Environmental Stewardship

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   Environmental Stewardship
• University of California – Leadership Role
  in Protection of the Environment
• UCOP – Example for Campuses to Follow
  – Sustainability Program
  – System-Wide Issues
  – UCOP Day-to-Day Operations
  – Protection of the Environmental at Home
 UC’s Commitment to Sustainability
• 2003: Regents               • 2006/2007: New
  Approved Green                Policy Sections to
  Building and Clean            Include:
  Energy Policy                  – Sustainable
  – Requires Green Building        Operations
    Design, Energy               – Sustainable
    Efficiency, & Renewable
    Energy                         Purchasing
                                 – Renovation Projects
• 2005: Policy Expanded          – Sustainable Food
  to Include                       Systems
  Transportation and
  Climate Change
 UC’s Commitment to Sustainability
• “Green Buildings”        • Benefits of Green Buildings
  Address                    Include:
  – Sustainability Sites      – Resources Conservation
  – Water Efficiency            (Energy, Water, Utility
  – Energy and                  Spending)
    Atmosphere                – Potential for Better
  – Materials and               Employee Health and
    Resources                   Comfort
  – Indoor Environmental         • Productivity Increase
    Quality                        Avg. 2-18% in Offices
                                 • Reduced Sick Days in
                                   Green Buildings
         Greening 1111 Franklin St.
• Green Cleaning                      • Environmental
  Program                               Preferred Purchasing
  – All Cleaning Products are           – Most Depts. Purchasing 30%
    Environmentally Friendly              Post-Consumer Recycled
                                          Content Paper, & Starting To
• Indoor Air Complaint                    Select Recycled Content
  Building Products                       Office Products
  Policy                              • Recycling
  – All Building Products (Paints,
    Sealants, Carpet, etc.) Used in     – 50% of Trash - Being
    Building are Low in Volatile          Recycled & Thus Diverted
    Organic Compounds (VOC)               From the Landfill
                                      • Energy Conservation
                                        – Energy Saving & Low
                                          Mercury Fluorescent Lights
            What You Can Do
1. Buy Office Products Containing Recycled
  – Look for This Symbol in the OfficeMax Catalog
2. Reduce Paper Use
  – Print or Copy Double-Sided When Possible
  – Use 1-Sided Paper for Scratch Paper or to
    Print Drafts
  – Change Your Page Margins to 1-Inch in
    Microsoft Word
3. Use Public Transportation; Join UCOP Vanpool
    (from Vallejo or SF to Oakland)
           What You Can Do
4. Request “Think Chair” if Getting a New Chair
5. Use Reusable Mugs for Yourself & Guests
6. Save Energy -Turn Computer Monitor/Printer Off
  at Night
7. Meetings - Use a Caterer that Provides Local,
  Organic Food
8. Ask for Non-Styrofoam Take-Out Containers
9. Contact Your Dept.’s Sustainability Coordinator:
  - Tips Resources for Greening Office/Home Life
           What You Can Do
Three Easy Things You Can Do at Home
   (For more:
1. Take Public Transportation, Walk or
   Bike Whenever Possible
2. Turn Off Lights & Other Electronic
   Equipment When Not in Use
3. Buy Local & Organic Food Whenever
     UCOP FlexCar Program
• Pilot Program
  – Go to iCommute at UCOP Webpage
  – 2 Mini Vans for Use By UCOP Employees
• Reduce Traffic Congestion & Pollution
• Car Share Program Participants
  – Drive Less
  – Use Public Transportation
  – 60% Sold or Avoided Buying Vehicles
  Strategic Sourcing Sustainability
            Bid Process
• Requirements for All Bids:
  –   Sustainable Practices in Manufacturing
  –   Recycled/Remanufactured Content in Products
  –   Take Backs for Equipment and Monitored Disposal
  –   Reporting of Recycled Content Purchases
  –   Corporate Sustainability Policies and Proven Track
• Bid Scoring – 5% to 10% is Based on:
  – Sustainability in Product Offering
  – Sustainable Corporate Values and Practices
    Strategic Sourcing Sustainability
         Contract Requirements
• Offer Sustainable Products    • Reporting Sustainable
  to University of California
                                  Product Purchases in
• Recycle                         Strategic Sourcing
• Use of Remanufactured           Quarterly Business Reviews
  Materials in Products         • Produce Marketing
• All Equipment is Energy         Materials for Sustainable
  Star                            Products
• Minimal Use of Harmful        • Highlight Sustainable
  Materials in Products and       Products at Vendor Fairs
  the Manufacturing Process
  Be Smart About Safety Day

• September 27, 2006
  – 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM
  – Lobby of 1111 Franklin Street
      • Similar Event at Kaiser Bldg. – Date TBD
• Promote the UCOP
  –    Be Smart About Safety   Program

                                            Be Smart About Safety
  Be Smart About Safety Day

• Ergonomics@Work Mouse
• Environment, Health & Safety
• Kick–Off Several
  Environmental Initiatives at

                                 Be Smart About Safety
   UCOP Environmental Initiatives
      (September 27, 2006)
• Paper Cup Reduction
  – Commuter Coffee Mug – 25 Cents Savings
• California Take-It Back Partner with
  – Used Cell Phone Collection & Recycling
  – Mercury Thermometer Exchange Program
    • Free Digital Thermometer
  – Used Battery Collection
   Used Cell Phone Recycling
• Year – Round Collection
• 5th Floor Employee Lounge at 1111
  Franklin Street
• Off-Site Locations – Contact
  Department Safety Officer for Location
• Profits – Designated Towards Non-
  Profit Environmental Groups or Other
  Charitable Organizations
 Mercury Thermometer Exchange
• Bring in Home Mercury Thermometer
• Exchange – Free Digital Thermometer
• Prevent Accidental Breakage/Spill:
  – Bring Thermometer in Double Ziplock™ Bag
  – If Possible – Also Keep in Original Container
• September 27 – UCOP Lobby in AM
• Afterwards – Call (EH&S):
  – Larry Wong –at 7-9772; or
  – Sharon Culpepper at 7-9713
     Environmental Stewardship
• Battery Collection Program
  – AA, AAA, C, D, 9-Volt, Cell Phone,
    Rechargeable Type
  – UCOP-Generated or Batteries from Home
  – Lithium Batteries: Need to be Separated
    – Place Them Individually in a Plastic Bag
• Collect an Average of 100 Pounds of
  Batteries Per Month
                Home Activities
• Energy Savings – PG&E Energy Savings
  – Conserve Gas & Electricity
• Water Savings – EBMUD Webpage
  – WaterSmart Program for Landscaping & Irrigation
  – High Efficiency Washer & Toilet
  – Other Water Conservation Practices
               Home Activities
• Waste Minimization
  – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse
  – Recycle Food Scraps (Alameda County)
    • 35% Alameda County Solid Waste
    • Place in Green Yard Waste Bin
  – Toxic Materials
    •   Minimize Quantities Purchase
    •   Safer, Less Toxic Product Alternative
    •   Bay Friendly Gardening
    •   Proper Disposal at Household Hazardous Waste
        Collection Facility
   Household Hazardous Waste
• HHW Collection Facilities
• Over 50 Million Pounds of HHW
  Collected in California each Year
• Over 120 HHW Collection Facilities
  in California
• Some Have Material Exchange
  Household Hazardous Waste
• Paints & Solvents     •   Home Fire Extinguishers
• Used Motor Oil &      •   Poisons
  Filters               •   Pesticides
• Anti-Freeze           •   Fertilizers
• Car Batteries         •   Photo Chemicals
• Household Batteries   •   Pool Chemicals
• Cleaners & Aerosols   •   Computer Monitors
• Gas BBQ Cylinders     •   Home Use Medical
  (<5 Gallons)              Syringes
    HHW Collection Facilities Do Not
•   Explosives
•   Radioactive Materials
•   Medical Waste
•   Pressurized Thick-Wall
    Gas Cylinder Over 5
Bay Area HHW Collection Programs
    Go to:
• Alameda County        • San Francisco

• Contra Costa County   • San Mateo County
  – West
  – Central             • Santa Clara County
  – East

                        • Solano County
• Marin County
Be   Smart   About

Protecting the Environment

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