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									  AT THE CAPITOL SUMMARY REPORT…..Friday, March 6, 2009

Bills to note that passed:

HB -1 – Supplemental Budget bill – House Enrolled Act 105. Local
     government funding is $4.7M to SLIB for emergency grants plus $3.5
     MM match for private funds for Wamsutter. Compromise sends half of
     the statutory 1% mineral severance tax to the corpus of the PWMTF
     and half to the PWMTF Spending Policy Reserve Account (“SPRA”)
     for FY 2010. The SPRA amount will be accessible to the 2010
     Legislature for appropriation if the legislature chooses. Property tax
     relief was dropped.
HB – 38 – Fiscal Year for Governmental Entities – HEA 51. All
     municipalities and most entities must have July1-June 30 FY.
HB – 39 – Population Determinations Using Census Data – HEA 120.
     Keeps the existing system for liquor licenses, stipulating that the
     interim population estimates come from a US Census Bureau program.
HB - 59 – Liquor Licenses for Golf Clubs – HEA 9.
HB – 100 – Omnibus Water Planning – HEA 43. $8.4 million for water
HB – 144 – Transparency in Government – HEA 123. Final version does not
     include a new select committee with responsibility for Information
     Technology. There will be a new website for information about the
     state’s revenues and expenditures.
HB – 156 – Energy Performance Contracts – HEA 73. Affirms legality of
     energy performance contracts without a formal bidding process.
HB – 215 – Tax on Renewable Resources – HEA 70. Sunsets sales tax
     exemptions, with limited exceptions for projects in progress on
     renewable energy resources to 2011.

SF 22 – Wyoming Economic Development Act – Senate Enrolled Act 3.
     Enhances economic development loan programs.
SF 28 – Licensing of Entertainment Activities – SEA 57. Bill repeals archaic
     laws on the amount of tax for pool halls, dance halls and bowling alleys
     and removes them from general regulation of Article 15. Bill does not

                   At the Capitol Summary Report, March 6, 2009   Page 1
     affect ability to tax these businesses under business license statute nor
     regulate any liquor dispensing or licensing, nor enforcement of zoning
     or planning laws or nuisance laws.
SF 42 – Select Committee on Local Government Financing – SEA 26. One
     year extension to develop revenue distribution system.
SF 53 – Property Tax Deferral – SEA 83. The bill expands the eligibility
     limits for this existing program which defers payment of half of
     property tax until there is an ownership change. Ultimately all tax is
     paid. Municipalities have no choice in this county option program –
     that decision is left to county commissioners.
SF 62 – Health and Disability Insurance Discretionary Clauses – SEA 34.
     Prohibits discretionary clauses for some health insurance providers.
SF 68 – Omnibus Water Construction. SEA 25. $54 million for water
SF 75 – Economic Development Account – SEA 15. Appropriates
     $2 million to economic development loan fund.
SF 95 – Medical Necessity Review – SEA 35. Mandates outside review
     process for health insurance; will cause some cost increase.
SF 129 – Juvenile Justice amendments – SEA 68. Original court must
     provide copies of charging documents to district attorney. Bill seems
     to address concerns raised by WAM members.

Bills to note that failed:

HB – 31 – Smoking in Public Places – Lapsed on Senate Introduction.
HB – 68 – Property Tax – Homestead Exemption – Lapsed on Senate
    General File.
HB – 83 – Governmental Immunity for Public Transportation – Failed 3rd
    Reading in Senate 12 – 18.
HB – 95 – Sales Tax Distribution – Lapsed on House General File. Would
    have increased local government share of state sales tax.
HB – 96 – Railroad Quiet Zones – Failed on General File in Senate14 – 16.
HB – 102 – Excise Tax – Vendor Compensation – Failed on Senate General

                    At the Capitol Summary Report, March 6, 2009   Page 2
HB – 112 – Workforce Housing Program – Failed on 3rd Reading in Senate
     14 – 15 – 1.
HB – 187 – Smoke Alarms – Lapsed on House General File. Would have
     mandated multiple specific kinds of alarms.
HB – 196 – Industrial Siting Act – Defeated in House Minerals Committee.
     Would have expanded impact aid due to oil and gas activities.
HB – 234 – Property Tax Assessment Rate. Died in Senate Revenue 1– 4.
     WAM opposed because backfill is for one year and exemption is
     essentially indefinite. Loss to local governments estimated to be
     $17 million a year.
HB – 250 – Classification of Fire Chiefs – Failed 1–3 in Senate
HJ – 1 – City-County Unification Constitutional Amendment. Defeated in
     House Corporations. Would have allowed a local option for combined
SF – 30 – Bar and Grill Liquor Licenses – Senate 3rd reading defeated 14-15.
     Would have increased number of licenses allowed.
SF 33 – Public Easement Abandonment – Failed on General File in House
SF 135 – Risk Assessment for Solid Waste – After a long and impassioned
     debate, the House defeated the bill on 3rd reading 25-33.

2009 Interim Topics:

In most cases the Management Council approved the priorities recommended
by the various committees. Senate President Hines added that he expected
the committees to work on their priorities in order, even if that means they do
not get to the lower priority items

Judiciary Committee:
Will continue to work on liens as Priority #1
Underage and binge drinking is one of five miscellaneous topics under
      Priority #3

                   At the Capitol Summary Report, March 6, 2009   Page 3
Further interim study of DUI is not needed but Sen. Ross asserted that there
     will be individual bill s on this topic.

Appropriations Committee:
Future large local government projects (water, landfills, jails, etc.) funding
     and the role of the state is Priority #5

Revenue Committee:
Overall revenue picture is Priority #1. This will include a review of taxes
     that support roads and streets, a topic that the Transportation
     Committee wants covered
Tax increment financing is Priority #4
Wind energy, including taxation of electricity generated, will be addressed in
     a task force

Corporations Committee:
State Fire Marshall’s Office – low voltage electrician licensing is part of
      Priority #4

Transportation Committee:
Public transportation is Priority #6

Minerals Committee:
Landfills and risk management is Priority #1
Economic Development is Priority #5

                   At the Capitol Summary Report, March 6, 2009   Page 4

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