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					           COPAS B.V.
ICT specialists for the Container Handling Industry

                       Company profile
                                      (October 2004)

   Home base: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
 We travel all over the world for our customers
         COPAS B.V.
Copas B.V. Rotterdam
 Independent Dutch Limited company
 Founded: November 17th, 1999

 The Netherlands, Building Nr. 3, Port
  number 2801
           Copas B.V.
Current Staff: 16
 Project Management (3)
 System Engineers (2)

 Software Support (2)

 Administration/Secretarial (1)
      Copas products
Software products of Copas:
 ICCS: Inland Container Control System
 E-Terminal: Internet Interface with
  container database
 VSS- Visual Security System: Access
  Control for truck drivers with credit cards
  and/or bio-recognition (hand, finger or
           COPAS Products:
ICCS: Inland Container Control System

 System for Inland Terminals, barge, rail,
 Suitable for terminals from 5,000 to
 250,000 teu’s per year.
        COPAS Products:
E-Terminal: Internet Interface with
       container database

Stand-alone application will run on any
suitable Internet platform (Windows, Unix,
Connects automatically to one or multiple
multi-vendor container databases.
Many functions are already available and new
functions are being developed permanently
Container tracking, Vessel schedules, Order
management, Stock control, Reporting, etc.
           COPAS Products:
      VSS: Visual Security System
Access Control for Truck drivers, using Credit cards
or smart cards for identification. Eventually with hand,
fingerprint or retina recognition.

                                Can be linked to your
                                gate in and gate out
                                application, f.e. to ICCS
                                or CTCS (Cosmos).
         Copas services
Services of Copas:
   ICT Project Management
   ICT Consultancy for Container Terminals
   Sales and distribution of hardware and software
    solutions for Container terminals worldwide
   Hardware and software installation and integration
   Software Development
   Hardware and Software support
   Internet hosting facilities
   EDI hosting facilities
Copas Project Management

3 Experienced Project Managers
   Copas undertakes the Project
    Management for the installation and
    implementation of hardware and software
    related to Container Terminals worldwide
    (turnkey projects).
Copas Project Management
   Copas sold and installed a 2-lane automatic truck
    gate at the ECT Home Terminal in Rotterdam,
    including mounting of camera’s, sensors, speed
    radar, computer hardware with network
    connections to the ECT network, cabling, lighting,
    connection to ECT’s own container database
    system, negotiations about interfaces, trouble
    shooting and after sales services.
   Copas provides 24x7 Electronic Customer
    Support for this installation, which includes trouble
    shooting for the whole installation, hardware and
        Copas services
Copas ICT services for the Container Industry
  Specific ICT consultancy container industry

  Implementation, training and general assistance

  System management and support

  Electronic Customer Support 24x7 dial-in service

  EDI Consultancy and implementation support

  (Co-)Development and support for third parties
   software products
Copas distributor, integrator

Distribution, Installation and Integration
      Hardware, software, network
    Sales and contract management
    Project Management

    Installation, implementation and integration

    Training on site or in house

    After sales support

    24x7 Electronic Customer Support
Copas distributor, integrator

   Copas was recently appointed by Savi Technology of
    Sunnyvale, Ca., USA as Program Manager for their pilot
    installations at ECT Delta Terminal Rotterdam, Port of
    Felixstowe and HNN Europa Terminal in Antwerp.
   This concerns a pilot for the implementation and integration
    of Electronic Seal equipment at Container Terminals.
Copas Hosting Services
Internet Hosting
   Hosting various websites
   2 Mbit connection to the Internet

EDI Hosting
   Implementation of VPN-connection to remote sites over the
    Internet (worldwide)
   Negotiating with both EDI-partners about EDI message
    types and implementation guides
   Implementation and testing of the complete route end-to-
    end, including content checking
   Active monitoring of EDI-traffic by Copas EDI specialists on
    daily basis and 24x7 EDI helpdesk
       Copas know-how
  Copas ICT know-how for the Container
             Handling Industry
Experienced Staff
   Functional and Technical specifications
   Installation, Integration, Training
   After sales support
   Electronic Customer Support (24x7)
   Complete hosting services for EDI and Websites