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					                                                          Form a Corporation or LLC
Incorporate or
Form an LLC Online® is an online provider of incorporation, Limited Liability Company
                          (LLC) formation, and trademark and copyright protection services. MyCorporation’s
                          extensive and expanding service offerings have achieved a reputation for reliability,
                          accuracy, and comprehensiveness. Over the years, has helped
                          tens of thousands of companies across the United States get their start. With
                 you can pay hundreds less than other methods and form a
                          corporation or LLC.

                          Benefits of Incorporation
                          • Protect personal assets
                            Without setting up a legal entity for a small business, like a corporation or LLC,
                            personal liability for business debt is unlimited. Should the business experience
                            severe financial difficulties, creditors can take away personal property such as a
                            home, retirement savings, or other assets.

                          • Save money at tax time
                            If one operates as a sole proprietor, he or she will be required to pay self-employment
                            tax on his or her profit. However, when a corporation for a small business is set up,
                            only the salary paid to oneself is subject to self employment tax. For example, with
                            an S-Corporation, the remainder of the profit is not subject to self employment tax,
                            saving the owner money.

                          • Tax deductions
                            Another tax benefit of forming a corporation is that select medical and childcare
                            costs, which cannot be deducted as a sole proprietor, may be deductible.

                          • Reduce the chance of an Internal Revenue Service audit
                            Statistics show that a business operating as a sole proprietor (filing a Schedule C)
                            is more likely to be audited by the IRS than a business operating as a corporation.

                          • Look and feel professional
                            Adding “Inc.” or “LLC” after a small business name gives credibility, professionalism
                            and trust with customers.

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                     MyCorporation does not provide legal advice. MyCorporation encourages its customers to consult with legal counsel about these matters.

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