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									                         Incorporate in Louisiana for $340.00
                        Form an LLC in Louisiana for $355.00

No Hidden Fees! Incorporation Avenue, Inc provides everything you need to begin
operating as a Corporation or LLC for one low price. Our Incorporation Specialist will
never attempt to sell you anything you do not need!

Incorporation/LLC packages include:
   • One on One attention, over the phone, with an Incorporation Specialist.
   • Preparation of your Articles or Incorporation/Organization.
   • Expedited filing with the state of Louisiana.
   • Electronically obtained Employer Identification Number (EIN).
   • S Corporation forms completed and filed with the IRS if applicable.
   • Fast return of approved Articles and EIN, with no extra postage charge.

Incorporate or form your LLC in Louisiana. Incorporation Avenue, Inc. will collect the
required information from you regarding your Corporation/LLC. We will then file your
Articles of Incorporation/Organization with the State of Louisiana. Your Articles will be
filed Expedited for a faster return, at no additional charge. Once your Articles of
Incorporation/Organization are approved, we will electronically obtain your new
Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service, at no
additional charge.

If you elect to have your Corporation/LLC taxed as an S corporation you are required to
file a few extra forms with the Internal Revenue Service. Incorporation Avenue, Inc will
prepare and submit these forms for you as well for no additional charge.

Call one of our Incorporation Specialist today, no obligation (800) 662-3503. Our
specialists will be happy to answer your questions.

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