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                             Texas Information
                                        (Reference Guide #49)

The purpose of this guide is to help you find information about Texas in the Newton Gresham
Library and on the Internet. This guide does not list all of the resources about Texas at the
Newton Gresham Library or available on the Internet. This guide is merely a starting point.

The library contains many general and specialized resources relating to Texas. A select list of
these resources is below. To search for other books and materials, use SamCat, the library’s
online catalog. To access SamCat:
     On the NGL homepage, select Search the Catalog at the top left.
     Enter your search term, fill in any optional search information as desired (such as
        language or resource type), then click the Search button.
When it is noted that a book is also available electronically, you can access the electronic content
by searching for the title in SamCat and clicking the item’s blue “URL” button. Reference books
which are available in both electronic and in print formats may be more current electronically.

Subject Headings
Subject headings are important terms you can search to find information in resources like
encyclopedias, databases, and indexes. You can also use them to search in SamCat, Newton
Gresham Library’s online catalog. Examples of subject headings for Texas information are:

       Texas description and travel           Texas literature       Texas environment
       Texas history                          Texas business         Texas education
       Texas politics and government          Texas industries       Texas law

The following resources serve as an introduction to topics relating to Texas.

       Encyclopedia of Texas / 6th ed.
       F384 .E52 2001               Reference Area
       Two-volume set of entries on Texas facts, geography, archaeology, history, people,
       places, and state services.

       The New Handbook of Texas / Ron Tyler, editor in chief.
       F384 .N48 1996                 Reference Area
       Six-volume set containing thousands of short-essay entries on all topics relating to the
       history and culture of Texas from settlement through the twentieth century.
       Texas Almanac / edited by Elizabeth Cruce Alvarez.
       AY311 .G3 T5 2008-2009 Ready Reference at the Reference Desk
       Provides brief information on all aspects of Texas including government information,
       cities and towns, business, education, environment, media, and agriculture.

       Texas Fact Book / Legislative Budget Board.
       HJ11 .T474 2004               Ready Reference at the Reference Desk
       A quick reference for Texas statistics and government contact information.

       Texas State Directory / Texas State Directory, Inc.
       JK4830 .T4 2008             Ready Reference at the Reference Desk
       An almanac of Texas government covering elected and appointed officials, agencies,
       branches of government as well as county and local governments.

Atlases and Maps
Maps of the state as well as cities and towns.

       County Maps of Texas / Texas Department of Transportation.
       T1324.8 C832M 1998          Texas Government Documents, 1st Floor
       Detailed county maps with major cities included.

       Historical Atlas of Texas / Ray A. Stephens.
       F386 .S86 1988                Reference
       Also available as an electronic book through the library catalog.
       Maps of Texas covering historical topics such as Spanish missions, Native Americans,
       the Texas Revolution, Hurricanes, and oil and gas discoveries.

       Texas Atlas and Gazetteer / DeLorme Mapping Company.
       G1370.D4 2005                 Ready Reference at the Reference Desk
       Atlas of Texas and major cities.

Business and Industry
Business listings and how to set up a business in Texas.

       How to Form a Corporation in Texas: With Forms / Karen Ann Rolcik.
       KFT1413.5 Z9 R65 2001          Reference
       Also available as an electronic book through the catalog.
       Explains the process for legally incorporating a business in Texas.

       How to Start a Business in Texas / Traci Truly.
       KFT1405 .Z9 B76 2004 eb Available as an electronic book through the catalog
       Outlines legal, financial, and practical steps for starting a business in Texas.

       Texas Business Directory / American Directory Pub.
       HF5065 .T4 T38 2002-2003 Reference
       Four-volume set arranged geographically providing business contact information.

       Texas Trade and Professional Associations / Rita J. Wright.
       HD2428.T4 T48 2000            Reference
       Listings and contact information for Texas business, trade, and professional

Information on Texas education from elementary school to higher education.

       How to prepare for the THEA, Texas Higher Education Assessment
       / Sandra K. McCune.
       LB2353.7 .T37 M33 2004 Ready Reference at the Reference Desk
       Tips and techniques for taking the THEA (Texas Higher Education Assessment) test for
       college readiness.

       A Report from the Texas School Performance Review / Office of the Comptroller.
       C2600.8 SCH65                  Texas Government Documents, 1st Floor
       A series of reports, arranged by school district. Contains information on school
       management, a performance review and recommendations to school districts.

       Texas Higher Education Directory / Association of Texas Colleges and Universities.
       L903.T4 A88 2005              Ready Reference at the Reference Desk
       Contact information for institutions of higher education and a listing of top administrators
       at each institution.

       Texas School Directory / Texas Education Agency.
       L903.T4 A32 2007-2008         Ready Reference at the Reference Desk
       A listing of Texas schools, organized by county, including contact information.

Statistics and guidebooks to the Texas environment, climate, and weather.

       Natural Wonders of Texas / Paul Cooke.
       F384.3 .C66 1995                Reference
       A guide to the parks, forests, and recreational areas of Texas.

       Texas Environmental Almanac, 2nd ed. / Texas Center for Policy Studies.
       TD171.3 .T4 T49 2000           Reference
       Environmental statistics, graphics, and charts relating to Texas including endangered
       species, superfund sites, and water basins.

       Texas Weather, 2nd ed. rev. / George W. Bomar.
       QC984.T4 B67 1995             Reference
       Weather statistics and descriptions of major weather events including tornados and

The resources listed below provide information about Texas government and politics at the state,
county, and city level.

       Fiscal Size-up, Texas State Services / Legislative Budget Board.
       HJ11 .T4477 2004-2005         Ready Reference at the Reference Desk
       Produced biennially, contains description of the state budget, economic outlook, and
       government expenditures.

       Guide to Texas State Agencies, 10th ed. / University of Texas at Austin.
       JK4801 .T52 1999             Ready Reference at the Reference Desk
       Contact information and descriptions to over 100 state agencies.

       Texas Legislative Handbook / Texas State Directory Press.
       JK4830 .T38 2007-2008 Suppl.         Ready Reference at the Reference Desk
       Contact information and pictures of state legislators.

       Texas Legislative Manual / Texas State Legislature.
       JK4830.A26 2007                Ready Reference at the Reference Desk
       Contains the state constitution and rules for the state legislature.

History, Genealogy, and Culture
Resources providing an introduction to the rich history and culture of Texas.

       The 50+ Best Books on Texas / A.C. Greene.
       F386 .G73 1998                Reference
       Summaries of the best fiction and non-fiction books about Texas or set in Texas.

       1001 Texas Place Names / Fred Tarpley.
       F384 .T28                     Reference
       Entries on the origins of Texas place names.

       Debrett’s Texas Peerage / High Best.
       F385 .B46 1983                Reference
       A light family tree of Texas “nobility.”

       Documents of Texas History / edited by Ernest Wallace.
       F386 .W32 1963              Reference
       Gathers 126 verbatim accounts and documents from 1528 to 1961.

       A Guide to the Pronunciation of Texas Towns / George M. Stokes
       F384.S76                    Reference
       Written by a communications professor, contains local pronunciations of Texas towns.

       Encyclopedia of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution / Thom Hatch.
       F390 .H33 1999               Reference
       Alphabetical guide to the people, places, and battles of the Texas Revolution.

       Guide to the History of Texas / edited by Light Townsend Cummins.
       F386 .G84 1988                 Reference
       Contains historiographical essays that list important published items relating to Texas
       history and a listing of major archival repositories containing Texas-related items.

       Hispanic Texas: A Historical Guide / Helen Simons.
       F387 .H56 1992               Reference
       Arranged geographically, this one-volume work covers aspects of Hispanic influence in

       Historic Native Peoples of Texas
       E78 .T4 F67 2008              Main
       Examines the tribes of Native Americans residing in Texas 1528-1722, including cultures
       and interactions with European explorers. Chapters are divided by geographic regions
       and also include data about the vegetation, wildlife, and weather in each region.

       Mythic Texas: Essays on the State and Its People / Bryan Woolley.
       F386 .W86 2000                Main
       Also available as an electronic book through the catalog.
       An introduction to Texas culture and heritage.

       Texas Gazetteer / American Historical Publications.
       F384 .T39 1985               Reference
       A dictionary of Texas places with geographical and historical information.

       Texas Voices: Documents from Texas History / Randolph B. Campbell.
       F386 .C27 1997              Main
       Reprints of key Texas documents from early exploration through the 20th century.

From detailed explanation of Texas law to practical tips for Texans.

       The Educator’s Guide to Texas School Law, 6th ed. / Jim Walsh.
       KFT1590.K45 2005            Reference
       An overview of education law in Texas arranged by subject.

       How to File for Divorce in Texas, 4th ed. / Karen Ann Rolcik.
       KFT1300.Z9 R65 2004           Reference
       Also available as an electronic book through the catalog.
       Explains how to successfully handle a divorce.

       Know Your Rights: Answers to Texan’s Everyday Legal Questions, 6th ed.
       / Richard M. Alderman.
       KFT1281 .A37 2000              Reference
       Questions and answers to common legal questions such as marriage, divorce, child
       support, starting a business, and immigration.

       Texas Administrative Code Annotated / West Group.
       KFT1235 .A2
       Regulations from Texas administrative agencies arranged by subject

       Texas Jur III / Bancroft-Whitney Co.
       KFT1230 .T4            Reference
       Interprets Texas law for the general user.

       Texas Law in Layman’s Language, 6th ed. / Charles Turner.
       KFT1281 .W3 1999               Reference
       Covers many legal situations and procedures such as marriage and divorce, wills and
       estates, and criminal and civil law.

       Texas Register / Office of the Secretary of State.
       KFT1236 .S4                     Microforms Room, 1st Floor
       S500.6 R263                    Texas Government Documents, 1st Floor
       Also available online at and
       Regulations created by Texas administrative agencies arranged chronologically.

       Vernon’s Texas Codes Annotated / West Group.
       KFT1230 .A3                 Reference
       The laws of Texas arranged by subject.

       West’s Texas Forms / West Group.
       KFT1268 .W4                  Reference
       Legal forms arranged by subject.

Electronic databases are helpful in searching for newspaper, magazine and journal articles about

Electronic Databases
The following electronic databases provide citations and/or full-text articles about Texas and
other topics. To access these and other databases:
     On the NGL homepage, select Databases & Indexes at the top left.
     To access a specific database, select the first letter of its name from the Alphabetical List
        of Databases. Scroll down the list of databases, and click on a database’s name to open it.

      To see a list of databases recommended for an area of study, select Databases by Subject,
       then select a subject area (example: History) from the list. Scroll down the list of
       databases, and click on a database’s name to open it.

       Academic Search Complete
       Provides full text for over 1,260 academic, social sciences, humanities, general science,
       education and multi-cultural journals. In addition to the full text, this database offers
       indexing and abstracts for over 2,880 journals.

       Academic Universe (LexisNexis)
       Provides access to the full-text of hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and journals
       (primarily 1980s-present) including the Austin American-Statesman, Dallas Morning
       News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Houston Chronicle, and Texas Monthly.

       Houston Chronicle (1985-present)
       The Houston Chronicle is the only daily newspaper in the fourth largest city in the United
       States, and provides local, national and international news, features, sports and opinion
       for the region.

       INFOTRAC Custom Newspapers
       A web-based collection of local, regional, and national full text newspapers, including the
       Austin American-Statesman and Dallas Morning News. Backfiles go as far back as 1996
       for most newspapers.

       Newspaper Source
       Provides selected full text for nearly 30 national (U.S.) and international newspapers. The
       database also contains full text television & radio news transcripts, and selected full text
       for more than 200 regional (U.S.) newspapers.

       Texas Reference Center
       Includes more than 80 full text journals and books about all aspects of Texas history and
       current culture; biographies of famous historical and contemporary Texans; and the
       Spanish-language newspaper El Sol de Texas.

Print Indexes

       Index to Texas Magazines and Documents / Marjorie Stewart.
       Z1339 .I5 2006                 Ready Reference at the Reference Desk
       Also searchable online at
       Citations to Texas related articles and documents primarily from general interest and
       trade publications.

Selected Periodicals

       Print Periodicals
       A cross-section of print periodicals about Texas or containing many Texas-related
       articles. This list is not meant to represent all of the periodicals subscribed to by the
       Newton Gresham Library addressing the subject.

       Austin American-Statesman              Newspaper Area, 1st Floor
       Dallas Morning News                    Newspaper Area, 1st Floor
       East Texas Historical Journal          F381 .E2
       Houston Chronicle                      Newspaper Area, 1st Floor ; see also Databases
       The Texas Historian                    F381 .J8
       Texas Monthly                          AP2 .T41

   There are many resources available on the Internet about Texas. The websites listed below
   are only an example and not meant to be an exhaustive list. At the time of this writing all of
   the websites listed are currently active, however due to the transitory nature of the Internet;
   this may not be the case at any future date. Additionally, information from the Internet needs
   to be evaluated critically, with attention to origin, author, motive, bias, and age.

   URL                                                Organization/Description of Website              Official Portal of the State of Texas                    Texas Legislature Online                 TRAIL: Texas Information and Records Locator                         The Handbook of Texas Online            Texas Economy, Office of the Comptroller                          Texas Travel and Vacation Destinations

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