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limited liability corporation ohio


									                                   LIMITED LIABILITY
 LIMITED LIABILITY            Treatises
                              Business Organizations, by Steven A.              Limited Liability Companies: A State by State
                              Martin, 2003. Discusses tax aspects of            Guide to Law and Practice, by J. William
                              business organizations, including limited         Callison and Maureen A. Sullivan, 1994 with
                              liability companies. KFO CLE/03-70.               2007 supplement. Contains federal regulations
                                                                                and state statutes related to LLCs. It discusses
                              House Bill 301: Modernization and                 choice of entity, formation of the company,
                              Streamlining of Ohio’s Business Entity            member liability, governance, dissolution, tax
                              and Securities Laws, by Howard M. Friedman        aspects, and application of federal securities
                              and David P. Porter, 2006. Provides an            laws. KF1420 .C29
                              overview of changes to Ohio corporation law.
                              KFO CLE/06-161                                    Limited Liability Company & Partnership
                                                                                Answer Book, by Alson R. Martin, 2001 with
                              Ohio Limited Liability Company: Forms and         2007 supplement. In a question and answer
                              Practice Manual, Harry L. Henning, Richard        format the book covers choice of entity and
                              C. McQuown, with 2007 update and CDROM.           formation, management and control, and
                              Contains chapters on “Formation and Organi-       taxation .KF1380 .Z9 M365 2001 S2007
                              zation,” “Capital Provisions,” “Transfer and
                              Buy-Sell Provisions,” “Reorganization of          Limited Liability Companies: Law Practice
                              the LLC,” “Interstate Business,” and              & Forms, by Nicholas Karambelas, 2007.
                              “Compensation Strategies for the LLC.”            Contains explanation and sample forms for the
                              It also includes forms on the CDROM.              creation and operation of an LLC. Discusses
                              KFO207.5 .A65 H46 2006                            LLCs in foreign countries. KF1380 .Z95 K3
  Following is a listing of
     some of the books,       Selecting the Form of Business Entity:            Limited Liability Companies: Tax and Busi-
 periodicals and web sites    Analyzing LLCs and Other Choices, by              ness Law, by Carter G. Bishop and Daniel S.
   related to the topic of    Bruce D. Bernard and Thomas J. Sigmund,           Kleinberger, 2007. Individual chapters cover
limited liability companies   2003. Focuses on the choice of entity for         the subjects of tax classification, choice of
                              closely held companies. KFO CLE/03-202            business entity, comparison of entities, how to
  that are available at the
                                                                                create an entity, the liability shield, governance,
         law library.         An Estate Planner’s Guide to Family               entity dissolution, and fiduciary duty.
                              Business Entities: Family Limited                 KF1380 .Z9 B55
                              Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies
                              and More, by Louis A. Mezzullo, 2003.             Piercing the Corporate Veil, by Stephen B.
                              Outlines the goals of estate planning, the        Presser, 2007. Discusses the evolution of
                              tax and nontax benefits of limited partnerships   limited liability, “piercing the veil” of limited
  Stark County Law Library
                              and LLCs, compares entities, then discusses       liability companies (in which individuals or
                              how to choose and form an entity.                 corporate shareholders are exposed to personal
                              KF1380 .C37 2003                                  or corporate liability), and state, federal and
                                                                                international laws related to “piercing the veil.”
                                                                                KF1423 .Z9 P74

Treatises                                        Online Resources
                                                                                                      “...the most enlightened
Limited Liability Companies: A State by          Limited Liability Company Center at:
                                                                                                      judicial policy is to let
State Guide to Law and Practice, by J. 
William Callison and Maureen A. Sullivan,        Provides advantages and disadvantages of LLC
                                                 along with links to LLC statutes of all fifty
                                                                                                      people manage their own
1994 with 2007 supplement. Contains
federal regulations and state statutes related
to LLCs. It discusses choice of entity,
                                                                                                      business in their own way.”
formation of the company, member liability,      LLCNET: This LLC, partnership and
governance, dissolution, tax aspects, and        corporation discussion group is open to
application of federal securities laws.
                                                 lawyers, accountants, and allied professionals.
                                                                                                           —Oliver Wendell Holmes
KF1420 .C29
                                                 To subscribe, go to Yahoo Groups at:
Limited Liability Company & Partnership          <>
Answer Book, by Alson R. Martin, 2001
with 2007 supplement. In a question and          Limited Liability Reporter at: <
answer format the book covers choice of> contains news related
entity and formation, management and             to LLCs, links to federal laws and related
control, and taxation .                          articles, and an archive of the journal’s articles
KF1380 .Z9 M365 2001 S2007                       from Jan. 1, 1993-Dec. 31, 2005.

                                                 Some forms relating to limited liability
                                                 corporations in Ohio can be found at the
                                                 Secretary of State’s site at: <http://www.sos.
 Journal of Passthrough Entities focuses
 on tax issues related to limited liability
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 companies and other passthrough                                                                              Suite 401, 110 Central Plaza S.
 entities. P J PASS ENT                                                                                            Canton, Ohio 44702

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