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					      Card          APR                             Basics                                            Details

BEST LOW-RATE/LOW-FEE CARDS If you carry a balance, pick one of these. None charges a balance-transfer fee.
Capital One                                                           Won’t raise rate to default APR unless -
Platinum     7.9% APR applies to balance transfers and new purchases. payment is received three or more days
Prestige                                                              late twice in one year.
                                                                                 Very liberal one-month grace period for
Clear from              0% introductory APR for 12 months. Fixed 5.99% on
               10.99 to                                                          payments. No fees for late payments, cash
American                balances transferred for life. $25 AmEx gift card issued
                14.99                                                            advances, or over-limit charges. Free credit
Express                 for every $2,500 spent.
                                                                                 report with credit score annually.
Iberiabank Visa 4.0 to 0% on balance transfers for 6 months; 4.0 to 6.0% on 5% to 7% APR on balances for cash
Classic          6.0 balances afterward.                                         advances or convenience checks.
                                                                                 If transferring a balance that can be paid off
                                                                                 quickly, try Simmons First Visa Platinum
Simmons First           Default penalty APR is only 15.25%, and cash-
                7.25                                                             Rewards card with 0% on balance transfers
Visa Platinum           advance APR is only 11.25%.
                                                                                 for six months, no transfer fee, and 8.95%
BEST CASH-BACK CARDS Good if you pay off your balance regularly. If you don’t, opt for a nonrewards card with a
lower APR.
                                                                                   You only get 5% and 1.5% back on
                       5% cash back at supermarkets, gas stations and              purchases made after you’ve spent $6,500
Blue Cash from
               8.99 to drugstores; 1.5% elsewhere. 0% APR on new                   within a year; if you spend less, it’s 1% and
               14.99% purchases for up to 12 months. Offers a fixed 4.99%          0.5%. Card is best for big spenders.
Express                on balances transferred, for the life of the balance.       Standard Blue Card from AmEx gives 0%
                                                                                   APR for up to 15 months.
Capital One No
                           2% cash-back on gas and groceries. 1% on all other      No limits on cash-back rewards, which
Hassle Cash         14.9
                           purchases.                                              never expire.
                       3% for every dollar you spend in the three categories
                                                                                   3% rewards are limited to $600 in
Chase                  where you spend the most, 1% of every dollar you
                   14.99                                                           purchases per month; after you reach
Freedom Visa           spend in other categories, $50 credit after first
                                                                                   $600, you earn 1%.
                       5% cash back in various categories on up to $400 of         Better deal if you redeem points for gift
              10.99 to quarterly purchases, 0.25% to 1% on other purchases;        cards with the 100 retailers they partner
Discover More
               18.99 0% on new purchases for six months, 0% on balance             with because you get double points. Lesser
                       transfers for 12 months.                                    reward for cash-back option.
BEST GAS CARDS Rewards from gas cards can vary based on where you fuel up. Some cards pay less for purchases
at warehouse clubs such as Costco.
                           5% rebate on gas at BP, 2% rebate on dining and
                  13.99 to
Chase BP Visa              travel, 1% back on other purchases. All rebates are     No rebates on gas at non-BP stations.
                           doubled for first 60 days.
                  10.99 to 6% rebate on gas for first 90 days; 3% afterward. 0%    Rebates on gas up to $500 in spending per
                   19.99 APR on new purchases for first 6 months.                  month.
                       5% cash back on gas and auto maintenance up to              Best for people who don’t spend a lot on
                       $100 in purchases per month; 1% cash back on other          gas; rewards on nongas purchases are
Discover Open 10.99 to purchases after total annual purchases exceed               only 0.25% up to $1,500 in annual
Road           18.99 $3,000. Up to 20% cash back at retailers on Discover          spending and 0.5% from $1,500 to $3,000;
                       Web site. 0% APR on new purchases for six months            3% fee on balance transfers, capped at
                       and 12 months on balance transfers.                         $75.
                                                                                   0% APR on new purchases for first 6
Hess Platinum 14.99 to 10% back on Hess purchases for 90 days, 5%
                                                                                   months. Hess stations are located only on
Visa           19.99 afterward. 1% rebates elsewhere.
                                                                                   the East Coast.