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Q: What accounts can be
A: Any valid U.S. personal
account or any business
check showing a dba on
the check.
Invalid accounts are
corporate accounts,
government accounts,
credit card checks, and
temporary account checks.
Q: How long before
the deposit?
A: In most cases
the funds transfer
occurs the
following business
morning for the
prior days sales.
Q: What if a check is declined?
A: The check can be declined
for several different reasons.
Usually it is due to a person
having a bad history.
The merchant can still accept
the check but if it bounces we
will not guarantee payment of
it. We will attempt to collect it
if they send it in.
Q: What happens if a check
A: We contact the merchant and
ask them to fax the receipt and
the check if they have it. If
guranteed and received within 3
days and the return rate is less
than 6%there will not be a
chargeback . The 3 day rule
applies once a merchant has
been cleanly processing for one
entire month.
           GLOBAL CHECK
Q: What happens if a check
bounces? (Part 2)
If after 3 days the item will be
charged back. If the item is
Guaranteed it will be paid as long it
is sent in within 10 days. The one
exception is if they are using a
imager. In those cases we usually
will not contact the merchant at all
since we will already have what we
need. Generally if a merchant is well
organized and can spend the time to
locate receipts a regular check
reader is fine. If in doubt the imager
is the way to go.
Q: Statements, where
& when?
A: The merchant and
sales office can view
statements on line in
real time at
Q: What Terminal can be used?
A: Any Nurit terminal can be used.
The wireless terminals will only
work if connected to a phone line.
All Verifones can be used. The
Hypercom can be used but the file
must be built by the credit card
provider. Talento terminals can be
used. The merchant has the
option of calling in for voice
authorizations or using our
internet based authorization tool.
There is no extra charge for voice.
          GLOBAL CHECK
Q: What Check Reader can be used?
A: For guarantee & verification
service a check reader is not needed.
 For Nurit terminals the following can
be used. Magtek Mini Micr, Magtek
imager, Ingenico 431, 2500 (need
special download pkg.), Ingenico
2600 Imager, RDM imager, and Welch
Allen. Do not use a Verifone check
reader, it won't work. For Verifone
terminals, use the Magtek mini micr
or Verifone Cr600 except with Omni
3750. For the 3750 use only a Magtek
Q: What if a customer stops
A: If a customer received what
they paid for the check will be
covered, if they did not receive
what they paid for the check will
not be covered.
          GLOBAL CHECK
Q: What is it?
A: This is a method where a merchant
can accept a check and have it
deposited without the customer
physically being there. The e-checks
can be set up as one time sale or as a
recurring debit to a customer's
account, this is Not an ACH.
Q: How does it work?
A: The merchant will use our on-line
tool to enter customer account
information. We in turn convert it to
a bank draft and send it to their bank.
          GLOBAL CHECK
E-Checks (Part 2)
Q: Can This draft can bounce?
A: Yes, the draft can bounce. Banks
treat this draft the same as a normal
Q: Are E-Checks Guaranteed?
A: Since the customer is not present
at the time of sale it is treated like a
credit card sale without a signature.
There is currently NO Guarantee for
this transaction and the business is
100% at risk and no recourse if the
transaction is charged back.

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