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									Contact: Brandi Smith Zeringue              1939 West Landry Street
Louisiana Yambilee Festival                 Suite 103
Phone: (337) 948-8848                       Opelousas, LA 70570
Fax:     (337) 948-4331                     email: Yambilee@gmail.com

We would appreciate if you would run the enclosed Announcement as soon as possible.
Thank you ever so kindly for your efforts in printing our announcements so promptly!
Joe Robison, President
Louisiana Yambilee, Inc.

Press Release

    The Louisiana Yambilee Association Board of Directors is honored to have Music
Icon, Lloyd Price reign as King of the 63rd Annual Louisiana Yambilee Festival. A
member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Louisiana native is best known for his hit
"Lawdy Miss Clawdy," which topped the rhythm and blues charts for seven weeks in
1952. These days, he uses the song's fictional temptress as the brand name for his
personal effort to boost sweet-potato consumption. More than 56 years ago, the „jukebox
was jumpin‟ in Kenner Louisiana over at the town‟s most popular Fish N Fry Restaurant
owned by local Entrepreneur Beatrice Price. Her 17 year old son, Lloyd Price had just
released the Song of the Year, „Lawdy Miss Clawdy‟. Since that time many different Icon
men have fallen in love with Lawdy Miss Clawdy, and showed that love by re-recording
her 169 times. Elvis loved the song so much, he personally recorded it 41 separate times.
Today, she (Lawdy Miss Clawdy) is a new Powerful Food Brand. The „Lloyd Price
Icon Food Brand‟ was inspired by the American Music Icon, Lloyd Price. He is a pioneer
of Rock „n‟ Roll & Soul music. He was inducted into the Rock „n‟ Roll Hall of Fame in
1998 and introduced the music world to music greats Little Richard and Wilson Picket.
He wrote, produced, & sung #1 hit records such as, „Personality‟, „Stagger Lee‟ and of
course, what some say, is arguably 2nd most played radio record of All Times, „Lawdy
Miss Clawdy‟. Lloyd Price is a United States Korean War Veteran and a recipient of an
Honorary Doctorate from Southern University, and he was honored by his home town of
Kenner, Louisiana. The City Council voted, passed, named, and erected a Lloyd Price
Avenue, permanently. His company, Lloyd Price Icon Food Brands Inc., boasts 16 sweet-
potato products in its Miss Clawdy line, including pies, pretzels, muffins and frozen
sweet-potato cheesecake on a stick. Most of his products can be purchased at your local
Wal Mart, 7-Eleven, and many New York Retail Stores. Mr. Price was featured as the
cover story of the Wall Street Journal and was called by the Wall Street Journal “a true
modern day crusader” for the Sweet Potato Industry in America. (November 21, 2007
     Mr. Price was the first person in history to achieve the following milestones in music
and business. His company was the first African-American Company to sign a National
& International Supplier‟s Agreement with Wal-Mart, Inc., the 1st ever
Food Company to manufacture, market, & distribute a LMC Sweet Potato Cookie, the
first to create a LMC Sweet Potato Cheesecake, the first to create Four Brands of
Breakfast Cereal, the first African-American Branded Energy Bar, the first Company in
Wal-Mart History to develop, create, market, and distribute an African-American
Branded PIZZA made exclusively for WAL-MART. Lloyd Price in July, 2007 became
the first African-American National Spokesperson for Wal-Mart teaching minorities
„How to do Business with Wal-Mart‟. Lloyd Price companies have donated to many
charities and have signed two Corporate Philanthropy pledges totaling $90 million taken
from their company sales to support the Katrina Victims ($15 million) and $75 million to
the Black Sports & Entertainment Hall of Fame Building to be constructed in
Harlem, New York. In the year 1984, Lloyd Price formed two Real Estate Companies.
His Hudson Bay Realty Corporation built resident homes in Stanton Island. He also
formed the Lloyd Price Development Corporation and partnered with the New York City
Development Department to build homes in the Bronx, New York. He built a total of 160
homes. Mr. Price launched a nightclub (Turntable) and label (Turntable Records) in New
York and he was the first African-American to have a night club and granted a Liquor
License in the heart of Manhattan.
    Last but not least, Mr. Price was the first teenager in history to sell one million
records. Mr. Price recorded eleven straight single records and each record surpassed
900,000 in unit sales. That is a total of 9.9 million fans that showed their love for his
writing, singing, and performing talents. Lloyd Price is one of the most re-recorded
artists/songwriters in the history of music. He writes songs that are simply timeless!
Personality has been re-recorded 152 times, Stagger Lee has been re-recorded 269 times,
and Lawdy Miss Clawdy has been re-recorded 169 times. These three Lloyd Price songs
have been paid great respect and homage by many Music Icons. Mr. Price was the only
in history and the first in history to be inducted into four Hall of Fames: the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame, the National Black Sports and Entertainment Hall of Fame, the NBC
Bowling Hall of Fame (bowled six perfect games), and the State of South Carolina Hall
of Fame (Mr. Price and the Wheel of Fortune‟s Vanna White were inducted on the same
day. Other members include Dizzy Gillespie, President Andrew Jackson, and General
William C. Westmoreland).
    The Louisiana Yambilee Association is pleased to add to Mr. Price‟s list of “firsts” as
the Board of Directors names Mr. Price the first African American to be crowned King
of the Louisiana Yambilee Festival. Mr. Price will be in town for the week of the
Festival, and will attend all Yambilee Activities. Come out to Evangeline Downs
Racetrack and Casino for your chance to meet one of the most renowned entertainers and
business entrepreneurs during October 23 through October 26. For more detailed
information and event listings, please visit www.yambilee.com or call the office at (337)

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