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                                                                                                                                         Credit Analysis for Small Business Lending — November 11, 2008
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Credit Analysis for Small                            Highlights                                            Speaker Information
Business Lending
                                                                                                                           Jeff Judy
                                                   • Questions to raise with the customer after the
After a detailed credit analysis of a loan
                                                     credit analysis is completed.
request has been performed, it is now time                                                                Jeff Judy draws on many years of
to communicate your findings in writing.                                                                  experience in the financial services industry
                                                   • Outline of relevant factors to include in a credit
Credit memoranda are a primary means of                                                                   in both international and domestic areas. His
communication within the banking industry. In                                                             experience in lending, credit administration,
writing effective credit memoranda, it is not                                                             credit policy and credit training are completed
                                                   • How to report your findings efficiently and
what you say that commands attention, but                                                                 with experience in operations and marketing.
                                                     effectively in the credit memo.
how you say it. Credit memoranda serve three
functions: they provide information on the
                                                   • Interpert financial trends and financial ratios.     Judy provides his clients with learning
condition and status of a customer relationship,
                                                                                                          experiences that deliver true practical value
they provide a record of thoughts and actions
                                                   • Write succinct and focused credit memos.             for participants. He has held positions with
and they support or recommend actions.
                                                                                                          Continental-Illinois National Bank, Norwest
                                                   • Apply the concepts to a case study.                  Banks, Norwest Corporation and AgriBank
Participants will learn skills required to write
                                                                                                          FCB. He is a consultant and trainer for several
an effective credit memorandum, which
                                                                                                          national graduate schools of banking and
places emphasis upon factors or trends that
                                                                                                          state bank associations.
are important without the need to state the
obvious. In short, the credit memo should
present relevant material facts and the writer’s
thoughts and opinions. Remember, anything
                                                                                                          Who Should Attend
you write in a credit memo will become public                                                             Loan officers, credit analysts, loan review and
record if you find yourself in court with a                                                               administration personnel, loan support and
borrower.                                                                                                 operations personnel or any banker wishing to
                                                                                                          learn or grow in the area of commercial-type

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