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									  Closed Loop. Clear Vision                                                                           Business Analytics

                                           Reveleus Credit Cards Analytics

Highlights                                 Comprehensive Solution for the Credit Cards Business
•	 Provides	a	comprehensive	list	of	       Reveleus	Credit	Cards	Solution	provides	a	comprehensive	view	of	your	
   credit	card	industry	metrics	that	      cardholder	portfolio	using	aggregate	performance	indicators.	It	cuts	across	all	
   report	key	leading,	coincident	and	     functions	of	the	credit	cycle.
   lagging	indicators	of	the	portfolio

•	 Computes	cardholder	profitability	
                                           Rich Set of Industry Metrics
   and	enables	evaluation	of	profit	       The	solution	provides	a	full	set	of	business	dimensions	and	performance	metrics	
   dynamics	of	each	card	product           designed	for	the	Credit	Cards	business	along	with	pre-defined	reports,	baseline	
                                           analyses,	key	performance	indicators,	and	event	alerts.
•	 Detect	patterns	of	card	usage	that	
   suggest	fraudulent	use
                                           Portfolio Management
•	 Provides	“net	flow”	delinquency	
                                           In	the	high	volume	driven	Credit	Cards	business,	synergies	between	the	various	
   data	and	collector	performance	
                                           functions	of	the	business	is	essential	to	developing	lasting	relationships	with	the	
   trends	that	can	be	used	for	capacity	
                                           cardholders	and	managing	the	portfolio.	Analytics	is	the	key	to	both	customer	
                                           relationship	management	and	portfolio	management.	Reveleus	Credit	Cards	
•	 Integrates	with	Reveleus’	CRM	          Analytics	enables	you	to	monitor	and	action	on	issues	critical	to	the	Credit	Cards	
   Analytics	for	better	perspective	on,	   business.
   and	value	of	customer	relationship
                                           Unifying Risk and Reward
•	 Provides	metrics	on	the	Acquirer	
   functions	of	sales	draft	processing,	   With	increasing	global	competition	and	pace	of	change,	the	critical	
   disbursements,	merchant	charge	         differentiation	between	Credit	Cards	businesses	would	be	the	management	of	risk	
   backs	and	sales	draft	retrieval	        and	reward.
                                           Credit	Risk	is	inherent	to	unsecured	lending	and	the	management	of	
                                           delinquencies	and	collection	activities	is	vital	to	any	Credit	Cards	Business.	

                                           The	reward	for	the	risks	undertaken	in	the	form	of	profits	from	cardholder	
                                           portfolio	depends	on	cardholder	behavior	like	revolve	and	spend	and	portfolio	
   Business Analytics
   • CRM Analytics
   • Channel Analytics
                                           Reveleus	Credit	Cards	Analytics	helps	you	identify	the	profitable	opportunities	in	
   • Corporate Credit Risk Analytics       your	cardholder	portfolio,	while	controlling	for	the	risks.
   • Retail Credit Risk Analytics
   • Customer Profitability
   • Asset Liability Management
                                           Card Usage
   • Funds Transfer Pricing
   • Enterprise Financial Performance
                                           Useful	insights	on	cardholder	behavior	can	be	derived	from	card	usage	
   • Basel II Solution                     patterns.		The	trends	thus	determined	can	be	used	to	drive	customer	relationship	
   • Operational Risk                      management	at	touch	points,	induce	spending	by	cardholders,	and	enable	
   • Mortgage Analytics                    detection	of	patterns	that	suggest	fraudulent	use.
   • Credit Cards Analytics
  Closed Loop. Clear Vision                                                                          Business Analytics

                                                                                      Reveleus Credit Cards Analytics

Advantages                                                      you	manage	your	cardholder	portfolio.	The	application	
                                                                provides	insights	through	analytics	covering	the	all	the	
                                                                functions	involved	in	managing	a	Credit	Cards	business
Reveleus	Credit	Cards	Analytics’	powerful	analysis	tools	
enable	users	to	“slice	and	dice”	customer	data,	develop	        Reveleus	Credit	Cards	Analytics	provides	the	key	to	
strategies	for	credit	policy,	evaluate	credit	risk	of	the	      managing	your	business	functions	by	ensuring	synergies	
customers	and	monitor	delinquencies	on	the	portfolio	           between	the	analytics	that	provide	quick	actionable	response	
continuously.	Reveleus	Credit	Cards	Analytics	helps	you	        to	business	situations	like	setting	and	monitoring	credit	
understand	critical	issues	like:                                policy,	enhancing	credit	limits	to	valuable	customers,	
                                                                differential	treatment	to	profitable	cardholders	and	
•	 The	characteristics	that	typify	the	most	and	least	          mitigating	credit	portfolio	losses.
   profitable	credit	cards	customers.

•	 Behavioral	characteristics	of	the	credit	cards	customers.

•	 The	identification	of	sub-segments	based	on	portfolio	
   metrics	like	utilization	levels,	cardholder	activity	and	
   revolving	indicators.

•	 Indicators	to	flag	accounts	suspected	of	fraud	based	on	
   transactional	behavior	and	account	performance

•	 The	efficiency	of	credit,	authorization	and	collection	
   centers	and	the	productivity	of	people	manning	the	
   respective	contact	centers

•	 Profile	of	customers	who	are	being	acquired	and	the	
   demographic	features	that	distinguish	“good”	from	
   “bad”	customers
                                                                Covers the Entire Cardholder Life Cycle
•	 Performance	of	credit	policy	strategies	on	authorizations	
   and	credit	limit	management                                  The	stages	in	the	cardholder	life	cycle	drive	the	Reveleus	
                                                                Credit	Cards	Analytics	application.

                                                                The	stages	in	the	cardholder	life	cycle	are	–	Acquisition	
                                                                of	new	cardholders,	Managing	cardholder	portfolio	and	
                                                                Collections	and	Recovery	Management.

                                                                The	Reveleus	Credit	Cards	Analytics	application	enables	you	
                                                                to	track	the	performance	of	the	cardholder	from	the	time	of	
                                                                acquisition	to	the	time	of	default	and	recovery.

                                                                Reveleus	Credit	Cards	Analytics	integrates	your	insights	
                                                                regarding	the	performance	of	each	stage	of	the	cardholder	
                                                                life	cycle	with	action	points	that	can	be	used	to	drive	
                                                                strategy	development	and	execution.

Actionable Insights from Analytics
Reveleus	Credit	Cards	Analytics’	flexible	design	lets	you	
constantly	refine	and	extend	the	ways	in	which
  Closed Loop. Clear Vision                                                                            Business Analytics

                                                                                       Reveleus Credit Cards Analytics

Key Features and Capabilities

Portfolio Management
•	 Rank	and	segment	customers	by	profitability

•	 Tracking	portfolio	health	in	terms	of	key	performance	
   indicators	like	delinquency	(co-incidental	&	lagged),	
   utilization	and	balances

•	 Analyze	customer	segments	by	behavioral	characteristics	
   like	revolving	behavior	and	cardholder	activity

•	 Identify	segments	for	campaigns	based	on	cardholder	          •	 Analyze	customer	transactions	to	manage	credit	risk	and	
   spending	and	payment	patterns                                    costs	of	maintaining	credit	centers

•	 Evaluate	scorecards	used	in	credit	decisioning	to	            •	 Provide	an	impetus	to	portfolio	growth	using	indicators	
   mitigate	credit	exposure	and	losses                              such	as	purchase	category,	region	of	purchase,	purchase	
                                                                    frequency	and	amount	of	purchase

                                                                 •	 Assess	the	effective	of	credit	policy	governing	credit	limit	

                                                                 Collections and Recovery
                                                                 •	 Determine	the	trends	in	delinquencies	across	portfolio	

                                                                 •	 Indicators	for	early	detection	of	possible	cardholder	
•	 Establish	characteristics	of	fraudulent	cardholders	to	       •	 Compare	leading	and	lagged	delinquency	rates	by	
   enable	proactive	control	fraud	losses                            cardholder	vintage	
•	 Track	portfolio	losses	by	category	and	identify	risky	        •	 Assess	portfolio	health	based	on	historical	delinquency	
   customer	segments                                                metrics	and	customer	performance

                                                                 •	 Report	on	efficiency	and	productivity	of	collection	and	
Customer Acquisition Analytics
                                                                    recovery	agents
•	 Correlate	new	business	with	product	offerings,	sourcing	
   channels,	and	demographic	profiles
                                                                 Acquirer Functions
•	 Attribute	new	business	results	to	credit	policy	
   parameters                                                    •	 Understand	merchant	acquisition	business	and	set	up	
                                                                    policy	for	acquisition
•	 Identify	the	measures	of	efficiency	of	the	credit	approval	
   process	and	factors	causing	bottlenecks		                     •	 Evaluate	credit	risk	profile	of	merchants	to	be	acquired
                                                                 •	 Assess	process	efficiency	related	to	sales	draft	processing	
Credit Policy                                                       and	merchant	disbursements

•	 Attribute	customer	purchase	patterns	to	credit	policy         •	 Analyze	the	merchant	charge	back	process	
                                                                 •	 Monitor	merchant	performance
  Closed Loop. Clear Vision                                                                                 Business Analytics

                                                                                            Reveleus Credit Cards Analytics

Reveleus Family of Financial Solutions                                                   About Reveleus
                                                                                         Reveleus	is	a	global	provider	of	analytical	
                               Enterprise                       Enterprise               applications	for	the	financial	services	
                            Risk Management                Financial Performance         industry.	Reveleus	Business	Analytics	
                                         Treasury               Management Reporting     deliver	profitable	customer	acquisition	and	
                         Funds	Transfer	Pricing           Product	Profitability
                         Asset	Liability	Management       Organizational	Profitability   retention	strategies,	timely	and	focused	
                         Market	Risk	Analysis             Customer	Profitability         answers	for	risk	management	and	the	
                                                                                         insight	to	manage	enterprise	performance.	
                         Retail	Credit	Risk	Analysis
                         Corporate	Credit	Risk	Analysis   Funds	Transfer	Pricing         Reveleus	has	customers	across	the	USA,	
                                   Operational Risk       Budgeting	and	Forecasting
                                                          GL	Consolidation
                                                                                         Canada,	Europe,	Asia,	and	Africa.
                         Operational	Risk
                                      Compliance                                         Reveleus	is	a	business	of	i-flex	solutions.		
                         Basel	II	Solution                                               i-flex	delivers	advanced	IT	solutions	to	more	
                            Customer Insight              Specialized Analytics          than	790	financial	institutions	in	over	130	
                                      Marketing           Credit	Cards                   countries	worldwide	and	employs	more	
                         Customer	Segmentation			
                                                                                         than	11,000	professionals	around	the	globe.	
                         Cross	sell	Upsell
                         Attrition	Management
                         Campaign	Effectiveness
                                                                                         For	more	information	about	Reveleus’	
                         Channel	Effectiveness	                                          products	and	services,	visit	our	website	
                         Customer	Profitability
                                                                                         at	or	e-mail	us	at	
Reveleus’	Credit	Cards	Analytics	is	a	fully	integrated	part	of	the	Reveleus’	            Headquarters
family	of	Business	Analytics	that	share	a	consistent	view	of	data.
                                                                                         399	Thornall	Street,	6th	Floor
The	Reveleus	Credit	Cards	Analytics	also	works	on	the	same	infrastructure	               Edison,	NJ	08837
that	is	sued	in	the	other	eleven	analytical	applications	making	it	a	logical	            Tel:	+1-646-619	5000
extension	on	a	shared	technology	infrastructure	and	organization	wide	                   Fax:	+1-732-321	4066

Leveraged	reuse	of	valuable	data	resources	across	the	entire	Reveleus	family	
of	Business	Analytics	is	simple,	fast,	and	reliable	because	they	share	a	common	
metadata	foundation.

Superior Business Value Based on Superior Technology
The	inherent	flexibility	and	robustness	of	Reveleus’	Credit	Cards	Analytics	is	
due	to	its	advanced	data	management	framework	that	eliminates	the	need	for	
expensive	custom	programming	and	time-consuming	application	maintenance.
Reveleus’	open	architecture	allows	users	to	extend	each	business	solution	
by	adding	new	dimensions,	data	groupings,	and	performance	measures.	This	
extensibility	allows	users	to	quickly	test	new	ideas	and	involve	customized	
analytic	models	based	on	the	latest	information.

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