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									                              Business Start Up Grant

Scheme Objectives

This a discretionary scheme to encourage new entrepreneurs to establish a business
in the county of Conwy.

Individuals or partners who have established a new business in the county of Conwy
are entitled to apply for a grant.

Eligibility Criteria

   •   The applicant(s) should be establishing a new business for the first time
   •   The applicant(s) should never have been in business before
   •   The business must be a new business activity and cannot be taking over an
       existing business.
   •   The applicant(s) must not be setting up a business in premises previously
       used for a similar operation
   •   The business must have been established within 18 months prior to the
   •   Successful applicants will not be eligible for a further New Business Starts
   •   Evidence of company incorporation, planning consent and all other necessary
       consents must be submitted to allow the application to proceed.
   •   A business plan is required to support the application. Assistance is available
       from various business support organisations to draw up your business plan.
   •   The applicant should provide evidence of participation in the New Business
       Starts Programme.


   •   The completed New Business Starts Grant application form with supporting
       documentation should be submitted to Conwy County Borough Council. The
       grants are all overseen by the Business & Development panel.
   •   A decision will be made within 6 weeks of receiving the application form and
       all necessary information, and if successful a cheque will be issued within 3

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