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					  Write One Publications
              Press Kit
The novel                 The book every
                              young man
everyone is                 should read!
buzzing                            Coming
about!                                Soon
                                  Rules of
                                the Game

Write One
Write One Publications, Inc.
headquartered in Chicago, IL, was launched in 2008 and is on
pace to become one of the nation’s fastest growing independ-
ent trade publishers of fiction. Write One’s debut novel The Buzz
was officially released in 2009. Described as a unique look at
the entertainment industry, The Buzz ushered in a strong fan
base and provided an opportunity to help establish other great
authors. Write One strayed from their preferred genre for its sec-
ond release, publishing a non-fiction entitled Pull Your Pants Up
and be a man! a book described as timely and needed. In ad-
dition to providing fiction for adults, the imprint also tells the sto-
ries of young adults and children.

                          “I felt that my education and experience in Corporate
                          America had fully prepared me to establish Write One
                         Publications, Inc. and there began the idea to not only
                         publish my novel but to help launch the careers of other

                                 - Excerpt from article
                                                               Newell’s novel is an interesting, thrilling, hu-
                                                               morous experience that will have readers lov-
                                                               ing the story and hating the hell out of the
                                                               main protagonist. The perfect anti-hero,
                                                               Ebony’s a refreshing break from the normal
                                                               sweet character. She’s provoking and excit-
                                                               ing, but in a way that will have you ready to
                                                               break her neck. Her persona reeks of the all
                                                               too familiar stank, hate filled online personal-
                                                               ities seen on many well known gossip sites, but
                                                               at the same time, like the good skanky gossip
                                                               she sends, you just can’t seem to stop read-
                                                               ing- even when you feel you should. This book
                                                               is a definite must read for anyone who loves
                                                               or hates the gossip circuit.

                                                               - By: L Raquel Peterson for J’adore Magazine

Stefanie Newell fully understands America’s grow-
                                                                 “       The Book
                                                                        everyone is
                                                                       buzzing about!

ing obsession with celebrity chat. As the founder
of the blog, The Music Hot Spot, and author of the
novel, The Buzz: When Celebrity Gossip Goes
Wrong, Newell delves into our fascination with the
stars. The book revolves around the fictional story
of Ebony, a successful black woman whose pursuit
of the high life wreaks havoc. - Gavin Godfrey for
Rolling Out Magazine                                The Buzz was an excellent read by Stefanie

                                                    Newell. It showed throughout the book that
                                                    everything that glitters is not always gold.
        Celebrity Gossip.                           The novel is a good insight to what the
                                                    celebrity life is, and what challenges and
                 Scandal.                           obstacles they face. Stefanie Newell did a
                                                    good job of showing how celebrity gossip
              The Buzz!

                                                    goes wrong, and how lies and rumors can
                                                    lead to devastating consequences. - Kristin
The Buzz:!When celebrity gossip goes wrong | Stefanie Newell | CIP/LCCN: 2008938515 | ISBN:978-0-9821484-0-2 |
Pages: 268 | Price: $14.95 | Cover photo:!Published by Write One Publications, Inc. | |

Few novels are
both entertaining

and educational at
the same time, but
The Buzz definitely
fits that bill. –
  Who’s featured our books?
                          College News (
The Music Hot Spot (

                                    Black Water Entertainment (

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                                       J’adore Magazine (
KPFT (90.1FM Houston, TX)
                                       DePaul Magazine
                                                                     The Beverly Review
In Chi City (

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                                        Rolling Out (
Raw TV (WFLD - Fox)
                 RawSistaz Book Club ( and

                                           Black Pearls Magazine (

Blog Talk Radio – EDC Creations (Author Bernice Harris a featured panelist on the African
American Family Panel Discussion)

                                     RWA Book Club
This book you are
holding in your
hand is designed to
be one piece of
the lifelong
called "self im-
provement." So
Improving self is a
wonderful and wor-
thy endeavor!!!

- Malik Yoba
vational Speaker                                                                                  I applaud the au-
                                                                                                  thor for stepping
                                                                                                  out on an unpop-
                                                                                                  ular subject and
                                                                                                  making a stand
                                                                                                  for our youth. She
                                                                                                  begs the reader
                                                                                                  to be mindful of
                                                                                                  their decisions as
                                                                                                  they can shape
                                                                                                  their future in a
                                                                                                  positive or nega-
                                                                                                  tive nature. If you
                                                                                                  have a young
                                                                                                  man who could
                                                                                                  use some guid-
                                                                                                  ance and you
                                                                                                  are even a little
                                                                                                  concer ned
                                                                                                  about his life
                                                                                                  choices, this book
                                                                                                  is for you and
                                                                                                  your adolescent
                                                                                                  in need.

                                                                                                  - Courtney
                                                                                                  Owens for RWA
                                                                                                  Book Club

   Pull Your Pants Up…and be a man! | Bernice Harris | CIP/LCCN: 2009926133 | ISBN: 978-0-9821484-1-9 | Pages: 106
   | Price: $9.95 | Pub. Date: May 2009 | Cover photo: Please contact us at Published
   by Write One Publications,!Inc. |
      Erin Mitchell

877-85-WRITE (9-7483)


Description: Press Kit for Write One authors Bernice Harris (Pull Your Pants Up and be a man) and Stefanie Newell (The Buzz: When celebrity gossip goes wrong...)