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									  Online Wills and Probate Course – 2009 Student Information Sheet
General Information

         The Law Society’s Online Wills and Probate Course was developed with the College
         of Law to be an interactive and practical introduction to the procedures involved in
         Wills and Probate.


         This course is available to all support staff currently working in or returning to a legal
         department or firm. This includes administrators, office managers, legal secretaries,
         paralegals and legal practitioners. No experience in Wills and Probate or Online
         Learning is necessary, however basic computing skills are required (word
         processing, emailing and web browsing).

Aims and Objectives

         The aim of the course is to provide the learner with basic knowledge and skills in the
         administrative procedures of a Wills and Probate matter. Familiarity with letters and
         forms is an important feature of the course. Support staff will then be able to assist
         with these matters with up to date information and increased confidence.

         In the course there is a case study scenario based on a typical Wills and Probate
         matter. In the scenario each student will work for a fictitious legal firm and conduct
         the step-by-step administrative tasks as required in a real Wills and Probate matter.
         Students will learn to:

             Identify commonly used terms and organisations
             Create a client file
             Draft a simple Will
             Draft a Power of Attorney
             Take instructions (under supervision)
             Create an “ad” – Probate Notice
             Prepare letters to institutions
             Draft Probate documents
             Compile an Inventory of Property
             Calculate Probate costs
             Obtain necessary documents to enable Probate Application to be lodged
             Recall steps in the administration of an estate
             Draft a letter to a client reporting on costs
             Prepare a final account
             Complete the distribution of estate
             Recall steps for Letters of Administration

Teaching and Support

         The online facilitator is a solicitor with many years experience in Wills and Probate
         and will provide ongoing support via email, discussion forums and in the chat room.

Online Wills and Probate Course – 2009 Student Information Sheet                               1

This is a four week course with a set start and end date. Students can work at their own
pace and study at a convenient time. There is a timetable which gives a week by week
study guide for the course units.

    To pass the course all nine units of work must be completed

         1.   Introduction to Wills and Probate
         2.   Preparing a Will
         3.   Preparation of Power of Attorney
         4.   Gathering Information for the Application
         5.   Preparing application for Grant of Probate
         6.   Receiving Grant of Probate
         7.   Administration of Estates
         8.   Distribution of Estates
         9.   Letters of Administration

    In each unit students will work through the sequence below:

             Introduction and Reading
             Tutorial on Case Study
             Activity
             End of Unit Exercise

     There are various interactive activities which give automatic feedback. They include:

             drag and drop questions
             multiple choice questions
             quizzes
             crossword puzzle
             exploring forms
             partially completed letters and forms

    There will be opportunities to communicate with the facilitator and other students via
    discussions forums, emails and chat rooms.

    It is recommended that students download the reading notes, go over the tutorial,
    complete the activity and exercises, and then move on to the next unit of study.

Computer requirements

         The course requires a computer with the following:

                  colour monitor
                  current operating system eg. Windows 95 or higher
                  Internet connection and browser
                  Word processing software eg. Microsoft Word
                  Email program eg. Outlook
                  PDF reader eg. Adobe Acrobat reader available free at

Online Wills and Probate Course – 2009 Student Information Sheet                             2
Access to the course

         The content of the course will be located online and can be accessed from any
         computer with an internet connection. Each Student’s User ID and Password will be
         sent via email. Students need to keep this information safe as it will be needed
         throughout the course.

Time Management

         Each student is responsible for their own progress through the course. Self-
         motivation is required to complete the course in the designated timeframe.

         On average, students will spend three hours a week on the course. This will allow
         time to read or print out the Unit Notes then complete the Tutorial, Activity and End of
         Unit Exercise. Some students will need more or less time per Unit depending on their
         current knowledge and experience in Wills and Probate.

         Students can move ahead of the timetabled study guide if they have extra time. This
         allows for flexibility in a busy legal work environment.

         Note students who cannot complete the course in the requirement timeframe are not
         eligible to transfer into a later course.

Certificate & acknowledgment of study

         All students who have met the assessment requirements receive a Certificate of
         completion listing the topics they have studied.

         MCLE – Students who are legal practitioners are eligible to claim 4 – 8 MCLE points
         for completing the course.

         TAFE and further study – Some TAFE faculties will credit this course as prior
         learning however the decision is at the discretion of the head of that TAFE

Dates and Course Fees

         For current available dates and fees please download the Application form at

         Firms who have a member of the Law Society on staff are eligible for a discounted
         member’s rate.

How to enrol

    1. Read this information sheet carefully to decide if online learning is for you.
    2. Check that your computer meets the minimum requirements.
    3. Fill in the Application Form and return with payment by cheque or credit card by DX
       or fax (see the application form for details).

    Information will be sent via email one week before the commencement of course. In the
    first week of the course an online chat will be held as a forum to meet the online
    facilitator and other students.

For more information: Contact the Online Training Coordinator on 9926-0245 on Monday
or Tuesdays or send an email to

Online Wills and Probate Course – 2009 Student Information Sheet                            3

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