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separate property


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									This is TEL-LAW Tape #8020

   What is community property and what is separate property in the community

                                    property regime?

       If a married couple lives in Louisiana it is presumed that all property is

community property. Property owned by the man or the woman before their marriage,

that gifts made to the husband or to the wife are the separate property of the one who

received it. Separate property does not belong to both of them. Separate property is

owned by one spouse and controlled by that spouse.

       Community property included the salaries of both husband and wife, things they

buy with their community property money and the rent and other income earned from

community property. Damages received by a husband and or wife because of the loss of

or damage to something that is community property are also classified as community

property. However, damages paid to a married person because of a personal injury are

usually the separate property of the injured spouse.

       Income from separate property is usually community property under the

Louisiana Law. However, if either the husband or the wife does not want to share the

ownership of the income from separate property, that spouse can make a declaration

before a notary public, and keep the income from separate property as his or her own.

After the document is filed in the parish conveyance records, the income from separate

property will also be classified as separate property and the other spouse will not get and

ownership interest. The community property regime can involve complicated legal

issues. If you have any questions, a lawyer should be consulted.

       If in a divorce all things are presumed to be community property.
       If an asset is really separate property, the husband or the wife who owns it must

prove that it is his or her separate property. It may be hard to prove what things are

separate if the husband and wife have mixed separate property and community property

together. The law calls this mixture of property “commingled” property.

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