My auckland recount by kaitao05


									My Auckland experience was a fun breathtaking holiday that
changed my live forever. I will never forget my Auckland trip it is
truly a moment in my live that I will never lose.

Kelly Tarltons (my truly unforgettable under water trip) wow it is
big it takes nearly a whole day to look and walk through it there
are so many brightly coloured lights that are all most blinding. But
(other than the blinding light in the tanks) the fish were
absolutely fantastic the octopus was my favourite it was so cool
seeing its suction cups sticks to the clear see thought class. They
also had a gift shop filled with toys, games, stuffed toys vending
machines etc. It had been about 20 minutes I had not found any
thing I wanted then I walked up to this one particular vending
machine it will for $4.00 give you a friend ship jade stone I ended
up getting 2, one for me and one for Zealandor my best friend
but on the way back to Rotorua I lost it ( but that’s another
story).But I had to use the one I was going to give to Zealandor
which is the one I still have today.

The zoo it might sound borrring but is really quite cool we got to
see elephants, tigers, monkeys etc. Its so HUGE we could not
even see all the animals before leaving. And the facts there was
so many facts that I would need 5 note books 2 pens and a week
to writ them all down. Next we went to the gift shop I brought a
tiger I put in so real thought and ended up calling it Tig
My Auckland Holiday has to be the best holiday in my live I wish
that it had never ended it was a extra ordinary time

The end

By Kyle New

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