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									DVS & Chantel

New York native guitarist/producer DVS (Derek VanScoten) and British born pop/soul
singer Chantel Mead unite forces. Evolving from the multi-genre legacy of artists such
as Gnarls Barkley, DVS & Chantel are cutting their teeth as the next great Crossover

Quickly becoming known for their slick production, conscious and crafty song writing and
dynamic live shows, DVS & Chantel have recently opened for Kanye West, G. Love, and
Robert Randolph. They have also collaborated with DJ Logic, Billy Martin, Devotchka, Kid
Beyond, Particle and the Lee Boys, and are regularly featured on high traffic websites
including MyCoke.com.

As the founders of the Colorado based modern funk outfit 8traC, DVS & Chantel have
worked tirelessly to cultivate a sound that is compelling and danceable. Evolution has
now brought them to the apex of their next chapter - that of electrorganic duo,
combining the precision of electronic music with the dynamic energy and soul of a live
band. (Recent 8traC performances include Aspen JazzFest, Wakarusa, and MTV's Spring
into Vail).

Derek VanScoten a.k.a. DVS…
DVS, can be seen bouncing back and forth between a pair of laptops and a myriad of
onstage guitars. He is the best of many worlds - ultra intense sound designer meets
raging live musician! Imagine fuzzed out funk lines, cleaned up R&B tones, acoustic
orchestration, and turntable-esque scratching via 3 giant pedal boards. DVS's guitar
playing has the volcanic attitude of a rock n' roller who doesn't know any better
saturated with a grace and intelligence of a truly seasoned artist. A professional audio-
engineer turned busy sideman/string-wiz, DVS has found his various tricks of the trade
give him the "one-up" on both DJ's and live musicians. (Other projects include: The
Motet, 8traC, Cabaret Diosa)

Chantel Mead…
Chantel's voice resurrects emotion in a hard-edged world. Experienced as both vocalist
and performer, her style stems from a fusion of soaring British/rock melodies and
urban/funk grooves. From sultry lows to stratospheric highs; unassailable belting to
rhythmic rhymes, Chantel's vocals are impassioned and rewardingly precise. With life-
infused, affirmative lyrics, it's quickly understood that this chanteuse draws from the
empowered side of life. On stage, she keeps it varied and exciting. Often seen with 3
mics, Chantel combines straightforward vocals with effects and looping - all the while
embellishing the beats on her SPD-S (drum sampler). Variety with slick transitions
saturate Chantel's style. Her training in both musical theater and classical voice comes
forth with an urban edge gained from life. (Other projects include: 8traC, Jyemo,
Kutandara, Boubacar Diebate)

With a tastefully diverse sound and affinity for flexibility, DVS & Chantel offer both high
energy as well as dreamy intimate sets. As a married couple, they bring a solidarity to
their sound, their stage presence and their business interactions. With many years spent
on the road and in the recording studio, DVS & Chantel approach their music with
strength and balance. And, as seasoned improvisers, the duo is often seen/heard
collaborating with a myriad of musicians including MCs, string and horn players,
drummers, DJs and more!

Recent Acclaim…

*DVS & Chantel were Featured Artists on MyCoke.com (JAN/FEB 2008)
*DVS & Chantel placed in the top 10 on Ourstage.com (FEB/MAR 208)
*DVS & Chantel were selected for Snocap's Digital Café Tour NY Live 2.0
*Chantel & 8traC are currently featured artits on Nimbit.com
*8traC's album "Falling Up" voted Westword Best of '06 (Denver CO)
*8traC's album "Falling Up" voted Hapi Skratch Entertainment Pop/Rock Album of 2006
*The song Uniform was featured on Adventure Record's Boulder Cuvee Comp. Vol. 3
*DVS & Chantel are receiving Radio Airplay in over 15 countries


"These guys are tighter than the skin stretched across Joan Rivers's cheekbones."
- Michael Roberts, THE WESTWORD - Denver, CO

"Yeah; sounds like the best out at this time... no b.s."
- Cory Parker Cabral - Programming Coordinator
The Festival Network, LLC

"They sound great! (Chantel) has mass appeal!"
- Mark Brownstein - Disco Bisquits

"Disco-tas-tic-funk-rock with soulful female vocals, dancable, finger snapping, toe tapping tunes and a
sultry, laid back party vibe. Check them out."
- KUDOS Magazine, United Kingdom

"When it comes to creating beautiful, groove-based tunes teeming with texture and substance, DVS &
Chantel wears the crown."
- Rachel Hamilton, ADVENTURE RECORDS- Boulder, CO

"Chantel’s explosive vocals are reminiscent of Deep Banana Blackout’s Jen Durkin while the funky
beats and out-there atmospherics echo George Clinton or even Jamiroqui."
- MARQUEE MAG - Boulder, CO

“In this day and age of cookie cutter/generic sounding bands, DVS & Chantel have come along with a
fresh sound that reminds us of how music was created in the seventies; original, expressive, soulful,
and in the pocket! Their music touches your heart, makes you think, and dances your groove all at
the same time. Chantel's love for music, people, and life shout out loud and clear through her lead
vocals... They’re smokin!”
- Skip the Funktologist/KUVO 89.3/A Funk Above The Rest Show - Denver, CO

Li'ana, CO: I love all of your songs! You have such addicting beats and your lyrics are meaningful too.

Alicia, NY: So, I was just listening to DVS and Chantel.....wow. Chantel has an amazing voice, its so
soulful and honest....and she's so beautiful! You guys look and sound great together.

Jamie, Missoula, MT: THANK YOU! I love your music. You have the most beautiful, soulful,sexy, and
raw voices I have heard in a long time and I love it. I'm diggin' on your new stuff. Keep it coming!

Roger, Boulder, CO: As usual, it was SO FRICK'N FUN to get my groove on with y'all last night - and
what a night it was! "power it out" one more time you most certainly did! Y'all were HOT last night!

Heather, Austin, TX: "What about You" - Really special...and a good song writer!

Dave, D.C.:What about you is flippin HOT!!!! NICE NICE WORK! Tis the hot shit!!! I'm rockin my head
to it! DIG!

Judy, CO: BOTH of the new tracks give me chills (the good kind!) beautiful beautiful beautiful :)

Pat, San Antonio, TX: Y'all have a great groove goin, Chantel--thanks for sharing that!

Dave, Chicago, IL: Heard your song on The Coke machine. Very nahyus! You sound great. The
production was cool. Good job!

Paul, Boulder, CO: Damn you guys tore it up @ the Trilogy! That was a helluva show last night! I
already know you make great music but I had no idea you could do a live performance like that one.
Great job! The result? You ALL kicked some serious ish and made the entire Rockies wiggle in
delight! ALL of your new music rocks (of course)! I think "Avalon" is my favorite, though.

Farmer Brown, Boise ID: I'M so glad I found U! I'm so freaking glad that you came to Boise last year
for the Eagle Island Experience, and the show later at Terrapin also! Thank you! I love your music! I
love your voice! I love your message!!!

Chantel Mead - Vocals/Live Looping/Congas
Derek "dvs" VanScoten - Guitar/Laptop/Cool Stuff

Chantel & DVS Singles 07/08
     “New Times”
     "What About You?"
     "Falling Up" - 8traC/Open Channel records (2006)
     "The UPLIFT e.p." 8traC/Ind. self-release (2005)


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