS field and possibilities for future cooperation

Hosted and chaired by the ERTICO Communications Department, the Task
Force was set up in response to requests from ERTICO Partners for increased
communication on the benefits of ITS. The meeting featured a series of
presentations on upcoming EU policies and priorities, including a
presentation on the EC’s Intelligent Car initiative, by Juhani Jaaskelainen,
Deputy Head of the Unit in charge of ICT for Transport in the EC DG
Information Society and Media. ERTICO Partners Bosch, Dekra and FIA also
gave presentations within their respective areas of expertise.

The gap between ITS development efforts and the communication of its
functionalities and benefits to decision makers and users has a clear impact
on the ITS deployment process. Pooling the communications experience of
ERTICO Partners and ITS Nationals, the Task Force aims to support ITS
deployment by improving communication within three key ERTICO areas:
corporate activities, project activities, and activities targeting policy
makers and opinion leaders. The Task Force will set up and support concrete
communications tasks within these areas.

                  ERTICO – ITS Europe, Avenue Louise 326, 1050 Brussels, Belgium,             5
     Tel: +32 (0)2 400 07 00, Fax: +32 (0)2 400 07 01,,
For more information, please contact Kristin Oxley,


European Parliament’s Transport Committee adopts report on

Date: 30 March 2006

MEPs urge Member States to speed up implementation efforts of
emergency call.

Members of the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism committee on
21 March voted strongly in favour of a report urging the rapid
implementation of eCall - the pan-European in-vehicle emergency call.
Generated either manually by a vehicle occupant or automatically via
activation of in-vehicle sensors, the eCall will establish voice contact with
the nearest emergency centre (Public Service Answering Point) and
automatically transmit key data about the accident, including its accurate

The report, drafted by MEP Gary Titley, stresses that Member States should
urgently sign the eCall Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to ensure that
eCall is fully rolled out by the 2009 deadline. Initiated by the European
Commission, ERTICO and ACEA, the MoU has so far been signed by only
seven of the 25 EU Member States: Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Italy,
Lithuania, Slovenia and Sweden.

The MEPs also criticise Member States for their lack of efforts in
implementing and promoting the single European emergency number 112
and so called E112 - 112 calls from mobile phones with location information.
eCall technology will be based on E112 and it is crucial that it is
implemented Europe-wide. The Committee members therefore ask the
Commission to do an evaluation of national implementation actions to date.

National efforts to prepare the Public Service Answering Points for handling
eCalls are also deemed to be insufficient, and the report recommends that
further efforts and resources be allocated for language training and an
upgrade of identification and call handling services.

With estimates showing that eCall could save 2500 lives a year and €24
billion annually in costs related to accidents and €4 billion in annual
congestion cost, the report assesses that the benefits of the system
outweigh the cost, and urges stakeholders to work together to define
incentives to speed up its introduction.

The final adoption of the report is planned for 26 April 2006, when the
European Parliament meets in plenum in Brussels.

                  ERTICO – ITS Europe, Avenue Louise 326, 1050 Brussels, Belgium,             6
     Tel: +32 (0)2 400 07 00, Fax: +32 (0)2 400 07 01,,
For more information, please visit


Lord Robertson to lead new Road Safety Commission

Date: 30 March 2006

New group established by ERTICO Partner FIA Foundation aims to reduce
global road traffic injuries.

Former NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson has been appointed the
leader of the Commission on Global Road Safety. Established by ERTICO
partner FIA Foundation, the Commission aims to drastically reduce the 1.2
million deaths and 15 million serious injuries caused by road traffic crashes
worldwide each year.

Each of the Group of Eight (G8) countries will be represented with one
Commissioner, and a report addressing the next steps that the international
community should take to promote global road safety will be published 8
June. More than 80% of the 3,000 road deaths occurring every day on the
world’s roads happen in developing countries. The report will examine how
best to reverse this trend and prevent the further 65% increase in road
traffic deaths predicted by the World Health Organisation by 2020 if no
action is taken.

The report will be sent to the G8 Heads of Government ahead of the 2006
G8 summit in St.Petersburg, Russia in July. It will also be submitted to the
United Nations Road Safety Collaboration as part of the preparations for the
2007 UN Global Road Safety Week.

Commenting on his new role, Lord Robertson said: “Global road safety
barely features on the international political agenda, yet it is a vital missing
piece of the sustainable development jigsaw […] It is hoped that our work
will raise the profile of the issue and set an agenda for practical action to
reduce global road traffic injuries”.

For more information, please visit


ARTEMIS launches Strategic Research Agenda.

Date: 30 March 2006

Technology platform including ERTICO Partners will invest heavily in
Embedded Systems.

                  ERTICO – ITS Europe, Avenue Louise 326, 1050 Brussels, Belgium,             7
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The ARTEMIS (Advanced Research and Technology for Embedded Intelligence
and Systems) technology platform recently launched its detailed strategic
research agenda. A public-private partnership, the platform was created in
June 2004 by several European industrial groups, including ERTICO Partners
Daimler-Chrysler, Thales, Ericsson and Nokia, with the support of the
European Commission and Member States.

The plans for the 2007-2010 period are ambitious, with a €2.7 billion
spending target set by the members. ARTEMIS chairman Yrjo Neuvo pointed
out that such a pooling of resources at European level would drive
innovation and competitiveness, segmenting Europe’s position as the
undisputed world leader in embedded systems.

Embedded systems are a rapidly developing area, with 10% growth year-on-
year. In the automotive industry, today 20% of a car’s value is today down
to its embedded technology. According to ARTEMIS, this will increase to 35-
40% by 2015, creating up to 600,000 jobs.

Commenting on the importance of the technology platform, Commissioner
for Information Society and Media Viviane Reding noted, “ARTEMIS will pool
high quality research and set up standards and coordination to give greater
certainty to investors. If the EU does not, it will be left behind - this is the
strategic importance of ARTEMIS.”

For more information, please visit


Dutch Transport Ministry launches call for kilometre charging

Date: 30 March 2006

ERTICO Partner envisages nationwide system allowing the pricing of
driven kilometres by 2012.

ERTICO Partner V&W (Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water
Management) has launched a call for Expression of Interest (EoI) for a
market consultation on the envisaged nationwide kilometre charging system
for the Netherlands.

Dutch Minister of Transport Mrs Peijs informed the Dutch parliament that
her Ministry will work towards the deployment of a nationwide system that
allows the pricing of driven kilometres by 2012.

The system is envisaged to charge users of mobility on the basis of
kilometres driven, time, location and vehicle characteristics. At major
milestones of the specification of this system, the Ministry will carry out an
investigation of its deployment and operational costs. This study includes a
market consultation with interested industrial companies that, on the basis

                  ERTICO – ITS Europe, Avenue Louise 326, 1050 Brussels, Belgium,             8
     Tel: +32 (0)2 400 07 00, Fax: +32 (0)2 400 07 01,,
of indicated user needs and functional requirements, contribute to the
system’s definition by relating costs, risks and feasibility to different
solutions and options.

The participants for a first market consultation will be selected by the
Ministry on the basis of the valid EoI forms they will receive. It is noted that
this call for EoI is made without any obligation of a procurement process and
there is no relation between participation in the market consultation and
the implementation or operation of the envisaged system of kilometre

The call for EoI will close by 10 April 2006 at 17h.

For more information, visit


Helping cars and infrastructure cooperate

Date: 23 March 2006

ERTICO-coordinated CVIS project kicks off 14-15 March.

The CVIS (Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems) project kicked-off 14-
15 March 2006 in Brussels. Coordinated by ERTICO, CVIS is a major new
European research and development project aiming to design, develop and
test the technologies needed to allow cars to communicate with each other
and with the nearby roadside infrastructure. Directorate General
Information Society and Media of the European Commission, will contribute
€22 million towards the project budget's of €41 million.

CVIS Project Manager of ERTICO Paul Kompfner remarked that, "CVIS’
achievements will increase road safety and efficiency and reduce the
environmental impact of road transport. The project’s ambition is to begin a
revolution in mobility for travellers and goods, completely re-engineering
how drivers, their vehicles, the goods they carry and the transport
infrastructure interact."

Direct driver influence
With CVIS, drivers will directly influence the traffic control system, and get
guidance to the quickest route to their destination. Information shown on
road signs will be available wirelessly and shown on an in-vehicle display.
Such displays can also warn drivers of approaching emergency vehicles,
allowing emergency personnel to reach accidents faster with less danger for
themselves and cars along their path. In the same way, hazardous goods
shipments can be tracked at all times and have priority along a pre-selected
safe route.

                  ERTICO – ITS Europe, Avenue Louise 326, 1050 Brussels, Belgium,             9
     Tel: +32 (0)2 400 07 00, Fax: +32 (0)2 400 07 01,,
 However, all of this can only happen if there is full interoperability in the
communication between different makes of vehicle and between vehicles
and different types of roadside systems. CVIS will build on the ISO “CALM”
standards to develop a world "first": a standardised networking terminal
capable of connecting continuously and seamlessly using a wide range of
communication media - including mobile cellular and wireless local area
networks, short-range microwave (DSRC) or infra-red. The same CVIS “box”
can serve both in the vehicle and in roadside equipment.

To validate the project’s results, all CVIS technologies and applications will
be tested at one or more test sites in six European countries: France,
Germany, Italy, Netherlands/Belgium, Sweden and the UK.

However, technology is not the only stumbling block on the road to a reality
where every car, traffic light, road sign and kilometre of roadway is
equipped with a CVIS-like system. A number of non-technical obstacles will
also have to be overcome, and CVIS will create a toolkit to address key
deployment enablers such as user acceptance, data privacy and security,
system openness and interoperability, risk and liability, public policy needs,
cost/benefit and business models, and roll-out plans for implementation.

Work in CVIS' subprojects is underway, with activities on use case and
requirements definition currently being addressed. More information about
these and other project details will be available on the CVIS project
website, to be launched later this spring.

For more information, contact or visit the CVIS
project page,


Sensor fusion experts meet in Brussels

Date: 23 March 2006

Forum decides to develop White Paper on sensor data fusion.

The Fusion Forum organised their 1st workshop on 8 March 2006 at the Volvo
premises in Brussels. More than 70 sensor fusion experts from 50
organisations gathered to discuss research and deployment issues in their
field. The presentation made by the ERTICO coordinated and European
Commission supported IP PReVENT ProFusion2 Consortium was met with
great interest.

The presentation focused on the Consortium’s progress in creating a
framework for data fusion. Such a framework will allow safety applications
to combine sensory data derived from various sources such as radars,

                  ERTICO – ITS Europe, Avenue Louise 326, 1050 Brussels, Belgium,             10
     Tel: +32 (0)2 400 07 00, Fax: +32 (0)2 400 07 01,,
cameras, etc. This will give the applications more reliable and accurate
information to work with, resulting in better and more dependable systems.
The goal is to obtain a wide view in space and time of the vehicle’s
environment, using a limited number of low-cost sensors.

This met with approval among the audience, and there was broad
agreement that sensor data fusion research should be combined with the
development of sensors so as to support advanced active and preventive
safety functions in the best way. A Working group will be established to
work on a “White paper” on sensor data fusion in parallel to the ProFusion2

Through the Fusion Forum the PReVENT subproject ProFusion2 will ensure
the exchange of expertise between various stakeholder groups, such as
Original Equipment Manufacturers, suppliers and research communities. The
Forum also complements the expertise of the PReVENT partners and brings
them together with sensor data fusion experts.

For more information, please visit the ProFusion website or contact the
ProFusion2 dissemination manager Dr Aris Polychronopoulos (


CONNECT consortium meets in Slovenia

Date: 23 March 2006

Slovenian Transport Ministry hosts CONNECT workshop and Steering

The CONNECT project - in which ERTICO is a participant - met for a
workshop on 1-2 March in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Hosted by the Slovenian
Transport Ministry, the workshop discussed issues such as EU ITS
Architecture development and evaluation processes for ITS projects.
More than 35 participants from industry and governmental organisations
based in Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, UK
and Belgium took part.

Parallel to the Connect workshop, the CONNECT Steering Committee met to
discuss the current status of activities and the closing of the first phase of
the project.

The CONNECT Euro-regional project is supported by the European
Commission and was established to help coordinate and stimulate ITS
activities in the Central and Eastern European Countries. By coordinating
national traffic management arrangements, the project helps ensure that
system differences and breaks on the important east-west and north-south
road corridors are avoided.

                   ERTICO – ITS Europe, Avenue Louise 326, 1050 Brussels, Belgium,             11
      Tel: +32 (0)2 400 07 00, Fax: +32 (0)2 400 07 01,,
The next important gathering of the consortium will be the I2Tern meeting
of Euro-regional projects in June in Barcelona. The 4th CONNECT Steering
Committee Meeting will be organised in parallel.

For more information, contact ERTICO Project and Development Manager
Mariana Andrade or visit the CONNECT website.


TMC Forum sees increased interest in activities

Date: 22 March 2006

Eight new members added in 2006.

Interest in the Traffic Message Channel (TMC), an application of the FM
Radio Data system used for broadcasting real-time traffic and weather
information, is on the rise. In the space of just two months, eight new
members have joined the ERTICO-coordinated TMC Forum, dedicated to
developing a dynamic market for TMC products and services.

The Forum’s new additions stem from all regions of the world and represent
a broad range of activities - including TMC receiver manufacture, map
database supply and traffic information collection & analysis:

    •     TomTom
    •     GNS
    •     KRS Electronics
    •     Inrix
    •     Thinkware Systems Corporation
    •     E-TEN Corporation
    •     CERTH
    •     Sensis

The new members will have the opportunity to participate in the extensive
list of activities already pencilled into the TMC Forum’s agenda. These
include the Road Traffic Information Group on 4 April, TMC Coordinator
James Burgess’ 30th birthday on 9 April, and a series of meetings on 19 April
to discuss topics such as service receiver harmonisation and location

For more information, please contact TMC Forum Coordinator James


Efkon wins innovation award, increases India focus

Date: 22 March 2006

                     ERTICO – ITS Europe, Avenue Louise 326, 1050 Brussels, Belgium,             12
        Tel: +32 (0)2 400 07 00, Fax: +32 (0)2 400 07 01,,
ERTICO Partner nationally recognised for its car-to-car communication
technology and plans further investment in India.

ERTICO Partner Efkon has won the "Most Innovative Austrian Firm of 2005"
award by the Austrian Ministry for Economic Affairs. Dr Martin Bartenstein,
the Austrian Minister of Economic Affairs, presented the honours to Dr
Raimund Pammer, CEO of the provider of road pricing and tolling solutions,
multi-application transportation payment systems and communication
systems, on 2 March 2006. The innovation award has been handed out for
the past 26 years, and Efkon was chosen out of 582 entrants.

The award was given to Efkon for its Active Infrared-based Vehicle
Communication Technology. It notes that through this technology, traffic
information can be passed from one vehicle to another or to infrastructure
in an unprecedented speed. Communication can be established within
milliseconds in order to send data for optimising traffic and travel times. In
addition, technology can also be used for collision warning systems and warn
against ghost drivers.

Increase in Indian investment
In other news, Efkon plans to invest €5-10 million over the next two years in
India. It has been present in India for the past six years, but now plans to
increase its headcount in the country to about 200-250 from the current
level of 75. Pushkar Kulkarni, CEO of Efkon Group-India, noted that it plans
to set up a development centre that would work on software development,
testing and maintenance of intelligent transport systems.

Efkon is also an active participant in the ERTICO co-ordinated EU-India
project, which aim to strengthen European participation in Indian R&D
activities and accompanying measures and explore mutual benefits of such

For more information, please visit

Loquendo and TomTom to deliver navigation products with
Loquendo Text-to-Speech

Date: 22 March 2006

Loquendo, ERTICO Partner Telecom Italia’s company for voice
technology, to guide users of TomTom’s new personal navigation system.

Loquendo, ERTICO Partner Telecom Italia’s global speech technology
company, and TomTom, a provider of solutions for personal and in-car
navigation, have announced the integration of Loquendo's multilingual
automotive text-to-speech solution with TomTom's new flagship product,
the TomTom GO 910.

                  ERTICO – ITS Europe, Avenue Louise 326, 1050 Brussels, Belgium,             13
     Tel: +32 (0)2 400 07 00, Fax: +32 (0)2 400 07 01,,
Tom Tom notes that the GO 910 all-in-one portable navigation device
includes hundreds of features and software improvements - such as route
choice, re-route calculation and itinerary planning - making it even easier to
navigate from A to B. It also includes Loquendo’s solution, which combines
lifelike, embedded text-to-speech software and pre-recorded prompts giving
users intelligible and natural-sounding instructions and information in the
language of their choice. It also reads aloud SMS messages using Loquendo's
Expressive TTS, which converts text into lifelike spoken audio. The
Loquendo embedded software currently supports 18 languages from around
the world with 40 different voice personas, and the language portfolio is
constantly expanding.

Loquendo VP of Business Development Paolo Coppo commented that, "it is
exciting to think that drivers right across the globe will be pleasantly and
safely driven to their destinations by our synthetic voices. We expect drivers
to greatly appreciate the advantages of having more detailed voice
prompts, including street names and POIs (points of interest), as well as the
reading of SMS messages, by the voice of their choice during their journey.
The 'expressive' features of our technology can create the illusion of being
escorted by a digital travelling companion."

For more information, visit

                 ERTICO – ITS Europe, Avenue Louise 326, 1050 Brussels, Belgium,             14
    Tel: +32 (0)2 400 07 00, Fax: +32 (0)2 400 07 01,,

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